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Empowering Behavioral Health Providers with Transformative Marketing Strategies

Unlock the potential of your practice with bespoke marketing solutions designed to resonate deeply with your audience. We blend innovative strategies and compassionate understanding to connect you with those in need of your care.

Grow with Purpose, Not Pressure

The pressure to always be marketing your practice can be overwhelming. This is where a marketing agency that truly understands your priorities comes into play. Trust in a collaborator who aligns with your mission, enabling you to dedicate your energy to your practice and the individuals you support. Together, we’ll pave the way for your practice to not just grow, but to truly make a difference.


Increase in Web Traffic for Dana Group


Increase in New Patient Inquiries for Birchwood Behavioral Health


Decrease in Bounce Rate for Juneau Youth Services

Take the Leap and Scale With Our Digital Marketing Growth Plan

A New Brand, A New Website, and A New Strategy Helped This Client Hit the Reset Button

Oh… my…. goodness!!!! All I can say is you nailed it!!! Our message is clear, the message is welcoming and hopeful, and it’s very personal and without doubt, professional!!!

Katie Kostelyk, Juneau Youth Services

By partnering with Beacon, you’re tapping into the expertise of an award-winning digital marketing agency. The agency is backed by a team of creative professionals dedicated to enhancing the success of your practice, clinic, or center. We recognize the initial plunge into marketing may seem daunting. However, our extensive list of satisfied clients is a testament to the fact that investing in effective marketing strategies is not just advantageous. It’s a pivotal move for your behavioral health practice.

We specialize in marketing for behavioral health clinics and practices

  • Private Behavioral Health Practice
  • Behavioral Health Hospitals
  • Multi-Location Behavioral Health Clinic
  • Digital Behavioral Health Businesses
  • National Behavioral Health Franchises
  • Addiction + Rehab Centers
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“Partnering with our Behavioral Health clients, as a CMO and Co-Founder is an honor because I know our work makes an impact far beyond a beautiful campaign or website, if done well, we’re helping make needed services more accessible.”

Jennifer Christensen, CMOBeacon Media + Marketing

Partner With a Behavioral Health Marketing
Agency With a Track Record of Success

Jennifer and Adrienne, the founders of Beacon Media + Marketing, decided to dive into Behavioral Health Marketing with a very personal mission in mind. Their own experiences and those of their families have shown them just how transformative and vital this field can be. Jennifer brings a background in Mental and Behavioral Health education to the table. She also has a genuine passion for the incredible work practitioners do daily to change lives.

For us, it’s about so much more than just growing businesses; it’s about partnering with you to create positive change in people’s lives. Whether you’re running a solo practice or managing clinics across multiple locations, our team is fully committed to making a real difference for you. We enable you to do the same for others.

Jennifer Christensen and Adrienne Wilkerson, Beacon Media + Marketing Founders

Jennifer Christensen + Adrienne Wilkerson 
Beacon Media + Marketing Founders

Behavioral Health Web Design

Dana Group Behavioral Health website
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“We love working with Beacon Media + Marketing, and highly recommend them.”

Tommy Glanton, LCSW Chief Executive OfficerSeaview Mental Health
Website Design Best Practices

Drive Conversions With a Professional Behavioral Health Website

A professionally designed website can have a significant impact on your behavioral practice or clinic. Beacon Media + Marketing specializes in creating exceptional websites that enhance your online visibility and deliver impactful outcomes. Here are the key benefits you can anticipate from your brand-new mental health website:

Visually Stunning

Website visitors won’t be able to turn away. With striking visuals and beautifully designed web pages, your client will fall in love with your brand from the first click.

Empathetic Messaging

Seeking a mental health provider requires courage. We strive to meet people where they’re at in their journey and connect them with services that can help.

User Friendly

Web users prefer a simple, clean, and professional design over one that is overly complicated or hard to navigate. User experience is top of mind when creating your website.

Responsive Design

Over 50% of all web traffic is from mobile users. We’ll ensure your website looks great and functions well across all device types and screen sizes.

High Performance

Your website will have excellent load speeds and be optimized to meet or exceed industry standards. We’ll leave out any features that might bog down web performance.

Engaging Content

What use is a beautiful website if no one reads it? We’ll keep visitors hooked with content that’s compelling and informative on the services you offer.

