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We provide video production, on-demand throughout the United States, and data-driven video marketing services that drive strategic growth for our clients.

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Beacon Media + Marketing Offers On-Demand
Video Production Services

Our coast-to-coast network has 300 videographers across 60 cities. In addition to our video production services, our industry-leading video marketing methodology, The Beacon Way, tailors each stage of the video marketing funnel—to achieve the best ROI for our clients.

Do you dream of running a reputable business? What about being known in your community for providing the best service available? Even though you already do amazing work for your clients, perhaps you need help getting a steady stream of new clients in the door. With the right video marketing agency by your side, you can finally achieve the stellar results you’ve been striving for. 

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Increase in Web Traffic for Ellie Mental Health


Quality Leads per Month for SADC


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Why Choose Beacon Media + Marketing for your Video Marketing Agency?

  • Accessibility
    Our nationwide network of trusted and highly talented digital media experts includes over 300 videographers across 60 cities from coast to coast. Chances are, no matter where your company is located, we have someone nearby. Our production team knows our videographers by name and the types of shoots they excel at. This means you always get the best fit for you and your video project.
  • Intentional Content Production
    When we develop a video project, we aim to serve more than one need. From a single video, we can develop multiple pieces of content and best utilize your project budget in the process.
  • Low Pressure for Clients
    Let us do the heavy lifting for your video project! We have a proven method to produce high-quality videos at affordable rates. Our method means you don’t have to over-invest time or energy.
  • Personalized
    While it’s true anyone these days can make a video. The great ones craft their videos to match your brand, your voice, and your demographic. When we develop a video for a client, we ensure the video not only feels meaningful and authentic to the brand but to the viewer as well.
  • Approachable
    You don’t have to know all the jargon to get an impactful video made.  We partner with you to develop your concept into a highly polished and finished product— even if the starting point is an idea scribbled on a napkin.

Results-Driven Video Marketing
for Your Business

What does every business owner want to see from their video marketing company? Results! Of course, you want your video marketing company to put out catchy messaging and beautiful videos that best represent your service. But what good is a good-looking video if it doesn’t get you results? At the end of the day, you invest in marketing so you can attract and convert the right clients and continue doing what you love most. 

Our conversion-driven marketing methodology ignites growth. We take the time to dive deep with our clients and get to know their unique businesses in-depth. Your marketing campaigns will be run by a whole team of creative marketing experts dedicated to making your service business grow, scale, and thrive. Partner with Beacon Media + Marketing to grow your client base and jump into the next phase of growth.

“The flexibility and patience with the onboarding process were exceptional.” – Christina Zampitella, Psy.D., FT

We Specialize in Video Marketing
for Service + Health Businesses     

  • Mental Health Clinics
  • Dental and Orthodontics Services
  • Women’s Health  Clinics
  • Telecommunications
  • Business to Business 
  • Multi-location Service Businesses 

Partner With a Video Marketing Agency
With a Track Record of Success

The Founders of Beacon Media + Marketing, Jennifer and Adrienne, chose to specialize in Video Marketing because they’ve seen service professionals provide valuable and necessary services for their patients. We’ve worked with many traditional and alternative dental businesses and have seen excellent results for our clients! Dental care can be intimidating for many people. Our passion is to break down those barriers, educate patients, and connect them with the best dental provider for their unique needs.

Our clients are often small businesses providing jobs and supporting families in their local communities. It is our honor and desire to help relieve the burden of marketing and generating new revenue. We want to help dental business owners focus on growing and scaling their businesses. Whether a single practice or a multi-location dental clinic, our entire team is dedicated to making a difference for you so that you can make a difference for others!

Jennifer Christensen and Adrienne Wilkerson, BEACON MEDIA + MARKETING FOUNDERS

Jennifer Christensen and Adrienne Wilkerson

What type of video do I need for my business?

We understand that finding the right type of video can be tricky. That’s why, as part of our onboarding process, we work with your team to develop the elements of your company that would make compelling and impactful content.

Is video a good investment?

Absolutely! Recent studies have shown that 83% of business owners saw a good return on investment (ROI) from video.

Should I focus on SEO instead of video?

Why choose between the two when you can have both? Video is a part of search engine optimization (SEO). Studies have shown that video is not only an impactful medium for user engagement but also great for SEO. Many users prefer video platforms over traditional search engines like Google for research purposes.

How does video align with branding?

Brand marketing has become increasingly important, especially in the age of inflation. Brands need to focus on being a source of value for their customers in order to retain and extend their customer lifetime value. With video being the preferred method of content consumption, brands that provide increased value through video stand to gain the most.

What impact does video have on my business?

The average user spends over 19 hours a week watching videos online. That’s a huge opportunity for businesses to build brand relationships and establish their expertise in their field.

Meet Your Account Manager

Access a real person every step of the way! When you meet your digital marketing account manager (DMA), you’ll discuss your video marketing goals. Your DMA will then walk you through the next steps in the process and answer any questions you may have.

Attend the Video Brief

Share your vision with us! After your DMA introduces you to our Video development team, we’ll dive deeper into the details of your video/videos. We’ll discuss things like the content you want written and ideas on how your video should look, sound and function.

Receive Your Video Marketing Timeline

We put a date on it! Once our team has all the assets they need to get started, we send you a clear timeline. This allows you to anticipate the completion of each step. We set realistic deadlines you can count on. Additionally, we are transparent and communicate with you if we anticipate delays.

Preview Your New Video

Take a sneak peek! This is when you get to review the fully developed videos, we’ve edited and completed. While not visible to the public, your preview functions and looks like the real deal.

Receive Two Rounds of Edits

Make a few tweaks! While we try to get it right the first time around, we work with you to ensure you’re happy with your new videos.

Get Ready for Launch

Press the go button! Once we get the green light from you, we publish your video. After publishing, you have 100% ownership of your content, and we will focus on the next steps of marketing your content throughout the preferred online platforms.


Prepare Your Project

Your video journey begins on the Beacon Way platform. This is where we kick off your project and you share the goals and details that set us up for success. Then, our production and creative teams begin working on your creative concept and the logistics required to bring your vision to life.


Lights, Camera, Action!

On production day, we’ll capture the footage laid out in your call sheet (based on your script/storyboard). Video projects that only require animation, stock footage, or previously shot footage, skip this step and move straight to post-production.


Finishing Touches

Our editors work their magic, by carefully weaving your clips, audio, and graphics or effects into the perfect story. Once you approve your video edit, we deliver the final video files and celebrate another great project in the books!

Woman being filmed on video through digital camera lens.

Welcome Video Packages

Starting at $950 – $2,850

Beacon Media + Marketing offers Guaranteed “Best Pricing” for in-person video shoots and production.  Our video packages include in-person shoots, video tours of locations, editing, music, and voiceover of the script. 

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