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Brooklyn Birthing Center

Geo-Targeting, Combined with Identifying the Right Audience, Resulted in Significant Growth

Meet Our Client

Brooklyn Birthing Center (BBC) offers high-quality care for expectant moms, who want an alternative to giving birth in hospital. It has a family-centered atmosphere, with a calm home-like environment supported by board-certified midwives. The facility is located in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn and provides a range of additional services including prenatal care, lactation support, and BRCA testing. It’s the only freestanding birth center licensed to practice in metropolitan New York.

The Marketing Challenge

This client is located in an area with a very high-density population, but were experiencing low traffic to their facility. Though BBC is the longest running private birthing facility in New York City, brand awareness was low, and it wasn’t able to maintain its ideal volume of new patients. In order to give birth at BBC, each potential client must sign up for an orientation. At that point, the staff members provide all of the educational support they need. It is a crucial step to get potential clients to sign up for orientation in order to move them into the sales funnel and ultimately give birth at BBC.

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How We Got Results

The first step was building brand awareness, and the second step was generating trust. Giving birth is a significant experience in a woman’s life, and she needs to feel like she is supported and heard every step of the way. With that in mind, we developed a warm and engaging social media marketing campaign. We geo-targeted the area around their location, in the heart of Brooklyn, and we made sure people became aware of their mission and values. This meant using natural and diverse imagery, and targeting messages according to specific interests, to find the right people. This approach increased the number of new births at the facility by 34%! We also increased the average orientation class size from 4–6 people to 19–20 people, meaning classes are now up to 5x the size!

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“We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved with Brooklyn Birthing Center. There are many reasons why women might not want to give birth in hospital, and our client provides a great service to empower women to make their own choices. This campaign, first and foremost, was about educating women about their options — it shows exactly how important it is to understand your target audience!”

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