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Healthcare Marketing Strategy Services 

Propel Your Healthcare Business Forward With Innovative Strategies for Marketing Success 

Find unique opportunities to grow, scale, + thrive your healthcare business.  Whether you’re a single-location small practice or a large healthcare organization, Beacon’s marketing strategy services can help you achieve your goals and reach new heights of success.

Why Partner With Beacon for Healthcare Marketing Strategy? 

 Unlock a Marketing Strategy
That Ignites Immense Growth + Opportunity

Award-Winning Strategic Initiatives 

We’re proud winners of multiple strategic campaign awards from AMA, Shorty Awards, and Communication Awards – a testament to the effectiveness of our data-driven approach.    

11+ Years of Marketing Expertise 

Beacon Media + Marketing has 11+ years of experience as a digital marketing agency with over 100 clients in the mental health and healthcare industries.  

Driven By Data + Creativity 

We leverage data-driven insights and infuse them with innovative and creative thinking to consistently deliver effective, growth-igniting marketing solutions for our clients. 

Live Dashboard Reporting 

We provide all clients with access to real-time reports that allow clients to track campaign performance and make informed decisions to optimize their marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy That Ignites Growth 

Find Your Competitive Edge With Beacon’s Healthcare Marketing Strategy Services

Standing out in the crowded healthcare industry can be a challenge. Our specialized marketing strategy services provide an expert roadmap for business growth and are the fuel behind our team’s marketing success. Together we’ll set goals and KPIs for your business – painting a clear picture of where you hope your marketing investment to take your business. Whether you want to double your client intake numbers, open more practices in your state, take your business to the digital landscape, or expand nationally, we’ll form a plan of attack and analyze our results along the way.  

With Beacon Media + Marketing as your strategic partner, you can unlock new doors, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and drive measurable results for your healthcare company. 

Marketing Guide from Beacon Media + Marketing
Competitor Analysis 

Get Ahead of the Competition: In-Depth Competitor Analyses for Your Healthcare Business

As part of our competitor analysis, we deep-dive into the digital landscape and see how your healthcare business compares to local and national competitors in your industry. This involves in-depth evaluations of your competitors’ digital presence, including their search engine rankings, website performance, social media presence, and digital advertising efforts. Our strategy team utilizes cutting-edge digital tools to ensure our analyses are always thorough and insightful. 

With this competitive analysis, we can identify gaps and opportunities in your unique market and help you identify specific opportunities to stand out. For example, maybe you offer a unique service that your competitors aren’t advertising, or there might be an opportunity to rank for organic or paid keywords that could reap big rewards that your competitors aren’t taking advantage of. 

We’ll work with you to see where you stand and how we can focus our marketing services to best support your growth. 

Client Personas 

Create Stronger Marketing Connections with Client Personas for Your Healthcare Business

All your marketing efforts hinge on nailing down the right target audience. If you have misconceptions about your ideal client or don’t have an in-depth understanding of their needs, pain points, and motivators, then you will struggle to get strong marketing results. Client personas are an effective and proven way to identify key traits and behaviors of your target audience.

As part of our marketing strategy plan, we create three to five detailed client personas tailored specifically to your business. We use a data-driven approach to gather this information, which includes exploring online demographics and Google Analytics data. Throughout the process, our experienced marketing team works closely with you to understand your business goals and target market to ensure the personas we create align with your brand and overall marketing strategy. 

With this information, you can better tailor your messaging and offerings to resonate with the needs of your ideal client. Our marketing team will also rely on this data to ensure all strategy documents and creative work is created with these personas in mind. Ultimately, this enables your business to make stronger connections with your clients and launch more successful marketing campaigns. 

Strategic Campaign Creation 

Customized Marketing Strategies to Take Your Healthcare Business to the Next Level

Our strategic team specializes in developing and executing tailored marketing campaigns to help your healthcare organization grow, scale, + thrive! We utilize a wide range of digital tools, stay up to date with the latest marketing trends, use proven techniques, and harness the power of data to create strategic campaigns that are both effective and engaging. 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, and a solid strategy is key for creating a campaign that will work for your unique business and specific goals. Depending on your needs and market, our strategic approach includes a combination of digital ads, SEO, video content marketing, paid advertising, a solid website, and organic social media. 

Our team has a proven track record of delivering results through a data-driven approach that focuses on maximizing ROI. Let us help you take your healthcare marketing to the next level with a strategy built for success! 

Marketing + Sales Alignment 

Optimize Your Lead Generation Funnel: Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategies for Your Healthcare Business

In an ideal world, marketing and sales would each have an in-depth understanding of each other’s goals and processes – and work seamlessly without any hitches. However, if you’re like many businesses out there, your sales and marketing teams are working in silos, and there isn’t always a clean handoff. 

While it can be challenging to identify where the holes lie and how to optimize your lead generation process, aligning your marketing and sales strategies is essential for providing new leads with an easy, barrier-free experience. And the more barriers you remove in your marketing, the more likely you are to convert leads into clients and meet your business goals. 

Our strategy team works closely with our clients to understand their internal structure and lead generation funnel. We’ll ask you questions about your sales process and any hiccups you’ve experienced along the way. Whether we’re creating a new website or running an ad campaign, we want to make sure that once we get clients to fill out a form or call your office, they have a clear path to making an appointment with you. 

Website Assessment + Optimization 

Enhance Online Visibility and Engagement: Improve Your Healthcare Business’s Website with Technical and Content-Based SEO Strategies

Your website serves as the digital foundation for your business, and if your website isn’t up-to-date or easy for new clients to navigate, then it creates a huge hole in your marketing strategy. This is because ads, social media posts, videos, and other marketing materials you put out often direct people to your website. And your website is where people can get a clear understanding of your brand, your services, and how to get in contact with you. 

