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Dana Group Associates

This Website Creates a Great First Impression, Setting the Tone for the Relationship to Come

Meet Our Client

Dana Group Associates is a leading mental health service in Massachusetts, based in Needham and Norwell. It’s multi-disciplinary team, which includes more than 62 providers, provides counseling, psychology, psychiatry, medication management, and more. It has been serving patients of all ages and walks for more than 25 years. It was founded on the philosophy that mental health service should be easy to access and its team is committed to creating genuine lasting partnerships.

The Marketing Challenge

This client provides vital services to the communities it serves. However, its website was getting a little out of date and it no longer made the right impression on prospective patients. For example, the first thing people saw when they clicked on the homepage was a list of insurance companies instead of services, which didn’t convey a warm and supportive atmosphere. Small changes like this make a huge difference when it comes to generating new leads. Dana Group Associates approached us for help overhauling its website, which included a complete rewrite, redesign and rebuild.

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How We Got Results

The first step in reworking this website was to create some key messaging. There were lots of different options to consider, but a few phrases jumped out: “mental support should be easy to access,” “we have a diverse team of providers,” and “we’re ready to partner with you on your journey.” These phrases formed the building blocks for the rest of the website content.

After that, we did a deep dive into the existing content. A lot of the information was good, but it wasn’t set out in a user-friendly way. Our next step was to create a site map and reorganize the content to help each prospective patient flow through the website in a logical way. Our goal was to provide people the information they need to make a decision and lead them to a call to action.

Design and development paid a huge role in the new look and feel. The calming blues and greens, with natural golden browns, created a professional and supportive tone. We significantly increased the number of images, which helps create a sense of human connection. Meanwhile, strong subheadings and frequent calls to action help people find the information they need at a glance while boosting this website’s ranking on Google. It completely transformed the user experience.

The other big feature of the new website is the filter option on the About page. Dana Group Associates has more than 60 providers, which means it’s quite intimidating and overwhelming to scroll through the list to try and find someone who is the right fit. The filter option, which was introduced in the development phase, means prospective clients can sort providers by modality, focus, language, and location, to find someone who will be able to help address their needs.

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“This website is approachable and informative. It welcomes people with a calming green and blue color palette and an inclusive call to action at the top of the homepage that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the visitor’s experience. Dana Group Associates provides inclusive mental health services, with a diverse team of providers, which means they’re ready to partner with you and help you on your journey—no matter who you are, where you’re from, or where you’re going.”

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