Barrier Free

We’ll remove any barrier that comes in the way of someone being able to contact you. From clear CTAs to a seamless user path, we create websites designed to convert.

SEO Optimized

Most website users don’t scroll past the first few results on search engines. We do extensive SEO research to help boost your website to the top of the results page.

Website Design Next Steps

Our Behavioral Health Website Design Process


Meet Your Account Manager

You’ll have access to a real person every step of the way. Your digital marketing account manager will meet with you to discuss your website goals and walk you through the next steps in the process.


Attend the Web Brief

We want you to share your vision with us. You’ll meet with our web development team to discuss the details of your website, including what content you want to be written, ideas on how it should look, and how it should function.


Receive Your Website Timeline

Once our team has all the assets they need from you to get started, you’ll receive a clear timeline of when each step in the process will be done. We’ll set realistic deadlines you can count on and will be transparent if we anticipate any delays.


Preview Your New Website

We’ll present a fully developed website built on a staging server for you to review. While not visible to the public, this preview will function and look like the real deal.


Receive Two Rounds of Edits

While we try to get it right the first time around, we work with you to ensure you’re happy with your new website.


Get Ready for Launch

Once you give us the green light, your website is ready to launch! You’ll have 100% ownership of your new site and count on us to provide top-tier hosting.

Website Design Portfolio

Behavioral Health SEO

Mental Health SEO analytics trending upward on a computer monitor from Beacon Media + Marketing efforts
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“This website is approachable and informative. It welcomes people with a calming green and blue color palette and an inclusive call to action at the top of the homepage that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the visitor’s experience. Dana Group Associates provides inclusive mental health services, with a diverse team of providers, which means they’re ready to partner with you and help you on your journey—no matter who you are, where you’re from, or where you’re going.”

Jennifer ChristensenJennifer Christensen, CMOBeacon Media + Marketing
SEO Best Practices

Increase Website Traffic With Behavioral Health SEO Services

What is the point of having a visually appealing website if it remains hidden from potential visitors? Search optimization plays a crucial role in the behavioral health industry by ensuring that your website ranks high on Google for the specific keywords and phrases that your target clients are searching for. Whether you are promoting a multi-location behavioral health clinic, a small-scale mental health practice, or a large counseling center, a tailored SEO strategy is essential to attract more website traffic. However, it’s not just about getting visitors to your site; you also need a captivating and conversion-focused website that successfully brings in new clients. Here’s how our services can assist you:

Keyword Research

Knowing which keywords to rank for is critical to a successful behavioral health SEO strategy. We’ll find the sweet spot between search volume and ranking difficulty.

Local SEO

Unless your services are 100% online, your SEO strategy needs to include the locations you’re serving. This includes marketing effectively for a multi-location practice.

Multi-Media Approach

While Google relies heavily on written content to rank website pages, videos, infographics, and other types of media can have a huge impact on your rankings.

Engaging Content

Engaging content wins every time when it comes to SEO – taking shortcuts can seriously hurt your rankings. Your content will be engaging and genuinely valuable to leads.

Technical Auditing

Google loves a fast, mobile-optimized, and easily crawlable website. Monthly technical SEO services ensure your website is always up to speed.

Competitor Analysis

Tired of being outranked by the competition? We’ll run a competitor analysis to identify the keyword opportunities you’re missing.

Website Optimization

Have an existing website that no one is visiting? We’ll optimize headers, keywords, and more to help boost your site rankings.

Linking Strategy

Internal links, outbound links, and backlinks are all key components of SEO. It’s okay if you don’t know the difference because we’ve got your back.

SEO Next Steps

Our Behavioral Health SEO Process


Partner With an Expert Account Manager

Have a million questions? Want to make sure that your mental health marketing is taken care of? You’ll have access to an account manager dedicated to ensuring your SEO strategy is well executed every step of the way. 


Internal Brainstorm

Once you’ve met your account manager and discussed your SEO goals, your personal AM will relay this information to the rest of the SEO marketing team. We’ll evaluate your overall marketing campaign and develop a plan of attack.


Get Your Content Strategy

If you sign on with us for mental health blogging SEO services, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive SEO strategy. This document will include your target audience, SEO goals, blog keywords, and more.


Monthly SEO Auditing

We keep track of your website’s SEO performance and keep an eye out for any red flags. If your website is performing poorly or needs some TLC, we’ll fix meta descriptions, broken links, and other issues that impact your rankings.


