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Digital Content Distribution

Maximize Your ROI on Every Piece of Content

Content isn’t just something that you create, release into the internet, and hope for the best. Not at all. Every piece should be working as hard for you as possible to build awareness of your brand and educate your audience. That means you need content distribution strategy.

Our Digital Content Distribution Process

We’ve identified five core opportunities we can use to take your content to the next level, boosting the authority of all your content and reaching as many new people as possible.

Infographic of the Digital Content Distribution process

Scale With Our Content Distribution Package

Content serves two important functions. First, we need to focus on making it consumable. Each piece should be interesting and informative so that it can educate potential customers about your business. Second, we need to focus on search engine optimization (SEO). 

Everything that you see in the content we create, from the specific words to the structure, is carefully selected to boost traffic through search and help your business grow, scale, and thrive. Our content distribution package takes it to the next level, because it adds a video, press release, featured spot on Beacon Media News, and three quality back links into the mix to get as much attention as possible.

Illustration of digital content distribution.

What does the content distribution package include?

Here are the key features:

  • Add a Video
    We’ll turn your blog into a video to reach a whole new audience.
  • Attract Attention
    Share your message with hundreds of news outlets via a press release.
  • Get on Beacon Media News
    We’ll share a summary of your key message with quality back-link to your blog.
  • Let’s Get Social
    Share these new assets on your social media to increase brand awareness.
  • Boost Your SEO
    Every item we share will increase your blog’s authority on search.

What We’ve Learned

Readability and searchability haven’t always gone hand-in-hand, but search engines such as Google have made big changes in the last few years to enhance user experience. They want to keep people coming back to their websites, which means quality is critical. 

Content requires a large investment of time between planning, research, writing, and editing. Once you’ve invested in great content, it makes sense to take it to the next level by showing it to as many people as possible. We’re here to help your business grow, scale, and thrive.

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Functional medicine is an evolution in health care that focuses on treating the root causes of the issues people are experiencing so they can heal. Since Premier Health & Holistic Medicine specializes in treating complex illnesses such as Lyme disease, education is undoubtedly the biggest challenge.

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