Additionally, many businesses draw in a large percentage of new leads from organic web traffic. The entry point might be through a target location search like “dentist near me,” a search query that leads to a blog, or a landing page on a specific service. However, if your website isn’t ranking well on Google or fails to convert visitors past the first page, you’re losing out on a large number of potential leads. 

Our team utilizes technical and content-based SEO strategies to optimize your website for search engine rankings, increase web traffic, and improve user experience. With our website optimization services, you can expect increased online visibility, higher engagement, and increased conversions. 

Establish Performance Metrics 

Track Your Business Success: KPIs with Detailed Reports and Real-Time Data for Your Healthcare Business

Developing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is an essential part of any marketing strategy. KPIs are specific metrics that help businesses put their goals into metrics that are trackable. As part of our marketing strategy services, we will work with you to identify the KPIs that align with your business goals and objectives and ensure we have the right strategy in place to achieve those results. 

In addition to driving our marketing strategy, these KPIs also give you as the client insight into the success of our efforts. If we don’t see the results we want after an established time period, we understand that this is an ongoing process and make adjustments as your business needs, goals, and the market evolves. 

To track your marketing performance, we provide detailed reports that break down how each marketing service we provide is working toward your KPIs and helping your business succeed. Every Beacon client has access to a live dashboard that provides real-time data on a wide range of metrics. Our internal team also analyzes this data regularly, allowing us to share notable insights and make adjustments if needed. We also provide video breakdowns or set up a meeting each month to explain your report and how your marketing strategy is progressing.  

A Word From Our Clients 

Recommended by Thriving Healthcare Providers

Our work makes a difference in the lives of healthcare providers, their staff, and their clients. Take it from clients we’ve helped grow, scale + thrive! 

What to Expect When Working With Beacon

Our Roadmap of Services: The First 120 Days


Sign + Complete Client Homework

You’ll work with our sales team to determine what services will best meet your goals. From here, you’ll sign a proposal and answer some questions to get started. 


Meet Your Account Manager

You’ll have access to a real person every step of the way. Your digital marketing account manager will meet with you to discuss your goals. 


Brainstorm + Strategy

In the first 30-day period, we’ll conduct an internal brainstorm with our team, perform research and analysis, establish timelines and goals, and provide you with a clear plan of attack. 


Execute Marketing Plan

With a strategy and timeline in place, our team can get rolling! The next 30 days are all about gathering valuable intel and data. Your account manager will update you along the way. 


Evaluate Strategy + Results

From days 60 to 120, our team will evaluate the results and connect with you on any achievements worth celebrating or potential pivots if there’s a significant opportunity for improvement. 

Your Top Questions Answered

Healthcare Marketing Strategy FAQs

What are some of the tools Beacon uses to achieve strategic results? 

We utilize a range of tools to achieve strategic results, including Spark Toro for demographic and data gathering, HubSpot for inbound marketing and sales funnel, and our proprietary marketing process known as the Beacon Way. In addition, we leverage our status as a Google and Meta partner to access national benchmarks and data, and we utilize combined data from hundreds of healthcare companies that we have provided marketing for.

Why should I trust Beacon with my marketing strategy? 

Beacon has a proven track record of success in the digital marketing industry with over 11 years of experience serving 100+ clients in the mental health/healthcare space. Our proprietary marketing system, The Beacon Way, has been used to achieve outstanding results for hundreds of clients, and our documented case studies demonstrate our ability to deliver measurable outcomes.

In addition, Beacon has been recognized for our strategic campaign efforts with multiple awards from prestigious organizations such as the AMA, Shorty Awards, and Communication Awards. You can trust Beacon to develop and implement a customized marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and delivers tangible results!

What Is “The Beacon Way” digital marketing methodology? 

The Beacon Way is our proprietary methodology for digital marketing that focuses on bringing humanity back into the digital equation by cultivating conversations and connections with your ideal client. Our approach emphasizes the importance of human connection in a digital format — or humanizing what has become largely dehumanized. 

The Beacon Way looks at how your website communicates with potential clients beyond just the words on the page. Just as speech and body language work together to convey your emotions and communicate a certain message, there are “unspoken” elements of your website that can have a similar impact on visitors. A cold, difficult-to-navigate, or poorly performing website can send an uninviting message, while a welcoming color scheme, fast load times, and strong attention to user experience leave the door open for friendly conversation.   

Who will I communicate with regarding my marketing strategy? 

Our onboarding process starts with an in-depth discovery call where our marketing sales specialists learn your goals and discuss what services will best meet your needs. Once you’ve signed up and are an official Beacon client, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated account manager who will be your main point of contact for all your marketing needs! Our account managers are very attentive to your needs (you can often expect a reply in the same business day), and they work very closely with our creative team to communicate your goals and services, brainstorm, determine timelines, and present a polished marketing strategy. 

While your account manager will be the main person you discuss strategy, goals, and results with, you may also have meetings with our strategic and creative teams depending on your services or if more collaboration is required.  

How does Beacon measure marketing results? 

Beacon utilizes various data tracking tools to measure the results of our marketing strategies. We use Google Analytics and Meta Business Manager for transparent data tracking and Whatagraph reporting for live dashboard reporting, allowing clients to see real-time data. To provide further context, we also utilize monthly video reports and measure our results against national industry benchmarks. This approach enables us to track the success of our strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimize our approach and achieve our client’s goals.

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