Website Edits

If you want to give your website an SEO refresh, our web team will get to work optimizing your site to rank higher on Google. You’ll get the chance to tell us your website goals and you’ll be able to preview edits on a staging server before they go live.


Content Distribution

Backlinks are one way Google determines a site’s authority. We provide blog distribution with a custom press release.


Monthly Reporting

Every month you’ll receive a hosting report that gives clear insight into the technical performance of your site. You’ll also get to see web traffic insights straight from Google Analytics.

Behavioral Health Social Media

Beacon Media + Marketing social media work examples for Mental Health Marketing
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“Oh… my…. goodness!!!!  All I can say is you nailed it!!!  Our message is clear, the message is welcoming and hopeful, and it’s very personal and without doubt, professional!!!  

Katie KostelykKatie KostelykJuneau Youth Services
Social Media Best Practices

Bring Your Brand to Life With Behavioral Health Social Media

Over half of the population actively uses social media platforms, where they not only engage with familiar individuals and brands but also actively seek out new ones. This presents a significant opportunity for the behavioral health industry. As a provider in the field, you possess a wealth of valuable information that can benefit social media users, particularly as more individuals openly express their interest in therapy services. By leveraging mental health social media marketing, you can achieve substantial growth and positively impact the lives of those you are dedicated to helping. Allow us to elevate your social media presence with the following strategies:

Strategic Campaigns

There’s a rhyme and reason behind your social media posts. We’ll brainstorm and run strategic campaigns that engage users and gain new clients.

Editorial Calendar

We use a user-friendly platform that gives you full access to your social media calendar. Easily review posts, leave notes, and see scheduled post dates.

Cohesive Marketing

We pull from all your marketing assets to make your posts stand out. Whether you sign on for blogs, videos, or photos, we’ll share them via social media.

Multi-Platform Posts

Our social media package includes up to five platforms, so you can reach new clients on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google My Business.

Brand Awareness

Social media is where you can continue to give life to your brand. We’ll capture yours with branded graphics and custom messaging that feels just like you wrote it.

Client Engagement

We get that social media isn’t just about gaining new clients – your current clientele is important too. We’ll create content that attracts and engages your followers.

Multi-Media Posts

We make sure your behavioral health social media content stands out in a sea of posts. We use pictures, graphics, videos, and more to capture attention and add variety.

Educational Content

Providing valuable behavioral health information is vital to gaining trust and destigmatizing behavioral health services. We’ll share helpful, easily digestible educational content.

Social Media Next Steps

Our Behavioral Health Social Media Process


Talk Shop With Your Account Manager

We want to hear your goals and ideas. After all, no one knows your behavioral health brand better than you. First things first, you’ll meet your account manager who will work closely with you on your marketing strategy.


Social Media Campaign Brainstorm

Our marketing team comes together and brainstorms every new client we onboard. Our team of creative experts will develop a social media campaign that captures your brand, targets your ideal client, and ties into your other marketing services.


Social Media Account Creation

If you don’t have an existing social media account, our team will take care of setting it up for you. This includes adding your profile picture, header, business details, and more. We’ll make sure you have access to your account, and it’s 100% yours – meaning you get to keep it even if we part ways.


Get Access to Your Editorial Calendar

You can choose how hands-on you’d like to be in the content creation process. We’ll provide you with access to your editorial calendar so you can see, review, and comment on posts before they go live on your social media platform.


Live Social Media Reports

Curious about how many people view and engage with your social media content? We’ll highlight essential or noteworthy social media stats in your live marketing report.


Post Management

We’ve seen our fair share of Facebook trolls causing a ruckus on social media accounts. Notice a nasty comment? We’ll keep an eye on your posts and report or hide any malicious comments.

Social Media Portfolio

Behavioral Health PPC Ads

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Working with Beacon on our digital advertising strategy and execution has been fantastic.  Very thoughtful strategy, precise execution, and easy to follow reporting and analysis.  Most importantly, results!  Our Google and Facebook ads are driving customers our way, with each month better than the last.

