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Small businessman works remotely secure in his digital marketing with Beacon Media + Marketing

Turning Marketing Challenges Into Opportunities 

Scale Your Business with an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Partner that Delivers Results

We specialize in creating tailored, data-fueled small business marketing strategies that eliminate obstacles for your customers. With our full-service digital marketing solutions, you can confidently focus on nurturing your business while we drive connection and growth. 

Seize the Market and Scale Your Small Business With Confidence 

Small businesses start with a vision, but it takes strategic planning, perseverance, problem-solving, and the right support to transform ideas and passions into a thriving reality. By partnering with a small business digital marketing agency, you can utilize tailored strategies and our creative expertise to take your business to the next level. We’ll empower your business to break barriers, expand your reach, and achieve the success you’ve worked so hard for.  


Increase in Website Traffic for eComm


New Client Inquiries Monthly for Moore Heating


Targeted Social Media Impressions for Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend

Embrace the Possibilities and Think Big With a Small Business Marketing Company 

We Boost Small Business Marketing Performance With Growth-Driven Strategies and Measurable Results    

Your investment in marketing is only as valuable as the results you gain. As a small business owner, you must compete with other small businesses, larger companies, and everyone in between. Digital marketing services help level the playing field by providing an affordable and effective space to establish your brand presence, reach your target audience, and gain a steady new stream of clients. 

With a small marketing digital agency, you gain access to a team of creative professionals that can accurately capture your brand and achieve tangible results for your business. 

At Beacon Media + Marketing, our goal isn’t to throw content into the digital space just to watch numbers climb. We strive to make a lasting impact on your business, helping improve your bottom line and business success. We dive deep into marketing data analytics and uncover opportunities for your small business to grow, scale, and thrive. 

Our Small Business Marketing Specialties 

  • Credit Unions + Banks Marketing 
  • Education Marketing 
  • Home Services Marketing 
  • B2B Marketing 
  • Manufacturing Marketing 
  • Tourism Marketing 
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“A BIG shout out to our friends at Beacon Media & Marketing! Our team has relied on Beacon for over 10 years to manage and direct our digital presence. Hands down, I would recommend them to any organization to design and manage their various platforms.”

Michelle EngelkeDenali Express Chevron Network
Michelle Engelke
Denali Express Chevron Network

Partner With a Small Business Marketing Agency
With a Track Record of Success

The founders of Beacon Media + Marketing, Jennifer and Adrienne, chose to specialize in small business marketing because they believe in its transformative potential for both businesses and communities. Having worked with various small businesses in a wide range of industries, we understand their profound impact on local economies and the lives they touch.

Our small business clients play vital roles in creating jobs and supporting families within their communities. It is our privilege and passion to address the marketing burdens of small business owners and drive new revenue streams. By doing so, we enable them to focus on expanding and scaling their businesses effectively.

Whether you have a single-location establishment or a multi-branch small business enterprise, our dedicated team is committed to making a positive difference for you, empowering you to make a difference in the lives of others. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your small business and foster growth and prosperity within your community.

Jennifer Christensen and Adrienne Wilkerson, BEACON MEDIA + MARKETING FOUNDERS

Jennifer Christensen + Adrienne Wilkerson 
Beacon Media + Marketing Founders

Small Business Web Design

Small business website by Beacon Media + Marketing
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“Oh… my…. goodness!!!!  All I can say is you nailed it!!!  Our message is clear, the message is welcoming and hopeful, and it’s very personal and without doubt, professional!!!  

Katie KostelykKatie KostelykJuneau Youth Services
Website Design Best Practices

Attract + Retain Customers With a User-Friendly Small Business Website 

Your business’ website is a direct reflection of your business. If your site is easy to navigate, informative, professional, and engaging, customers will assume the same about your services. Beacon Media + Marketing creates visually stunning websites that are designed with users in mind. Here is how you can attract leads and gain new customers from your new small business website: 

Captivating Visuals

A professional website engages potential clients from the moment they land on your site with visually stunning designs and captivating imagery. 

Compelling Messaging

Potential clients want to know that they’re in courteous and competent hands. We’ll help you gain their trust with informative content that showcases your brand and capabilities. 

UX Design

Potential customers should be able to find information about your business and get in touch easily. We strategize page layout and site navigation to provide the best user experience. 

Mobile Friendly Interface

Your website should be accessible and easily navigated on all devices, resolutions, and screen sizes. Our web design and development services accommodate mobile users.

Stellar Web Performance

We optimize your website’s speed and performance, ensuring quick load times and a smooth browsing experience that keeps users engaged as they navigate your site.  

