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How much does it cost to hire an agency?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Agency?

The cost of hiring an agency can vary with surprising extremes depending on a myriad of factors including company size, reputation, and even geographic location. There are two primary ways most agencies will bill: hourly or project. Agencies will often have different hourly rates for services, for instance, project management, graphic design, illustration, programming, creative …

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Business professionals collaborating. Is Marketing the New Sales?

Is Marketing the New Sales?

Almost every business owner that we talk to has a version of the same goal, whether they are a small business in Anchorage, Juneau, or one of our national clients. Numbers don’t lie, and increased sales are almost always the bottom line. But here is where things can get sticky. Consumers are changing, they have …

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The Rise of the Idealist Marketer

About 10 days ago, I heard a respected industry person put forward the premise that marketers are really just paid to be good bullsh** artists. There was a lot more to the conversation than that. In fact, after asking about it later, it turned out that’s not really what they were saying, but it’s certainly …

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The Future of Marketing as We Know It.

Where they read, we write. Have you noticed that the only constant in marketing these days is change? This statement continues to be true as we look forward to what the next five years holds. Hubspot’s video intro to their “The State of Inbound 2016” report challenges us with the statement “in five years, marketing …

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Are the Yellow Pages Obsolete?

We very frequently get asked by small and medium sized business owners if they should keep their ad in the Yellow Pages. 95% of the time our answer is no, there is really no legitimate reason to have an ad in the printed phone book. At one time the Yellow Pages was the go to …

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The Evolution of Marketing

  Back in the 1960’s, marketing was just getting to be well developed by the pros. Thinking about the marketing world in the 1960’s probably reminds you of the popular TV show Mad Men, however, to our surprise, the show is quite exaggerated. Up until the emergence of the Internet, marketing was pretty straightforward and …

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