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Graphic Design Branding

You’re in the Right Place for a New Brand or an Amazing Refresh

First things first, you’ll need a brand story. This is a narrative about your business that inspires a positive emotional reaction. It’s not about showing and telling people about your brand; but combining facts with feelings to inspire people about what your brand can do for them.

Unlock the Power of Your Brand

Your brand should reflect your mission, values, and the story you want to tell your customers. We’ll work with you to identify the elements that matter most, and we’ll capture them in an eye-catching logo and captivating mission statement designed to create an unforgettable impression. A good brand will guide your company, distinguish you from your competitors, increase brand awareness, boost client loyalty and provide genuine economic value. We’ll help with every step, from choosing colors to developing artwork and writing your mission statement.

Illustration of computer screen with design program loaded.

What Does a Mission Deep Brand Look Like?

We believe that a strong identity requires many cohesive pieces, and we know how to discover yours.

  • Guided Discovery Session
    Take the stress out of discovering your identity with our experts.
  • Higher Purpose
    We will help you find your “why” so that it guides what you do.
  • Clear Message
    Create memorable, branded statements about your purpose with our team.
  • Timeless & Flexible
    We will develop something that can grow and evolve as you do.
  • Client Focused
    Have confidence in a brand informed by what people actually respond to.

Secrets to Success

When you establish a mission deep brand, you set your business apart for success. Your customers are looking for someone to answer their questions. Companies who call their clients to a higher purpose earn their sale and repeat business.

A Mission Deep Brand Can be Tested by the Following Benefits



Your brand should help your employees identify with your mission.


Competitive Advantage

Your brand should set you apart from others in your field.


Client Longevity

Your brand should create profound customer identity and loyalty.


Economic Value

Your brand should be listed among your most valuable assets.

Exterior photo of Birchwood Behavioral Health's office building

Birchwood Behavioral Health


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in New Patient Inquiries

Birchwood Behavioral Health needed to update its professional image by overhauling their branding and website. Beacon Media + Marketing increased website traffic and referrals with a totally new brand and website.

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