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Premier Health & Holistic Medicine

An Increase in Brand Awareness and Education Ensures Experts You Can Trust

Meet Our Client

Premier Health & Holistic Medicine was founded by Dr. Robin Ann Ridinger, who is a physician with more than 25 years of experience. She is board certified in both Integrative Holistic Medicine and Family Medicine. Dr. Ridinger treats many complex illnesses including Lyme disease and co-infections, mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, digestive problems, and many other conditions.

Her healing-oriented practice takes in account the whole person including all aspects of their lifestyle. Her broad scope of personalized functional medicine includes optimizing health, wellness, sleep, and nutrition, decreasing chemical and toxin exposure, and supporting whole-body detoxification.

Dr. Ridinger works individually with each patient to determine the root causes for their illness and the extent of their imbalances. She has exceptional interpersonal skills and a warm manner that puts everyone at ease.

The Marketing Challenge

Functional medicine is an evolution in health care that focuses on treating the root causes of the issues people are experiencing so they can heal. Since Premier Health & Holistic Medicine specializes in treating complex illnesses such as Lyme disease, education is undoubtedly the biggest challenge. Holistic medicine is a relatively new concept that operates slightly beyond the realm of traditional medicine, which means prospective clients need to know if this is the approach they need to find solutions to the issues troubling them. In other words, why should they trust Dr. Ridinger with their health problems?

Examples of work Beacon Media + Marketing created for Premier Health & Holistic Medicine

How We Got Results

To educate the population on the positive effects holistic medicine had on society, we started with a comprehensive social media strategy. We helped Dr. Ridinger get the word out about her services on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. This is a great way to reach a huge amount of people in a short amount of time. We also created Facebook ads targeted towards Premier Health and Holistic Medicine’s specialties to ensure people can find these services when they need them.

We also developed a comprehensive SEO strategy, researching keywords with high search volumes and high conversion rates to piece together and attract more website traffic through blogs. As an outcome, Premier Health + Holistic Medicine is now ranking for 15 high-quality keywords related specifically to “Lyme disease.” These blogs are great for two reasons: first, they educate people about the benefits of holistic medicine and the treatment options available. Secondly, we were able to repurpose the copy to create press releases that to demonstrate Dr. Ridinger’s expertise to an even wider audience. 

Lastly, to add personal touch and a sense of comfort, we added patient testimonials to their website. Testimonials are a great resource to add to your website because anyone that enters your website who might be confused as to what Premier Health does, can refer to patients who have reviewed and written their own views on this company and what they think about the services offered, customer support, cleanliness, the all-around atmosphere, environment, etc. This makes it far more likely that the next potential client who is interested in using holistic medicine for their illness will convert.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results:

  • 78 new quality leads per month.
  • Tripled new patient onboarding monthly. 
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“The team at Beacon is amazing! They are able to transfer the heart and personality of our business into their marketing. They listen and respect any concerns. Our business even during the pandemic has grown thanks to Beacon Marketing!! Highly recommend this company!!”

Dr. Robin Ridinger Dr. Robin RidingerPremier Health & Holistic Medicine

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