Brand Value

Your small business website will showcase your competitive advantages, including any awards, certifications, testimonials, loyalty programs, and promotions. 

Recruitment Support

Many businesses require a website that caters to both customers and career-seeking individuals. We can create recruitment pages that aid in your hiring efforts. b

SEO Optimized

SEO is all about identifying the top opportunities to gain visibility for your business. We’ll perform extensive keyword research and utilize effective SEO strategies to drive qualified leads to your site. 

Website Design Next Steps

Our Small Business Website Design Process


Meet Your Account Manager

You’ll have access to a real person every step of the way. Your digital marketing account manager will meet with you to discuss your website goals and walk you through the next steps in the process. 


Attend the Web Brief

We want you to share your vision with us. You’ll meet with our web development team to discuss the details of your website, including what content you want to be written, ideas on how it should look, and how it should function. 


Receive Your Website Timeline

Once our team has all the assets they need from you to get started, you’ll receive a clear timeline of when each step in the process will be done. We’ll set realistic deadlines you can count on and will be transparent if we anticipate any delays. 


Preview Your New Website

We’ll present a fully developed website built on a staging server for you to review. While not visible to the public, this preview will function and look like the real deal. 


Receive Two Rounds of Edits

While we try to get it right the first time around, we work with you to ensure you’re happy with your new website. 


Get Ready for Launch

Once you give us the green light, your website is ready to launch! You’ll have 100% ownership of your new site and count on us to provide top-tier hosting. 

Website Design Portfolio

Small Business SEO

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The new website has streamlined intakes through the new layout and SEO plan, which has been fantastic. Intakes have increased dramatically and overall much more consistent and retention has been pretty high as a result.

Meghan McCarville, MA, LMFT Meghan McCarville, MA, LMFTHolistic CFT
SEO Best Practices

Boost Your Online Visibility With Small Business SEO Services 

In today’s competitive digital marketing landscape, having a visually stunning website is not enough. It needs to be discoverable by your ideal client, which is made possible by a strong SEO strategy that keeps your target audience and business goals in mind. Whether you provide home services, B2B solutions, or a thriving credit union, we’ll optimize your website to rank higher on search engines like Google. Here is we can help: 

Expert Keyword Research

With a skilled team of SEO experts selecting the right keywords, you can finally leave the guesswork behind and put out purposeful content that gains results. 

Local Search Domination

If you serve a specific locale, your SEO strategy needs to focus on tactics that ensure your business comes up first for local searches. We’ll make sure your efforts are right on target. 

Multi-Media Approach

Our SEO approach leverages videos, infographics, and other media to boost your website’s rankings and engage visitors once they land on the page.  

Value-Driven Content

We strongly believe that every piece of content your company puts out should be genuinely valuable and engaging for readers. We never resort to black hat techniques and cater to both search engines and users. 

Technical SEO

The technical details matter when it comes to SEO. Every website we create or host meets the highest performance standards and is consistently optimized for crawlability and speed. 

Competitive Strategy

You need to know where your website content stands with the competition. We perform extensive competitor analyses to uncover untapped potential and allow you to outshine your rivals.  

SEO Web Revamp

If your current website isn’t delivering the desired results, we’re here to help by identifying SEO opportunities, adding keywords, optimizing headers, and more.  

Analytics + Reporting

SEO is an ongoing process. We’ll ensure you stay informed on your content’s performance and track your progress with detailed analytics and live reporting.

SEO Next Steps

Our Small Business SEO Process


Partner With an Expert Account Manager

Have a million questions? Want to make sure that your small business marketing is taken care of? You’ll have access to an account manager dedicated to ensuring your SEO strategy is well executed every step of the way.


Internal Brainstorm

Once you’ve met your account manager and discussed your SEO goals, your personal AM will relay this information to the rest of the SEO marketing team. We’ll evaluate your overall marketing campaign and develop a plan of attack. 


Get Your Content Strategy

If you sign on with us for blogging SEO services, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive SEO strategy. This document will include your target audience, SEO goals, blog keywords, and more. 


Monthly SEO Auditing

We keep track of your website’s SEO performance and keep an eye out for any red flags. If your website performs poorly or needs some TLC, we’ll fix meta descriptions, broken links, and other issues impacting your rankings.  


Website Edits

If you want to give your website an SEO refresh, our web team will get to work optimizing your site to rank higher on Google. You’ll get the chance to tell us your website goals, and you’ll be able to preview edits on a staging server before they go live. 


