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South Anchorage Dental Center - Dr. Broc

South Anchorage Dental Center

Great Content Produced a Cost per Click of 60¢, Less Than the National Average of $1.32

Meet Our Client

South Anchorage Dental Center is a family-focused dental clinic, committed to providing great service. It provides a wide range of treatments, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and sedation dentistry. This means it can take care of multiple concerns in a single day. It has extended hours and emergency care, making it incredibly convenient for people of all ages.

The Marketing Challenge

Dentist Dr. Broc Brimhall approached us with one clear marketing goal in mind. He wanted to bring in as many new leads as possible, simple as that, so we did a team brainstorm and got to work.

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How We Got Results

Goal 1: Improved User Experience

We ran two Facebook promotions, supported by Google Ads, with a strong offer to capture people’s attention, and added a chatbot to the South Anchorage Dental Center website to make scheduling an appointment as quick and easy as possible. We wanted to ensure all potential patients had a great experience so we could create a positive impression from the very first interaction.

The first promotion started in August 2019 and offered “Free IV Sedation,” which is valued at $2,000. We ran two ads in the Anchorage area, one targeting adults, and one targeting parents, so they could take advantage of the offer for their kids. Both ads made the incredible value of the offer clear and directed interested parties to schedule their appointment through the chatbot on the website. We generated 323 chat leads (156 for adults and 167 for kids). This generated about $1,000 in income for each conversion, at a cost per click of $0.60, or $0.72 less than the national average.

The second promotion started in September and advertised a Dental Savings Plan for patients without insurance, with savings like 20% off all treatments and $1,000 off Invisalign. The plan gave the exact price of all South Anchorage Dental Center procedures compared to the discounted price patients receive when they sign up for the plan to make it as clear as possible. We ran two ads targeting the Anchorage area with the message, “No Insurance? No Problem!” The ads used photos and videos of real South Anchorage Dental Center staff to reinforce the credibility of the promotion and to piggy-back off of the Center’s positive reputation in the community. We generated 139 chat leads over the period from September through November. These ads received more than 39,000 total views, with 120 likes, 18 comments, and 30 shares. The average cost click was $0.92.

Goal 2: Quality Assets

We also conducted a photoshoot, to obtain high-quality assets we could share online. The goal of this is to show people what it’s like at South Anchorage Dental Center and start building trust. This way, when they attend their first appointment, they’ll feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

Goal 3: SEO-Optimized Website

In addition to the initial marketing challenges that drew Dr. Broc to Beacon Media + Marketing, he knew that his website needed SEO optimization to support the expansion of his clinic by doubling his clients and revenue. Beacon dug in using its experience and expertise, launching a supercharged SEO website in January 2022 which yielded a 430% growth in organic content.

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“We’ve been working with SADC for a number of years. They are great people and they provide an amazing service to the community in South Anchorage. Our relationship is based on mutual respect and a common goal: we really want to help people get the dental care they need to stay healthy. When you’re choosing a marketing partner, it’s important to choose one that fully understands and appreciates your vision, mission, and values. This will set the tone for your entire relationship.”

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