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Send your message directly to those who are looking to do business.

Spend your advertising dollars on reaching people who are ready to buy.

Are you reaching your potential customers? It used to be that advertisers would send a message out into the wide world of television and hope the right person saw it. With the rise of technology like Google Ads (Formally Google AdWords), digital ads can be shown directly to consumers who are actively searching for your product. You will no longer be “hoping” your advertising works. You will be able to see that it does.

What makes a Google Ads campaign so effective?

Here are the key features that must be included to reach the maximum number of potential clients with Google Ads.

Precise Ads ✔

Write clear ads so it is easy for Google to rank you for the service you are advertising.

Keyword Groups ✔

Show up first on Google by categorizing your message so the search engine gets it.

Beta Testing ✔

Test multiple ads for the same message so you only run the ones that work best.

Landing Page ✔

Continue the ad’s message on your web page so it is clear to Google how to rank you.

Mobile Friendly ✔

Run ads that are mobile-friendly so your audience will see them on any device.

Extension Links ✔

Make it as easy as possible for people to do business with you with link resources.

Callout Extensions ✔

Include short statements on the value of your service to reinforce your message.

Call Extension ✔

Add a “Call” button to your ad so people know what to do to start business with you.

Constant Monitoring ✔

Have peace of mind because we are monitoring your account weekly.

Expertise ✔

We are Certified Google Partners so you get only the latest and greatest in best practices.

If you want to be in front of the people who are looking for your product,

there is no better place than Google. These days, when someone wants to know about something, they look it up on the internet. Ultimately, most buying decisions are made online before anyone contacts a company.

Need more convincing?

Here are some recent projects that we're pretty proud of:

Google Ads are not right for every business.

If learning more about the power of Google ads gets you excited, then we just might be a good fit!

Here are the next steps:


Use the button below to schedule a free consultation using our live scheduler.


If you’re a good fit, we’ll help you find the package that is right for your business from the list below.


If you decide to work with us, we’ll kick off our Google Ads process as outlined at the bottom of this page!

Our Google Ads packages are outlined below. Which one will set your marketing game on fire?

STARTER – Level I Google Ads Package

This package will help start a small fire. It is right for you if you have a single service and a simple market.

$1,100 ($700 ad spend/$400 management)

  • Setup Google Ads account
  • One search campaign for one service
  • Three ad groups with keyword focus
  • Three ads per each ad group (nine ads total)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly reporting

CAMPFIRE – Level II Google Ads Package

This package is perfect for sitting comfortably. It is a more conservative approach to Google ads that is perfect for you are unsure and want to see results first or if you want a more traffic but not too much too fast.

$2,250 ($1,450 ad spend/$700 management)

  • Setup Google Ads account
  • Two search campaigns for two services
  • Three ad groups for each campaign (six total) with keyword focus
  • Three ads per each ad group (18 ads total)
  • One Google Display ad for overall brand awareness (increases your visibility)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly reporting

BLAZE – Level III Google Ads Package

This is a “Bring It On!” package. We will develop a specific campaign for each service you want to stand out in! Each campaign will have its own focus and a budget that can be changed independently of each other and will be analyzed and optimized individually. It is important to have your website ready to convert as well as staff and systems in place to handle the traffic that will be generated.

$3,850 – $5,350 ($750 ad spend per service/$1,600 management for up to 5 services)

  • Setup Google Ads account
  • Up to five search campaigns for five services
  • Five ad groups for each campaign (up to 25 total) with keyword focus
  • Three ads per each ad group (up to 125 ads total)
  • One Google Display ad per service for overall brand awareness (increases your visibility)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly reporting


Looking for something even more robust, or with an unusual focus? We offer custom packages too. With a deposit that can be used toward the package you choose, you will begin your journey with us with a comprehensive discovery meeting. We will clarify exactly what you want, who your market is, what precise goals you have, and if Google is the best option for your business. Keyword research on each service will help us develop a custom plan that will give you insight on return on investment you can expect. Our other packages start at $750 per service because that is what we typically see as a minimum budget to get in the top 3 slots on Google. Some industries have much higher rates. We will use the data we gather from our discovery meeting to create the best plan for your company.

Our Google Ads packages come with a few promises.

We think you’ll like them.


Dedicated Experts

We are Certified Google Partners and working with Google daily to stay up with the trends and changes inherent in the digital field.


Dedicated Account Manager

You will have an account manager as well as a Google Expert overseeing your account. This will give you an advocate overseeing things from the inside who is able to quickly answer any questions you may have.


Monthly Reporting

Every month, your account manager will send you a report showing exactly what your Google ads are doing for your business. It can be reviewed in person or via internet to make sure you understand what it says so that you can control your options.

Here’s what our Google Ads process looks like if you decide to work with us.

Check it out!

Milestone I: Foundational Meeting

Our Google ads process kicks off with a meeting designed to understand your target and goals. We have a structured list of questions that our Google ads team designed to help us sit with you and drill down to what would serve you best.

Milestone II: Keyword Research

We will get to work on your keyword research immediately. We take what you feel customers are searching for along with data available in Google to make keyword groups.

Milestone III: Ad Groups & Ads

Next in line is to build the ad groups with the specific keywords we decide to use and create multiple ads for each of these groups.

Milestone IV: Extensions

One of the most important parts of the ad will be the extensions. These will provide quick links to specific services or pertinent information, or they will be the key snippet that triggers someone to click to your website.

Milestone V: Analytics & Reporting

Your ads will be ready to go live at this stage. We will request access to your website and Google Analytics to track clicks and conversions. The information we provide will help you make the best marketing decisions for your business.

Want to hear more about Google ads at work?

Take a look at some of our raving reviews.

“Working with Beacon M&M has been a delight! Jennifer and her folks are top-notch, professionals that strive to solve problems, create brilliant solutions and have fun doing it.”

Greg Solomon, Director of Marketing and Graphic Design
Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Alaska

"Jennifer and Beacon Media + Marketing have proven results that show not only in new leads and interest in our gym, but converted sales. It's because of those efforts that we are now confident to expand to other markets in Alaska employing the same marketing techniques."

Becky Bullis, Manager
Anytime Fitness Alaska

“You have exceeded our expectations in your process and results of your work...Thank you for employing best practices and top-notch skills in making this exactly what we wanted, and even more. ” 

Rusty Musick, Office Manager
Neeser Construction, Inc.

“I am very impressed with BEACON. They researched my competition to figure out a strategy and they implemented it quickly. Within a couple of months I saw direct financial results. They are pain-free to deal with, and the results speak for themselves.”

Kassandra Taggart, Owner and General Manager
Real Property Management Last Frontier

“Beacon is a joy to work with! Their exceptional customer service makes you feel that they truly care about your business and developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making a sale. I would recommend Beacon to anyone who needs outstanding graphic and web design services.”

Genesis Mejia. Marketing Manager
Janco Janitorial

Need some more information before you buy?

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