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Digital Marketing Transformation: Utilizing AI for Marketing in 2023

It wasn’t that long ago when the mere mention of artificial intelligence brought to mind images of a computer-controlled world with humans enslaved by the very machines they built. Though this dystopian world is often the backdrop in many science-fiction stories, the fact is, AI is here – and we have control over it.

It’s also been said that the use of AI will be a world-changing phenomenon – perhaps more impactful than the Internet itself. But as AI has only begun to surface, many companies have yet to explore this new technology. However, as with all new technological developments, some will be slow to catch on and embrace it. And the future will likely show that those who chose to understand and adopt AI technology were the ones able to keep up with the rapid pace of constantly changing consumer trends.

Marketing agencies are not going to be made obsolete by AI Infographic

In the modern business world, modern marketing professionals understand connecting with the consumer is crucial to developing relationships and maintaining brand recognition. And with the ability to develop better data-driven and consistent targeting methods, a brand can gain greater real-time insights into customers’ preferences and behavior patterns than that of their competitors who aren’t leveraging AI.

The bottom line is, artificial intelligence is allowing brands and marketing companies to exceed customer expectations in many ways. In the following guide, we’ll explore this transformation and how digital marketing AI is taking the industry to levels that have never before been seen.

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What is Digital Marketing Using AI? The online world is constantly changing. From how we use social platforms to trending topics and the latest tech in voice search, to the simple power of modest hashtags, it’s just getting harder for humans to predict and keep up with these trends – #sorrynotsorry.

Data gathering and processing by AI tools have effectively begun to automate behavioral targeting – taking away the element of error and bias that are synonymous with humans. But this doesn’t make humans completely obsolete. What you have to offer your company is still very valuable, AI simply enhances the value that each member of your team brings to the table.

Using advanced algorithms, AI data gathering and processing analyze the consumer experience as they view and interact with content. Reactions and responses through natural language processing are cataloged and analyzed in a fraction of the time it would normally take a dedicated team of data analysts to complete. This data becomes the basis for strategic marketing, and marketers are able to immediately use the data that AI collects. And in the digital marketing world, this is a total game changer.

How Does AI Work?

Without getting deep into how advanced computer algorithms work, in a nutshell, AI utilizes scientific models that can be trusted and makes use of all software activities that collect customer data – both online and off. This forms a blueprint of a customer’s most likely action or behavior and prompts the customer to perform a desired action, thus giving marketers and brands an automated advantage over their competitors.

Additionally, there are also a few core elements that make AI technology possible and these include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Enterprise AI platform solutions
  • Machine learning technology

Data Analytics

When we think of data, most humans think of a spreadsheet with a bunch of tiny numbers that all represent value. However, in the digital marketing landscape with its vast ocean of big data, that little spreadsheet contains only a drop of usable knowledge. And in the past, marketers have had to weed through this data for months to make sense of it. With AI, what once would have taken months now takes minutes.

Enterprise AI Platform Solutions

AI platform solutions are essentially integrated technology sets that facilitate the development, design, operation, and deployment of AI applications. These often incorporate customizable solutions designed to address use cases, help brands solve challenges, develop marketing strategies, or meet goals at scale. And at the end of the day, platform solutions often lead to your ability to provide the best customer experience possible.

A few examples of AI platform solutions include:

  • Microsoft Azure AI Platform
  • Google Cloud AI Platform
  • IBM Watson
  • Infosys Nia
  • Dialogflow
  • BigML

Machine Learning

A huge part of AI, machine learning (ML) helps a computer learn without direct input or instruction and instead relies on mathematical data models. Basically, this process enables a computer to keep learning, processing data, and improving on its own. The machine learning process itself allows a computer to learn from data and previous experiences in order to identify patterns and make predictions – and this is used largely by brands and marketers to understand and predict consumer behavior.

What are the Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2023?

As mentioned, AI in digital marketing is all about data. More to the point, it’s about understanding the data that you collect and how it relates to your target audience. And the faster and more precisely you can do this, the further ahead of your competition you’ll be.

The digital marketing world is already full of moving parts. From personal branding to predictive analysis and customer relationship management, many believe that throwing AI into the mix will only slow the whole machine down. However, AI is doing exactly the opposite. And depending on your needs, there are many tools already available that are changing the game in big ways.

AI can be used for a variety of tasks that marketing companies must perform on a daily basis. From content writing to social media marketing and conversion management to predicting future behavior, chances are there is an AI tool perfect for enhancing your team’s performance. And a few of these tools include the following:

  • Jasper AI – content creation and copywriting
  • Surfer SEO – content writing and SEO
  • Fullstory – tracking digital experiences
  • Zapier – task automation
  • Influencity – influencer marketing
  • Brand24 – media marketing
  • Headlime – landing page creation
  • – conversion management

Whether you need to optimize your content or track every move of a consumer’s cursor as they browse content for your digital marketing campaigns, AI tools can work to enhance your team’s skills, save time, and improve your overall productivity. And this will only enhance the value that you bring to your clients and customers.

Understanding the Impact of AI on Digital Marketing Strategies

4 Key Insights AI Offers Marketers Infographic

According to an article in Forbes, AI contributed to “a whopping $2 trillion to global GDP” in 2018 alone. But, “by 2030, it could be as much as $15.7 trillion.”

Many believe that AI going to allow more room for creativity and innovation, freeing up hours of time for marketers to drill down on data and implement solutions much faster than ever before. And the technology itself has the ability to level the playing field for those who jump on board and begin utilizing this technology, translating into greater profitability and the ability to expand your efforts.

AI digital marketing will streamline marketing campaigns across the board, reducing the element of human error and bias. And with the element of predictive marketing, brands will have a new weapon in determining the best marketing strategy to use in any given situation or for meeting any challenge.

Having insight into how consumers behave is by far one of the biggest game changers that AI brings to the table. And this data-driven process, once fueled by savvy intuition or creative solutions, will help brands make data-driven decisions regarding:

  • How much a customer will likely spend
  • When a customer is most likely to make a purchase
  • How a customer will choose to make a purchase
  • What previous buying behavior dictates new marketing strategies

With AI, not only will your brand be able to gain new insights into consumer behavior, you’ll also see improved customer engagement, better use of marketing budgets, increased ROI, improved use of data, greater lead generation, enhanced overall productivity, and greater customer satisfaction.

Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Beacon Media + Marketing

Here at Beacon Media + Marketing, embracing innovation and making a deep impact are two of our most fundamental core values. And we understand that implementing and using AI to enhance our own content marketing processes is critical to staying on the front line of the digital marketing world.

With our team of talented marketers, writers, ad specialists, and web designers, we have all the tools in place to make scale your digital marketing efforts and bring the best experience to your clients and customers. And with Beacon by your side, you’ll have the technological and creative advantage that you’ll need to grow and thrive.

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