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Ellie Corporate Website 

Franchising Mental Health Corporation Scales Website to a National Level

Meet Our Client

Ellie’s mission is to make getting mental health care the norm. And while they know that going to therapy and being vulnerable with someone you just met can seem scary, they do everything they can to make each session as comfortable and fun as possible. As your professional secret keepers, they aim to walk along this journey with you and provide you with a safe place to talk, decompress, and heal.

The Marketing Challenge

Ellie came to Beacon with many complex issues.  This case study focuses specifically on the website.

The first and foremost marketing challenge was the website. Ellie needed to be able to scale to a multi-site model which included a main corporate page and an individual page for each location which  would rank locally.  Their former website was using Webflow which wouldn’t allow them to scale to a national level. They were growing much more quickly than they had planned, and they had an urgent need for this upgrade.

One example of an ongoing challenge Beacon faces as we continue to work with Ellie is that their Minnesota locations offer different services than franchise locations. We are working hard to differentiate them specifically for clarity for potential clients.

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How We Got Results

Beacon’s recent marketing results have exceeded expectations. We consistently hit every benchmark set by Ellie, focusing on a range of key factors such as user experience, SEO, and specific milestones for increasing client conversions. Beacon surpassed our most ambitious goal yet – exceeding 100K monthly users ahead of the second quarter schedule. As this project is far from over, our team continues to find ways to further optimize the website effectively and efficiently in order to meet any new goals given by the client.

Goal 1: An Accessible and Well-Branded Website

Ellie’s former website was built with Webflow. The platform wouldn’t allow them to quickly scale to a national level and add quality franchise location pages, that would rank on Google for local SEO and provide direct access for clients.

Beacon helped Ellie reach their goal of having an accessible and well-branded website with a Word Press multi-site in just 30 days. This led to over 60% growth in traffic within the first month, followed by 300% growth over the following six months! Thanks to this effort, they have successfully achieved a national scale that would not have been possible before.

Goal 2: Increased Conversion Rates

The former website lacked the best practices of UI/UX practices and the users were not able to access and find the information they were searching for which ultimately led to anemic results for conversions.

To give users a better experience and boost conversions, we fully revamped the Ellie website with an emphasis on UX design. We took into account every aspect of their digital journey—addressing questions like: Can I easily make an appointment? and  Where is my closest location? We were able to remove any barriers that might be preventing Ellie from getting what they needed quickly and effectively. As expected, this effort paid off big time! The optimization resulted in a 121% increase in traffic for our goal of increased conversion rates.

Goal 3: Overall Increased Brand Awareness

Ellie’s former website was not showcasing Ellie as the national franchise brand that they had expanded into in 2022. Overall, the traffic and brand recognition were limited to Minnesota and didn’t extend beyond that footprint. The estimated value of the web traffic was $9K per month once the website was launched.

We have seen major success with the new website launch. Our rich media and content resource section has amplified significantly; this empowered Ellie to become a leading authority on relevant topics in the space. We are proud to announce over 8,000 links from our site had been recognized through awards, interviews, and media requests. As a result of these efforts, we can now count on $68K worth of monthly branded searches that continues to grow organically each day – an amazing result for everyone involved!

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“Thank you for being such a great partner. Very positive feedback from everyone on the website. We’ve exceeded our first quarter goals already 6 weeks into this quarter!”

Ellie Mental Health

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