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Port Chilkoot Distillery's award winning gin.

Port Chilkoot Distillery

Take the Leap of Faith - You Never Know Where Brand Awareness Will Take You

Meet Our Client

Port Chilkoot Distillery creates hand-crafted spirits in lovingly restored building in southeast Alaska, at the far end of North America’s longest and deepest fjord. The workspace and tasting room lie in the former bakery of the historic Fort Seward army outpost, complete with stainless-steel fermentation tanks, a made-in-Louisville copper still, an Australian shepherd, Ozzie. The creators mix and tinker and taste, pairing classic recipes with local ingredients such as hand-harvested spruce tips to craft exceptional spirits for discerning sippers. They taste like nothing else because they come from a place like nowhere else.

The Marketing Challenge

Port Chilkoot Distillery is very well-known and recognizable in the Alaska area. However, the team’s goal was to branch out and gain more awareness outside of the state. This is a huge project and they weren’t quite sure how to get started, so they called the experts at Beacon Media + Marketing. We put together a strategy to help the Port Chilkoot team achieve their dreams and grow their brand on a national stage. Needless to say, Port Chilkoot Distillery products are now on the shelves California, Washington, Michigan, and so many more!

Samples of Beacon's digital marketing work for Port Chilkoot.

How We Got Results

The first step to building brand awareness was pay-per-click advertising. We immediately jumped into production mode, creating targeted Facebook Ads and Google Ads that were designed to get the word out as efficiently as possible.

We’re really proud of the results. The Facebook Ads received 290 conversions, 273,899 impressions, and 8,173 clicks all within the first 6 months. On top of that, our Google Ads produced more than 18,000 clicks on their campaign content with a 1.51% click through rate. It was only a matter of time before demand started increasing right around the United States.

We were able to help Port Chilkoot Distillery achieve its goal of expansion into other states. Right now, you can source its hand-crafted spirits on the shelves in California, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and Michigan. We’re so proud of what this brand has done and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

We couldn’t be happier with the results:

  • 290 leads generated within the first 6 months.
  • 2,148 new followers on Instagram within the first 6 months of launch.
  • 18,000 clicks on Google Ad campaigns with a 1.51% click through rate.

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