Content Distribution

Backlinks are one way Google determines a site’s authority. We provide blog distribution with a custom press release. 


Monthly Reporting

Every month you’ll receive a hosting report that gives clear insight into the technical performance of your site. You’ll also get to see web traffic insights straight from Google Analytics. 

Small Business Social Media

Small business social media posts by Beacon Media + Marketing
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“We are so thrilled with the content calendar, training, quality of writing, and responsiveness of your team. The results speak for themselves. We couldn’t be more happy. Thank you!”

Miranda Barker, Executive Producer Miranda Barker, Executive ProducerEllie Mental Health
Social Media Best Practices

Showcase Your Brand With Small Business Social Media Services 

Social media offers immense potential to market your services and draw in new customers. By utilizing multiple platforms, you can reach a vast audience of people with brand-centric messaging and visuals. Most importantly, social media allows you to interact with your audience in real-time, enabling you to engage with new leads and actively build their trust. Here is how our social media marketing services can help boost your efforts: 

Targeted Marketing

We craft tailored social media posts that are written and designed with your target audience in mind. Through strategic content creation, we ensure your posts deliver the right message at the right time. 

Reputation Management

We keep a close eye on your small business’s online reputation by monitoring your small business’s reviews, comments, and mentions across various platforms.  

Visual Storytelling

Our team specializes in creating visually captivating social media posts. We use high-quality images, compelling videos, and branded graphics to tell your business’s brand story. 

Multi-Platform Strategy

Depending on your industry and client base, engaging with potential clients on multiple platforms is ideal. Our social media packages include up to five platforms. 

Social Media Analytics

Our comprehensive analytics reports give you valuable insight into your social media performance. We track key metrics, including new followers, mentions, engagement, reach, impressions, CTR, conversions, and referral traffic. 

Influencer Collaborations

We identify local or industry influencers that can amplify your reach on social platforms, expand your audience, and add credibility to your brand. 

Trend Monitoring

Our social media team stays updated with the latest social media trends, algorithm changes, and platform updates so we can adapt our strategies and offer you the best possible service.  

Seamless Post Approval

We value your feedback and understand you may want the last say on any content that goes out. We utilize user-friendly technology to make reviewing social media posts a breeze. 

Social Media Next Steps

Our Small Business Social Media Process


Talk Shop With Your Account Manager

We want to hear your goals and ideas. After all, no one knows your small business brand better than you. First things first, you’ll meet your account manager, who will work closely with you on your marketing strategy. 


Social Media Campaign Brainstorm

Our marketing team comes together and brainstorms every new client we onboard. Our team of creative experts will develop a social media campaign that captures your brand, targets your ideal client, and ties into your other marketing services.  


Social Media Account Creation

If you don’t have an existing social media account, our team will take care of setting it up for you. This includes adding your profile picture, header, business details, and more. We’ll make sure you have access to your account, and it’s 100% yours – meaning you get to keep it even if we part ways. 


Get Access to Your Editorial Calendar

You can choose how hands-on you’d like to be in the content creation process. We’ll provide you with access to your editorial calendar so you can see, review, and comment on posts before they go live on your social media platform.  


Live Social Media Reports

Curious how many people view and engage with your social media content? We’ll highlight essential or noteworthy social media stats in your live marketing report. 


Post Management

We’ve seen our fair share of Facebook trolls causing a ruckus on social media accounts. Notice a nasty comment? We’ll keep an eye on your posts and report or hide any malicious comments. 

Social Media Portfolio

Small Business PPC Ads

Small Business PPC pay per click ads by Beacon Media + Marketing
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Beacon is a wonderful company to work with. We have been with Beacon for years now and what a difference they have made with our company marketing. Their team of specialists do it all, from content creation to ad management and optimization. With their help, our SEO and PPC have never looked better.

Blue Ross, D.C., M.S. Blue Ross, D.C., M.S.Excellence in Health
PPC Advertising Best Practices

Stay Ahead of the Competition With Small Business PPC Advertising Services 

If you want to take the fast road to grow your small business, PPC online advertising services can quickly drive targeted traffic to your website or landing pages and generate high-quality leads for your business. With our expertise in optimizing PPC keywords, crafting compelling ad copy and graphics, and managing ad campaigns, you can achieve impressive results. Here is how our PPC ads can boost your marketing efforts: 

Strategic Keyword Selection

We select relevant and high-converting keywords that will make the most of your advertising budget and draw in targeted leads. 

High-Ranking Search Ads

Our PPC services encompass all aspects of ad campaign management. We’ll cover targeting, bid management, ad optimization, and more.  

