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Healthcare Content Marketing Services 

Boost Traffic and Engagement Through SEO Content + Distribution 

Climb the search engine rankings and effectively reach your target audience! We’ll help you establish your expertise and connect with potential clients through SEO-centric content that promotes your brand and drives conversions.  

Why Choose Beacon for Healthcare Content Marketing Services? 

We Generate Content That Makes a Difference
for Your Clients and Your Bottom Line

Healthcare Industry Expertise 

With a team of healthcare content experts writing for your company, you can ensure your content will be accurate, impactful, and crafted with your unique goals in mind.   

Conversion-Driven Content 

Getting people to the page is only one step of the process. With the right CTAs in place, strategic messaging, and UX expertise, you can convert website visitors into new clients. 

SEO Strategy + Reporting   

Content is only worth your investment if it’s making an impact and helping you reach your business goals. We create a clear plan of attack and update you every step of the way. 

Omnichannel Distribution 

We maximize your content investment by distributing blog posts across multiple channels. This can include videos, infographics, social media posts, and press releases.

Content That Educates + Converts 

Connect With Your Ideal Client Through Our Performance-Driven Content Marketing Services

Healthcare content marketing is a strong method for building trust and developing deeper connections with potential clients. By answering the top questions your target audience is already asking, you establish your credibility as a thought leader in your field and become top-of-mind when they’re ready to get started. 

As your dedicated content marketing partner, Beacon Media + Marketing is here to bring your expertise to the online world and connect you with people who are already curious and seeking out your services. 

Content marketing blogging by Beacon Media + Marketing
Content Strategy 

Content Strategy for Effective Digital Marketing Results

A strong strategy is the foundation of well-performing content that makes the right impression on the right people. Before we create or publish any work, we’ll provide you with a 6-month strategy that outlines your road map to success. This includes: 

  • An overview of your company, your mission, and your values
  • The tone, audience, and reach of all blog posts 
  • Our overall approach and SEO and brand awareness strategy 
  • Monthly topics, keywords, and an overview of what we’ll be covering  

We tailor our strategies to be entirely unique for your business and use expert research and client insights to identify the topics that will impact your digital marketing efforts the most. We use highly vetted SEO keyword research tools to identify what terms have the highest chance of success. This content strategy is fluid and can be adjusted based on current trends in your industry or to achieve a specific business goal. 

Monthly Blog Posts 

High-Quality Blog Writing and Visual Design to Build Your Brand

Our basic content marketing package includes two 1200-word+ blogs that are written by our healthcare marketing experts and published on your website. Blogs are a strong tool in your marketing arsenal for building brand awareness, driving organic traffic to your site, and establishing your business’s authority and expertise in your industry. 

At Beacon, we are strong believers that SEO content should always put the reader’s experience first. Not only will this help you rank higher on search engines, but it will also significantly increase the chance that a reader will begin to trust your brand and seriously consider doing business with you. We accomplish this by writing high-quality, accurate, and engaging content that genuinely solves a pain point or answers questions a potential client has about your industry or business. 

We also believe that content is best received when it’s visually appealing and supported by the right imagery, video, and other media types that get your point across. For every blog, we choose an eye-catching header image and create a branded blog infographic that can be discovered on image searches online. If you have a library of videos, podcasts, and other media types you want to share, these can also be included in blog posts.

Research + Innovation

Stay Ahead of the Curve, Embrace Innovation in Healthcare Content Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and staying on top of industry trends and new technologies is essential for keeping up with the competition. At Beacon, we strive to always be ahead of industry changes and ensure no stone is left unturned. As such, our team is constantly researching and seeking new opportunities to improve our services and help our clients succeed in exceeding their marketing goals. 

As your healthcare content marketing agency, we are dedicated to finding solutions that get you the desired results. This means testing and evaluating tools like AI that allow us to get better and faster at delivering content deliverables, refining our expertise to meet your needs best, and identifying potential holes in our strategy or areas we can simply do better.   

Whether Google rolls out a new algorithm that completely changes the content marketing game or a new tool is released that has the potential to get our clients better results, we’re fast to test, adapt, and implement. 

On-Page SEO 

Maximize Your Content’s Potential with On-Page SEO Optimization

A great piece of content is only valuable if it’s seen by the right people. That is why strong attention to essential SEO details is a must for every piece of content you create. While many business owners have strong insight into the questions their clients commonly ask and have helpful, impactful content to share, non-marketing professionals struggle with checking off all the boxes when it comes to on-page SEO.

When you entrust your content with a knowledgeable healthcare digital marketing agency, all the details are taken care of. Our team has a clear understanding and process around on-page SEO, so you can entrust that every blog is ready to climb the search engines. This includes covering basic but often forgotten pieces of SEO content marketing, including title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, image optimization, header formatting, and URLs. 

Content Distribution 

Expand Your Reach: Repurpose Content for Greater Impact and Exposure

With content distribution, we repurpose each blog post to get the most impact, while directing more traffic to your website and blog. Each post is supported by a professionally written press release, which summarizes the post, establishes your business’s industry expertise, and includes a link to the blog where readers can read the full post. Our press releases are distributed to at least 300 media sources, including Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg News.

Additionally, blog posts are a foundational piece of our comprehensive marketing services. Blogs can be shared and repurposed through social media posts, branded infographics, paid advertisements, videos, podcasts, and more. With one well-researched and relevant piece of content, you can reach your ideal client through the channels they interact with most. 