Brendon, O 2023
PPC Advertising Best Practices

Grow and Scale Your Clinic With Behavioral Health PPC Advertising

With pay-per-click (PPC) ads, the behavioral health industry can confidently ensure their brand reaches a wide audience. This is especially true when utilizing effective advertising channels like Google and Facebook. By defining your target audience and implementing a well-planned advertising campaign, you can achieve substantial growth and turn your business aspirations into tangible accomplishments. Whether you dream of expanding your team with additional clinicians, opening a second location, or establishing yourself as a national mental health brand, mental health advertising is the key to accelerating your marketing efforts. It allows you to quickly see a return on investment (ROI) as you expand and scale your services. Let us jumpstart your marketing journey by leveraging the power of PPC ads through the following strategies:

Eye-Catching Visuals

Grow brand awareness and attract your ideal client with visually attractive Google Display and Facebook ads that make an impact from the first glance.

High-Ranking Search Ads

Want to be the first result that comes up on Google when someone searches for your services? We’ll pin down the keywords that will gain the best results.

Targeted Audiences

The key to a successful ad campaign is targeting the audience that best fits your budget, niche, location, and marketing goals.

Strategic Landing Page

A great ad is only the first half of your client’s buying journey. Your cohesive advertising strategy includes guiding leads to a conversion-driven landing page.

Ad Testing

We want to ensure every marketing dollar is well spent. We utilize beta testing for Google ads and run A/B tests to see test the waters and see what sticks.

Weekly Monitoring

We monitor and check in on your ad performance almost every day. If there’s an issue with your ad or it’s not performing well, we make adjustments as needed.

Content that Resonates

Behavioral health ads are unique. We’ll write ad copy that resonates with your ideal client and encourages them to seek help with your services.

PPC Advertising Next Steps

Our Behavioral Health PPC Advertising Process


Get To Know Your Dedicated Account Manager

What services do want to promote? What’s your target area? What niche or demographic do you serve? Your dedicated account manager will meet with you to learn more about your behavioral health practice or behavioral health clinic and dig into your marketing goals.


Paid Advertising Campaign Brainstorm

Our team of marketing experts meets to discuss your brand, your advertising goals, and creative copy for your advertisements. Our paid ads team will develop a campaign that appeals to your ideal audience and accelerates your growth.


Ad Account Access and Creation

If you’ve advertised in the past, we’ll want to take a peek at past campaigns to get the full picture of what’s worked for your marketing and what hasn’t. We’ll create your new ad account if needed and walk you through how to give us account access. 


See and Approve Your Ad Preview

Before we officially launch any new ads, we’ll run them by you first. You’ll have the opportunity to review Facebook and Google ads and provide feedback before setting them live.


Ad Monitoring and Refreshes

Our PPC team constantly oversees the health and performance of your ads. Ran out of advertising budget? Not getting clicks? Have a poor conversion rate? Our ad team will fix any issues in record time and will refresh your ads when they go stale or aren’t getting the result we want.


Live Marketing Reports

Want to see how your PPC ads are running? We’ll provide you with a live dashboard so you never have to wonder if your behavioral health ads are performing well. If you see something concerning or have questions, your account manager can discuss the results in more detail.

Behavioral Health Branding

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Beacon did a great job at creating my logo! They took care to understand what it was I wanted to convey with my logo and who my target market was. They were accommodating with changes to color and little tweaks I wanted to make. I was very happy with the outcome. They were all extremely professional, super friendly and helpful! I would recommend them to anyone!!!

Melissa M. 2022
Branding Best Practices

Make the Right Impression With Behavioral Health Branding

Does it seem like the aesthetics and overall atmosphere of your practice fail to resonate with the clients you aim to engage? Do your logo and other branding components get lost among the multitude of other behavioral health organizations? Here at Beacon, we specialize in transforming your concepts, narrative, and enthusiasm into a distinctive brand identity that leaves a lasting impression. Allow us to showcase how we can capture the essence of your mental health brand:

Professional Logos

Modern logos are simple, clean, and easy on the eyes. We can bring new life to an outdated or distracting logo that gives the wrong impression.

Key Messaging

Your core messaging and taglines are just as much a part of your brand as your logo and colors. Your content and visuals will be a perfect match.

Longevity Check

Will your brand still resonate in 10 or even 20 years? While it’s okay to make tweaks, a good brand is timeless and can easily evolve as your practice shifts and grows.

Client Centric

Who is your ideal client? Once you know this answer, you can create a brand that resonates with the exact kind of person you want your brand to resonate with.

Cohesive Brand

Does your creative content look and feel different on different marketing platforms? With a brand guide, you can ensure your brand is consistent across the board.