Mobile-Friendly Ads

We understand that at least 50% of people view ads on a mobile device. We design ads that look great on any screen or device. 

Ad Copywriting Expertise

Our team of skilled ad copywriters creates persuasive and compelling ad copy that effectively communicates your unique selling points and pushes users to take action. 

Cross-Channel Advertising

We implement multi-channel PPC campaigns across platforms such as Google Ads, social media platforms, and display networks. We tailor our PPC strategy depending on your industry and what data shows us will have the biggest impact. 

Continuous Ad Monitoring

We monitor your ad’s performance daily during the work week. That way, we can respond promptly if there are any issues with your ads or we aren’t happy with the results.

Landing Page Optimization

We optimize your landing pages for relevance to your ad campaigns, better UX, faster load times, and higher conversion rates.

User-Friendly Ad Reports

We realize that ads are a major source of business revenue for our clients. We’ll provide you with access to a live reporting dashboard so you can monitor performance at any time of day. 

PPC Advertising Next Steps

Our Small Business PPC Advertising Process 


Get To Know Your Dedicated Account Manager

What services do you want to promote? What’s your target area? What niche or demographic do you serve? Your dedicated account manager will meet with you to learn more about your small business and dig into your marketing goals. 


Paid Advertising Campaign Brainstorm

Our team of marketing experts meets to discuss your brand, your advertising goals, and creative copy for your advertisements. Our paid ads team will develop a campaign that appeals to your ideal audience and accelerates your growth.


Ad Account Access and Creation

If you’ve advertised in the past, we’ll want to take a peek at past campaigns to get the full picture of what’s worked for your marketing and what hasn’t. We’ll create your new ad account if needed and walk you through how to give us account access. 


See and Approve Your Ad Preview

Before we officially launch any new ads, we’ll run them by you first. You’ll have the opportunity to review Facebook and Google ads and provide feedback before setting them live.   


Ad Monitoring and Refreshes

Our PPC team constantly oversees the health and performance of your ads. Ran out of advertising budget? Not getting clicks? Have a poor conversion rate? Our ad team will fix any issues in record time and will refresh your ads when they go stale or aren’t getting the results we want.  


Live Marketing Reports

Want to see how your PPC ads are running? We’ll provide you with a live dashboard so you never have to wonder if your small business ads are performing well. If you see something concerning or have questions, your account manager can discuss the results in more detail. 

Small Business Branding 

Small business branding by Beacon Media + Marketing
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“Beacon did a great job creating my logo and overall brand! They took care to understand what it was I wanted to convey with my brand and who my target market was. They were accommodating with changes to color and little tweaks I wanted to make. I am very happy with the outcome. They were all extremely professional, super friendly, and helpful! I would recommend them to anyone!!!”

Meghan McCarville, MA, LMFT Meghan McCarville, MA, LMFTHolistic CFT
Branding Best Practices

Leave a Lasting Impression With Small Business Branding Services 

In the competitive small business landscape, it’s essential for your brand to stand out and make an impact. Branding goes beyond creating an eye-catching logo or a memorable tagline; it’s about strategically crafting a cohesive and captivating identity that resonates with your target audience. Our team of branding specialists dives deep into understanding your business and capturing the value you provide. Here’s how we can help your company develop a brand that truly differentiates you from your competitors: 

Adaptable Logos

If your logo has become outdated or no longer aligns with your business goals, we’ll preserve what’s great about your brand while refreshing it to be more relevant and modern.  

Brand Voice Development

Your messaging and voice are as essential to your brand as how it looks and feels. We’ll help you develop a consistent brand voice that aligns with your goals and audience. 

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is essential for establishing your brand with your target audience. We provide a brand guideline to ensure cohesiveness across all marketing channels and materials.   

Graphic Design

Need branded materials for your digital or print marketing initiatives? Whether you need a brochure, banner, or presentation slides, we’ll ensure the final product is polished and on brand.  

Complementary Color Palettes

The colors you choose to represent your brand evoke subliminal responses and emotions in users. We’ll work with you to create the perfect palette for your small business. 

Icons + Visual Elements

Bold lines, textures, patterns, gradients, shapes, and icons add to your brand’s overall message. We’ll use consistent design elements across your website, social platforms, and other marketing materials. 

New Brand Development

Are you starting fresh or opening a new segment of your business? We can help you develop a new brand that is completely unique or that ties in elements of your parent company. 

Brand Photography + Videography

By investing in professional visual content, you can showcase your brand story and services in a visually appealing and memorable format.

