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Denali Express Chevron Network

Our Engaging Social Media Campaign Got an Average Cost per Click 57.6% Below Average

Meet Our Client

The Denali Express is a network of Alaskan-owned Chevron stations with a passion for supporting the local community in Anchorage. It provides assistance to multiple charities in the area with a vision for involvement beyond merely financial donation, though it does also give a great deal. Its marketing goal was to increase awareness for their social programs on Facebook and Instagram in a way that both boosted their business and attracted more advocacy for the causes they support.

The Marketing Challenge

The Denali Express Chevron Network runs two campaigns over the course of the year to raise money their two biggest causes. They engaged us as a marketing partner to build community support on social media, generate community spirit, and source donations for excellent local causes.

We harnessed human interest by focusing on the photos and stories of the breast cancer survivors, teachers, and moms. They naturally gained traction on social media as the people and communities involved were inclined to share and reshare the photos and stories of people they knew.

  • Alaska Run for Women
    From race day until October, Chevron sells private label pink ribbon water bottles in their stores to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. In 2018, Chevron sponsored the race at almost $20,000 and volunteered to hand out free water bottles at the finish line. We launched a press release announcing their support and promoted the event on social media as well as the in-store promotion over the duration of the campaign. We interviewed and took pictures of breast cancer survivors to share online.
  • Fuel Your School
    In October, Chevron donates $1 to teachers and students in the local school district each time a customer purchases 8 gallons of gas or more. This money goes to purchasing supplies for classroom projects through their Fuel Your School program. In 2018, Chevron raised over $100,000 for local classrooms and volunteered to deliver the supplies at some schools. We launched two press releases, one introducing the program and the second announcing the results. We promoted Fuel Your School on social media, encouraging Anchorage drivers to #ChooseChevron for their gas over the course of the campaign.

We also ran two contests to show Chevron’s support for teachers and women:

  • Give Your Teacher a Spring Break
    In March and April, parents and students in the Anchorage School District could nominate their teacher for their choice of an adventure package from local businesses in three prize categories. To enter, they had to submit information about their teacher so that we could contact them for their prize, a photo, and an interview. We launched a landing page, a press release to announce the campaign, and we advertised on social media, to encourage people to get involved.
  • #LoveMyAKMom
    In April and May, anyone in the Anchorage community could nominate their mom to win one of 100 free hanging flower baskets from a local florist. To enter, they had to submit a photo and a story about their mom, perhaps about a favorite moment or memory. We launched a WooBox contest page and we advertised the campaign on social media, sharing the mom’s photos and stories as the campaign progressed.
Screenshots of Denali Express Chevron Network marketing

How We Got Results

With our help, Denali Express Chevron Network raised approximately $120,000! More than $100,000 of this was for Fuel Your School, while almost $20,000 was for the Alaska Run for Women. On top of that, almost 100 local teachers were nominated for Give Your Teacher a Spring Break and more than 50 local moms were celebrated through the #LoveMyAKMom campaign.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our social media marketing success:

Alaska Run for Women

93,080 IMPRESSIONS + 30,875 REACH | BUDGET OF $1,270.03

Fuel Your School

57,765 IMPRESSIONS + 20,767 REACH | BUDGET OF $469.99

Give Your Teacher a Spring Break

201,999 IMPRESSIONS + 54,121 REACH + 2,098 CLICKS | BUDGET OF $1,534.99
The average cost per click (CPC) was $0.73, which is 57.6% less than the national average of $1.72. Meanwhile, the average clickthrough rate (CTR) was 1.04%, which is 115.6% higher than the national average of 0.90%


178,100 IMPRESSIONS + 42,330 REACH + 3,498 CLICKS | BUDGET OF $1,256.53
The average CPC was $0.36, which is 79.1% less than the national average of $1.72. The average CTR was 1.96%, or 217.8% higher than the national average of 0.90%

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“Beacon Media + Marketing has far exceeded our expectations with this campaign and in bringing our efforts in the community to light. We have received positive results and reactions from community members and more importantly, a significant increase in our fundraising efforts for these important causes.”

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