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Make the Right First Impression Every Time with Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to convert internet searchers into new clients, which is why we recommend it as a part of every comprehensive marketing strategy. It can be done in many forms, such as blogging and email marketing, and it’s designed to bolster your online presence.

Benefits of Content Marketing

The use of keywords helps your website attract the attention of search engines. Blogs also help establish your credibility as a thought-leader in your field, educate clients about your products and services, and answer frequently asked questions. Content marketing will also boost your efforts on social media and maximize the impact of your Facebook and Google Ads. It’s an excellent tool to generate new leads, because it’s a friendly and helpful way to draw people to your digital sales funnel and encourage them to take action.

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What does powerful content marketing look like?

We believe that it all comes down to the following key ingredients:

  • Best Practices
    The right publishing schedule at the right word count so you show up first in search.
  • Strategic Planning
    Start with a plan and you’ll end with web traffic beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Editorial Calendar
    Keep in-the-know on your content marketing strategy and what’s next for blogs.
  • Headlines
    Get clicks with headlines that have been approved by a title optimization algorithm.
  • Expert Interviews
    You bring the industry knowledge, we’ll make it fun and engaging.
  • Research
    Share content that is not only entertaining for your visitors, but informational and accurate.
  • Keyword-Optimization
    Catch their attention by using the words they use to describe their problems.
  • Link Structure
    Tell Google how your blogs relate with links so it can spend time ranking, not guessing.
  • SEO Metadata
    Put the finishing touches on every blog so you have every chance for ranking high.
  • Licensed Stock Photography
    Own your content, own your photography—it just makes sense.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA)
    You create content to make connections, so we’ll make sure that happens.
  • eBook
    Repurpose your content for even more opportunities to connect with your customers.

What We’ve Learned

When you allow your content marketing to thrive, you open up a whole new world of business opportunity. Visitors will flock to your website from places that you had not considered before, bringing you a fresh batch of interested connections, ready to learn more about what you do.

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Owen Mandanas has been a dentist for almost 20 years. Dr. Mandanas focus is on whole-body health in dentistry, referred to as integrative or holistic dentistry.

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