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eComm employee shows infographic of their financial services.


A New Website and Brand Messaging Led to National Lead and One Successful Campaign

Meet Our Client

eComm is reinventing the merchant services industry. Its leadership team is committed to being undeniably up-front with you about everything from markup fees to monthly charges. They founded Cornerstone Credit Services in Anchorage, Alaska, back in 1999 and launched eComm as a national division 18 years later. To this day, eComm is an employee-owned company and its leaders understands the connection between your business success and their own. 

The Marketing Challenge

Merchant services can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. It can be hard to figure out exactly what the charges are, get hold of your money, and get answers to simple questions. eComm’s leadership team knew that the merchant services industry had a challenging reputation, which is why they created this division. They knew they had to find a way to stand out from the other providers to make a difference and generate better outcomes for customers. At the same time, however, the merchant services industry is highly competitive, so the team knew they had to call in some external marketing experts.

Examples of work Beacon Media + Marketing created for eComm

How We Got Results

Beacon Media + Marketing created a comprehensive strategy centered around transparency. This included a brand-new website, a compelling video series, the addition of real photographs of staff, and the inclusion of customer testimonials across eComm’s digital assets.

We knew the merchant service industry was highly competitive, and given its reputation, we knew we had to really think outside the box. If you were to look at other merchant service websites, you’ll find there isn’t much information available, stock photography is present on almost every page, and it can be hard to figure out exactly who they are and what they offer. As such, we created a new and improved website for eComm. We made sure to pay close attention to their messaging, so we could focus on what makes them different from their competitors. eComm’s website now has a plethora of resourceful information and we wanted to make it easy for viewers to navigate and locate. 

The visibility part of this strategy cannot be understated. We conducted a multitude of photoshoots and video production because we wanted to make sure people understood that this is a real team of real people looking to make a real difference. At the end of the day, people like working with people, not a faceless corporation, so this immediately acts as a differentiator between eComm and its competitors.

Third, we were able to include a variety of testimonials on the website to show that eComm helps businesses just like yours. This reinforces the messaging that eComm really is reinventing the merchant services industry and giving all of these businesses the tools they needed to succeed.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results:

  • 670% increase in website traffic over the span of 6 months after launching new website. 
  • 20% of national leads led to one successful campaign. 

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