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Alaska Luxury Cruise Ship in front of Alaskan glacier.

Alaskan Luxury Cruises

There’s Nothing Better than Looking Back at a Project and Knowing it’s Beautiful Work

Meet Our Client

Alaskan Luxury Cruises provides memorable trips like no other. When you book a tour, you will come aboard your own private yacht, complete with a skipper and a chef. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your adventurous spirit roam free, finding pristine waters to watch whales breach, otters play, and glaciers calve. This magical experience is the brainchild of Captain Jeff Gorton, a life-long Alaskan who has been sailing around southeast and southcentral Alaska for more than 30 years.

The Marketing Challenge

This client asked us to help create a luxurious new logo, a user-friendly website, and a video that captured the magic of an Alaskan Luxury Cruises experience. As marketers, it’s tempting to carefully curate messaging and stress over tiny details, but sometimes it’s best to let the subject speak for itself. That’s the philosophy we used to bring this campaign to life and inspire prospective visitors.

Screenshot from Beacon's Alaska Luxury Video

How We Got Results

The logo we created for this client is simple and elegant, to capture the essence of the experience people will have. We used blue to represent the sea and gold to represent the endless Alaskan summer sunshine, while creating a luxurious feel. The word Alaskan is in large font, to emphasize the uniqueness of sailing in the last frontier, and we added an anchor to tie in a boating element.

There is nothing more luxurious than space, which is reflected in the clean lines and abundant white space of the web design. Instead of spelling everything out for incoming guests with lots of copy, we’ve kept things light and incorporated lots of spectacular imagery which does the talking for us.

We’re incredibly proud of this whole campaign, but if we had to pick a favorite element, it would undoubtedly be the video. It’s a stunning call to action that makes viewers feel they’re immersed in the experience. Captivating music, strong use of text, and spectacular photography bring the cruises to life and ignites the viewer’s imagination. It’s a powerful marketing tool because it shows, rather than tells, people what they can expect when they book a vacation up north.

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“We love supporting Alaskan tourism operators. Our team is made up of avid explorers and we’re always to excited to welcome people to our state for the first time. There are so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences up here – Alaska Luxury Cruises is the perfect example, because it combines the best of Alaska’s scenery in an unforgettable setting. We loved the challenge of capturing the essence of this experience and translating it into a visual format to inspire prospective visitors.”

Jennifer ChristensenJennifer Christensen, CMOBeacon Media + Marketing

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