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Going National: How to Expand Your Mental Health Franchise Nationwide

No matter if you’ve been operating a mental health practice for a few years or over a decade, growth and expansion not only offer you the chance to develop your brand, you’ll also be able to reach out and help more people. And this is probably the reason why you started your mental health practice in the first place, right?

Once you’ve reached the point where you’re recognized in the community as a trustworthy mental health care provider, developing a well-planned mental health marketing strategy can help you to further establish your brand, enhance brand awareness, and attract more clients. And this is where partnering with a marketing company can be a huge asset toward facilitating your growth as a franchise.

Growing your practice into a nationwide franchise contains a lot of moving parts. Correspondingly, there is a lot to consider if you’re already growing into a national brand. And here, we’ll take a look at how a mental health marketing agency can help you with the process of nationwide expansion.

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Benefits of Growing Your Mental Health Practice

Benefits of Growing Your Mental Health Practice Infographic

While an obvious benefit of growing your mental health franchise is to generate more revenue, there are also numerous advantages that you can capitalize on as well. And while there are both pros and cons to nationwide growth, you’ll likely find that the good often outweighs the bad.

A few benefits to consider when thinking about expanding your reach include:

  • Your practice is able to help more clients in need of mental health care
  • You can help strengthen communities across the country by providing access to much-needed mental health services
  • You could sell your business one day for a sizeable profit
  • Your practice becomes an investment that can be used as collateral for larger purchases such as new buildings, facilities, and equipment
  • Your income will always continue to grow
  • You’ll expand your reach and improve national brand recognition

The truth is, even a solo practice can become a franchise and expand at the national level. For example, Ellie Mental Health began as a solo practice and is still expanding into locations all across the United States with the help of Beacon Media + Marketing and its partners.

A Closer Look at Ellie

Founded in 2015 by Erin Pash and Kyle Keller in Minnesota, Ellie began as a small start-up clinic and has since grown into multiple locations across Minnesota and the United States. Based on the principle of destigmatizing mental health, Ellie has developed innovative ways to bring mental health care into communities across the nation – and this was all made possible by focused messaging and stellar marketing efforts.

One thing that sets Ellie apart from others in the mental health space is that their franchise has been built on the idea of positively impacting the lives of those within the community. This includes a core philosophy and a true desire to create meaningful connections between therapists and clients while continuing to innovate and further develop mental health services. And the franchise system allows anyone wanting to become a part of the Ellie family to do so with ease, while joining a compassionate mental health company with an amazing work culture.

When a mental health practitioner decides to team up with Ellie, the perks of this relationship begin immediately. And these include:

  • Immediate marketing of your chosen location
  • Assistance with hiring clinic directors and therapists
  • Access to comprehensive training courses
  • Brand development
  • Access to integrated health records and billing systems

Ellie’s success story couldn’t have been possible without the desire to make an impact in the community or the help of strategic marketing efforts designed to bring that message into communities across the country. In addition to marketing that targets multiple audiences, including new clients, franchise owners, and mental health recruitment. And this is the power that Beacon Media + Marketing offers – focused marketing with purpose and intention.

What to Consider When You’re in the Process of Expansion

If you’re already established in the community as a reputable mental health practice, the good news is that the hard part is over – almost. But when it comes to expansion, even though you’ll already have established a successful working relationship within your community, you’ll then need to focus on enhancing brand awareness in other communities.

You’ll also need to take a hard look at where and how you want to expand. And this often follows a few steps that may include:

  • Searching for new locations
  • Establishing your brand in a new community
  • Securing financing
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Building or facility modifications
  • Local marketing efforts

The great part about the expansion process when partnering with a marketing company is that most of the steps you’ll need to go through can be handled through focused marketing efforts. And this includes local marketing efforts, establishing yourself within the community, reputation and social media management, and recruitment.

How a Marketing Agency Can Help with Nationwide Expansion

No matter how long you’ve been providing services in the mental health space, you probably have a core philosophy, a message, and a story to tell. And when you partner with a marketing agency experienced in the expansion process within the mental health space, you’ll be able to deliver your message and grow your business the right way – without you coming across as boastful or being “all talk.”

Through partnering with a marketing agency, you’ll be able to target the local regions where you envision your practice expanding, beef up your social platform engagement, ramp up mental health recruitment efforts, and get your name noticed where it really counts.

Competent marketing agencies employ an experienced professional team that may include web designers, content writers, social media experts, paid ads experts, and a host of other talented and creative people who want to see your business succeed. And with a team like this at your side, you can rest easy and focus on your own priorities – like helping others reach their mental health goals and strengthening the community you’re choosing to be a part of.

Expand Your Mental Health Franchise With Beacon Media + Marketing

With a team of professionals at the ready, here at Beacon we’re in business to help mental health businesses succeed, grow, and thrive. And just as we’ve been able to watch Ellie grow from a solo clinic in Minnesota into nationwide expansion, we’re willing to do the same for you.

Our team of creatives is poised to offer you the tools to get the attention and engagement you need to succeed at the nationwide level. And we accomplish this by honing your message and delivering it in an expressive way that speaks to who you are as a business – setting you apart from your competitors.

At Beacon, we’re dedicated to working for causes that we believe in and helping others realize their dreams while strengthening communities in the process. Our professionals create your entire marketing strategy based on your goals and work tirelessly to get you the results that you’ll need to succeed at the national level.

When you partner with Beacon Media + Marketing, you’ll leave the hard work to us. And we’d love nothing more than to watch you grow and thrive.

Could partnering with a marketing company make your dreams for nationwide expansion become a reality? Reach out to Beacon Media + Marketing for a free consultation today.

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