Beautiful Color Combos

Brand colors are more than an artistic choice – colors convey a mood and message. We’ll choose colors that get the feeling right and complement each other.

Branded Graphics

With expert graphic design services, we can ensure all of your marketing materials – from your website to printed brochures — are true to your brand.

Branding Next Steps

Our Behavioral Health Branding Process


Tell Us Your Brand Vision

Do you have a vision for your behavioral health brand that you struggle to fully articulate or visualize? We’ll take you through our brand discovery meeting where we’ll ask questions that allow us to dig deep into your clinic’s unique offering and how to represent your brand.


Brand and Logo Creation

Our digital design team will take the information you provide during the brand discovery meeting and bring your brand to life. Our branding packages can be customized to meet your needs and can include helping you come up with a business name, logo, tagline, fonts, icons, colors, and more.


Choose Your Logo

We’ll create several logo options for you to choose from. We’ll present these logos and leave the choice to you. Once you’ve picked a logo you like, we can refine and make sure you end up with a final product you’re in love with.


Get Your Brand Guide

We’ll provide a full brand guide that encompasses the most essential visual elements of your brand. You’ll receive variations of your logo that can be used on different backgrounds, your brand color palette, font faces, and sample images. This is yours to keep, and our team will refer to it for all future marketing projects.


Revitalize Your Website

While a new website isn’t required when refreshing your brand, the two services often go hand-in-hand. If you’ve made a drastic change in your brand, our professional graphic design team can write, design, and develop a website that aligns with your new brand.

Branding Portfolio

Behavioral Health Content Marketing

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Beacon is a wonderful company to work with. We have been with Beacon for years now and what a difference they have made with our company marketing. Their team of specialists do it all, from content creation to ad management and optimization. With their help, our SEO and SEM have never looked better. It has been a pleasure working with Jennifer, Michelle, and Ashley to help us reach our marketing goals.

Toni Walsh, 2023
Content Marketing Best Practices

Educate and Inspire With Behavioral Health Content Marketing

The benefits of content marketing in the behavioral health industry are immense. By implementing a well-defined SEO blogging strategy, you can create impactful content that attracts website visitors and improves your rankings for relevant keywords, phrases, and inquiries from potential clients. Through high-quality, conversion-focused content, you establish trust with prospective clients and motivate them to engage with your services. Let’s explore how we craft informative and goal-driven blog posts that align with your SEO objectives.

Increase Web Traffic

Many Google searchers lead to blog posts. We select keywords and topics people are searching for and are too competitive to rank for.

Content Strategies

We’ll compile a comprehensive content strategy so that every blog that goes out contributes to your overall marketing strategy.

Foundational Content

A single blog can be diced up and used in a graphic, white paper, social media post, or downloadable guide. Your blogs serve as a foundation for other marketing content.

Destigmatize Behavioral Health

How many people don’t reach out to you because they’re afraid of taking the first step? We aim to break down the barriers and stigma holding people back.

Branded Infographics

Every blog we write comes with a branded infographic that highlights the main points of the blog. This shareable content is great for SEO and user engagement.

SEO Details

Meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags, and SEO headings all make a difference in your Google rankings. We make sure the details are covered and follow best SEO practices.

Blog Publishing

We’ll take care of the technical work and publish all blogs on your website. We’ll upload all imagery, infographics, and SEO details too!

Content Marketing Next Steps

Our Behavioral Health Content Marketing Process


Discuss Your Goals With Your Account Manager

What services do you want to highlight? Are there specific keywords you’d like to rank for? Your account manager will meet with you and ask questions to better understand your brand and specific marketing goals.


Internal Creative Brainstorm

Our creative team will go over the nitty-gritty of your marketing and create a cohesive strategy that appeals to your audience, stays on brand, and drives numbers.


Review Your Content Strategy

Our content team will put together a six-month strategy that goes deep into your overall blogging plan, monthly topics, and SEO keywords we’re targeting. You’ll have the chance to review these topics and provide feedback before any writing begins.


Approve Blog Posts

Once we have a strategy, our writers will get to writing. If you want to stay involved in the process, you’ll have the chance to review all blogs before they are published on your website.


Content Distribution

After blogs are published, we distribute them across multiple channels to attract more traffic and add to your backlinking strategy. Blogs are distributed via a custom press release. If you have social media services, we’ll also share new blogs with your followers.

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