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Woman receives treatment at Alaska Beautiful You

Alaska Beautiful You

Over 100% Growth in Website Traffic in 90 Days Leads to New Clients and a More Established Brand

Meet Our Client

Alaska Beautiful You Medical Spa is one of the premier med spas in Anchorage, Alaska. They have a long positive history in the community and are well regarded for their experience, service and reputation. They offer a variety of medical spa services but are most well known for their experienced Botox providers.

The Marketing Challenge

The Alaska Beautiful You  team approached Beacon with specific requests for marketing services. They had recently changed locations and providers and wanted to make sure former clients were able to find them online easily. They also wanted to appeal to multiple age groups to grow their traffic and, more importantly, capture traffic that would lead to conversions and revenue.

Lastly, they wanted to increase their presence online and provide clients with a booking experience that was more convenient than their previous practice.

Ultimately, they recognized that they had relied on years of referrals and recommendations but lacked the digital presence to attract new and former clients searching online for their quality services.

Examples of work Beacon did for Alaska Beautiful You

How We Got Results

Beacon Media + Marketing followed the “Beacon Way” Method to accurately diagnose and implement a strategic growth plan that was sustainable financially and achieved their initial target goals with 90 days of launching.

We started by analyzing their Google analytics data to understand what keywords were delivering similar CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition) and similar conversion rates. We ran a competitive analysis report to discover what keywords their top competitors were ranking for and developed a plan to outperform their competitors and take a portion of market share.

Through our research and analysis, our team recognized that if Alaska Beautiful You was very targeted on how we aligned specific offers with high value keywords we would be able to optimize conversions at a lower cost than through broad match ads their competitors were using.

Amplifying our efforts towards highly competitive, customer buyer intent keywords like “best Botox providers” or “best med spa” their website was set up to convert those new and former visitors into clients.

In 90 days, Alaska Beautiful You increased traffic by 112% and their conversions by 58%. We far exceeded our original goal of a 25% increase in conversions in the first 90 days.

Because of our success within the first 90 days, we were able to continue growing the practice and increasing market share, even through the many of the challenges of the pandemic.

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Working to achieve the goals for Alaska Beautiful You was challenging because of the change of location and providers, but they have an excellent reputation locally and we wanted to showcase that reputation with an improved digital presence. The key components to achieving success within a 90 day timeframe was optimizing their content, and targeted ads. We were able to improve the conversion substantially and lower the cost of the ad spend at the same time.

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