Branding Next Steps

Our Small Business Branding Process 


Tell Us Your Brand Vision

Do you have a vision for your small business brand that you struggle to articulate fully or visualize? We’ll take you through our brand discovery meeting where we’ll ask questions that allow us to dig deep into your small business’ unique offering and how to represent your brand.  


Brand + Logo Creation

Our digital design team will take the information you provide during the brand discovery meeting and bring your brand to life. Our branding packages can be customized to meet your needs and can include helping you come up with a business name, logo, tagline, fonts, icons, colors, and more. 


Choose Your Logo

We’ll create several logo options for you to choose from. We’ll present these logos and leave the choice to you. Once you’ve picked a logo you like, we can refine it and make sure you end up with a final product you’re in love with. 


Get Your Brand Guide

We’ll provide a full brand guide that encompasses the most essential visual elements of your brand. You’ll receive variations of your logo that can be used on different backgrounds, your brand color palette, font faces, and sample images. This is yours to keep, and our team will refer to it for all future marketing projects.   


Revitalize Your Website

While a new website isn’t required when refreshing your brand, the two services often go hand-in-hand. If you’ve made a drastic change in your brand, our professional graphic design team can write, design, and develop a website that aligns with your new brand.   

Small Business Content Marketing 

Small Business blogging content marketing  by Beacon Media + Marketing
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“The flexibility and patience with the onboarding process were exceptional. Everything has turned out so much better than I even imagined. I’m so thrilled with the growth.”

Christina Zampitella, Psy.D., FT Christina Zampitella, Psy.D., FTCenter for Grief & Trauma
Content Marketing Best Practices

Maximize Your Organic Reach With Small Business Content Marketing Services 

Are you looking to put out valuable information that makes a lasting impact on your industry while sharing your brand’s story and the value you provide? Small business content marketing services enable you to organically reach new audiences with SEO-optimized content that drives traffic to your website and funnels visitors to get in contact with you. By consistently delivering valuable insights, we’ll position your business as a thought leader in your industry and help you establish trust and credibility with readers. Here’s how we can help your business thrive in the digital space: 

Strategic Content Planning

We don’t just throw ideas at a blog and hope they stick. We develop comprehensive content strategies tailored to your specific business goals, the seasons, trends, and your target audience. 

Conversion-Driven Content

From blogs to web pages, the content we write isn’t just designed to inform readers. We utilize catchy CTAs and marketing language to convert web visitors into customers. 

Valuable Information

We are strictly against filler, non-helpful content that is just designed to get people on a page. Every piece of content we write is well-researched and genuinely helpful to readers. 

Hassle-Free Blogging

Running your business takes enough time as it is. Leave the content creation and publishing process to us. Our comprehensive package covers everything from ideation to publishing. 

Expert Interviews

You are the subject matter expert when it comes to the ins and outs of your business. We’d love to pick your brain to bolster our content and make it stand out from a sea of generic blogs on the web. 

Visual Elements

We incorporate visual elements into your blog posts to keep readers engaged, display your brand, and highlight key information. Blogs may include infographics, videos, photography, and other imagery. 

Content Repurposing

Blogs are often the beefiest, information-packed marketing content put out by your business. With one blog, we can create social media posts, press releases, videos, branded graphics, and more. 

SEO Content

Content marketing is our primary vehicle for helping your website rank on search engines. We’ll optimize blog posts through keyword research, header optimization, internal linking, backlink strategy, and other ethical practices. 

Content Marketing Next Steps

Our Small Business Content Marketing Process 


Discuss Your Goals With Your Account Manager

What services do you want to highlight? Are there specific keywords you’d like to rank for? Your account manager will meet with you and ask questions to understand your brand and specific marketing goals better. 


Internal Creative Brainstorm

Our creative team will go over the nitty-gritty of your marketing and create a cohesive strategy that appeals to your audience, stays on brand, and drives numbers. 


Review Your Content Strategy

Our content team will develop a six-month strategy that goes deep into your overall blogging plan, monthly topics, and SEO keywords we’re targeting. You’ll have the chance to review these topics and provide feedback before any writing begins. 


Approve Blog Posts

Once we have a strategy, our writers will get to writing. If you want to stay involved in the process, you’ll have the chance to review all blogs before they are published on your website. 


Content Distribution

After blogs are published, we distribute them across multiple channels to attract more traffic and add to your backlinking strategy. Blogs are distributed via a custom press release. If you have social media services, we’ll also share new blogs with your followers. 

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