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Any Mountain dancers on Flat Top mountain in Alaska.

Any Mountain

We Generated a Huge Click Through Rate of 3.23% with a Tiny Cost per Click of Just 20¢

Meet Our Client

About 21,750 Americans will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. About 13,940 will die. It’s the fifth-deadliest cancer for women, even though many cases could be prevented. The lack of prevention strategies, early detection methods, curative treatment options, public education, and research funding makes the need for innovative action paramount.

Any Mountain is the brainchild of Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope, a gynecologic oncologist and musician based in Alaska. It combines creativity and technology to increase awareness about ovarian cancer and raise money to support the Any Mountain Expedition Team, which is a group of leading gynecologic researchers from around the United States, as they search for a cure. The project is a collaboration between Let Every Woman Know-Alaska and the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

The Marketing Challenge

This was a full-service campaign. We were charge with developing the campaign messaging, designing and developing a beautiful website, implementing a content strategy, connecting with the target audience on social media, and running Google and Facebook Ads to capture attention.

One of the trickiest parts was coming up with a vision statement and a call to action. Any Mountain is a multi-faceted project that combines many amazing elements towards a common goal: saving the lives of American women. We decided to keep things simple. How would we describe the project? “We’re summiting ovarian cancer through creativity and research.” What are we asking people to do? “Know your history. Save your future. Join the climb.” The best choice is often the most obvious! This allowed us to easily explain the concept and spark the interest of members of the community.

The Any Mountain team already had a logo and a color palette selected, so our job was bringing these to life with gorgeous web design and eye-catching visuals. Creativity was a key component of this campaign, so everything we designed and developed had to have an artistic flair. Our medium of choice was attention-grabbing photography. We assembled a group of local dancers and took them into the mountains around Anchorage to embrace the mountain themes of the campaign and inject a lot of movement and energy into our creative. The result is a unique and captivating series of images that sets Any Mountain apart from other groups in the women’s cancer space.

These visuals ensure the campaign has a consistent look on every platform, which has played an enormous role in forging genuine connections and generating engagement online.

Screenshot of Any Mountain video

How We Got Results

The key to this campaign’s success was understanding our target audience. This was clear to us immediately: one of the members of our team was moved to tears by the Any Mountain music video, and her reaction inspired many of our creative decisions. The messaging we developed is strong, empowering, and consistently optimistic. We want to inspire people to leap into action to help our team of researchers summit ovarian cancer. It feels like a monumental journey, but every step we take up the mountain brings us closer to the top. There is always hope.

In the first 100 days of running this campaign, we achieved:

  • 1.7 million Google Ads impressions
  • 492,641 Facebook Ads impressions
  • 62,106 total video views on Facebook and 12,610 from YouTube
  • 15,906 total clicks on Facebook and 14,610 clicks on Google
  • $0.20 cost per click (much less than the national average of $1.32)
  • 3.23 click through rate (much more than the national average of 0.90%)
  • 493 completed quiz registrations from Facebook and 292 from Google
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“The Beacon Media + Marketing team was the perfect choice for our small non-profit. They listened to our vision and helped craft an outstanding message that we’re proud of.”

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