Blog Performance + Reporting 

Easy-to-Understand Analytics for Optimal Content Marketing Strategy

Gathering and analyzing data is key for measuring content success. As a Beacon client, you will be provided with a live dashboard so you can check your marketing performance at any time. Our live reports are tailored to your services with us and include information from Google Analytics, SEM Rush, social media platforms, Google Ads, and more. 

And we understand that marketing data can be hard to unwrap. We use Whatagraph reporting so we can give you insights in one place that is digestible and easy to understand. Your account manager will keep a close eye on your marketing reports and will alert you if there’s anything to celebrate or review. Additionally, your AM will review results with you monthly and give you a rundown on how your account is doing. 

If the reports reveal any holes or areas of concern, our content marketing team will brainstorm strategies to improve blog performance and will communicate any suggested pivots for the next month. Marketing is never an exact science, and gathering data and testing the market allows us to refine and improve our strategy so you can continue growing your business and making an impact in the lives of your clients.   

A Word From Our Clients 

Recommended by Thriving Healthcare Providers 

Our work makes a difference in the lives of healthcare providers, their staff, and their clients. Take it from clients we’ve helped grow, scale + thrive! 

What to Expect When Working With Beacon

Our Beacon Way Content Marketing Process


Discuss Your Goals With Your Account Manager

What services do you want to highlight? Are there specific keywords you’d like to rank for? Your account manager will meet with you and ask questions to understand your brand and specific marketing goals better. 


Internal Creative Brainstorm

Our creative team will go over the nitty-gritty of your marketing and create a cohesive strategy that appeals to your audience, stays on brand, and drives numbers. 


Review Your Content Strategy

Our content team will develop a six-month strategy that goes deep into your overall blogging plan, monthly topics, and SEO keywords we’re targeting. You’ll have the chance to review these topics and provide feedback before any writing begins. 


Approve Blog Posts

Once we have a strategy, our writers will get to writing. If you want to stay involved in the process, you’ll have the chance to review all blogs before they are published on your website. 


Content Distribution

After blogs are published, we distribute them across multiple channels to attract more traffic and add to your backlinking strategy. Blogs are distributed via a custom press release. If you have social media services, we’ll also share new blogs with your followers. 

Your Top Questions Answered

Healthcare Content Marketing FAQs 

What are the benefits of healthcare content marketing services? 

Content marketing can have many benefits for your business. When some people think of blog posts they might think of an opinion post or personal article. However, content marketing is about much more than putting thoughts on a page. It’s highly targeted, well-researched content that is designed with your ideal patient in mind and aims to convert people to the next step – all while highlighting your services and giving web visitors the information they’re looking for.  

Content marketing is a “slow-burn” method that can take time to build and grow, especially when compared to more aggressive tactics such as paid advertising. However, the rewards are well worth the wait! A single high-performing blog can bring in new thousands of new visitors and gain leads years after it’s been published. 

Why should I outsource my content marketing? 

You have industry expertise, and maybe you even are a skilled writer – should you still outsource your content marketing to a healthcare content marketing agency? Of course, this choice is ultimately up to you, and there are several variables to consider. However, if you want to experience some serious growth, a content marketing professional has the marketing proficiency, years of experience, and capacity to get you there.

Maybe you want to double your new patient leads, open a new location, start a franchise, or add new service offerings. Rather than think about what you can reasonably handle right now, we encourage you to think bigger. If your healthcare business took off and exponentially grew due to content marketing, would you have the capacity to meet the needs of your growing business while handling the details yourself or managing an in-house marketing team? 

By working with a digital marketing agency that specializes in healthcare, you can feel confident about the work being produced. And you’ll be in a strong position to focus on your business without getting caught in the weeds – which would only hinder growth. 

How can I trust Beacon to capture my industry and expertise? 

We find that one of the biggest challenges for many business owners is giving up the reins to a marketing agency. It can be difficult trusting a third party to capture your services and your industry as well as you understand them. Every member of our content team has 5+ years of content writing experience and specializes in healthcare content writing and a wide range of other industries. 

We also invite you to explore our case studies that showcase the value our content marketing services have provided for many others in mental health, behavioral health, medical spas, dentistry, functional medicine, and other healthcare businesses. 

And we really value our partnership and your insight in this process! While you can definitely take the back seat and let our content team shine, we encourage client interviews and provide the opportunity for you to review and provide suggestions for every blog we write.  

What results can I expect, and what does “success” mean? 

Success is unique to each client and depends on your specific goals. Blogs are versatile and can support your marketing efforts in many ways, including building brand awareness, increasing web traffic, gaining new email subscribers, or converting readers into leads. 

Some of the factors we look at when evaluating if a blog is getting good results include how many people are visiting the blog, their bounce rate or how long they’re staying on the page, and if they are taking any action after reading the blog (such as clicking to another page, calling your office, or filling out a contact form). 

What content marketing tools does Beacon use? 

Our content marketing team puts to use a wide range of highly vetted SEO and content tools. Our content marketing toolkit includes programs such as SEM Rush, SEO Surfer, Ubersuggest, Exploding Topics, Google Keyword Planner, and AnswerThePublic to support keyword research and content generation. And while we can guarantee that every blog we produce is written and reviewed by real people, we actively experiment and use the latest AI technology to help streamline, optimize, and improve work done by our team of amazing humans.   

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