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Removing Barriers in Your Digital Marketing: 5 Ways to Increase Conversions for Your Behavioral Health Clinic 

Marketing your behavioral health business is a complicated and tricky field to navigate. You have to learn how to reach your target audience and make a connection with them. And if you’re using digital marketing, you have seconds to catch the attention of your potential clients.

If you’re not personally meeting these clients, it can be difficult to build a connection with them. And for a behavioral health clinic, gaining your clients’ trust is critical for your work’s effectiveness. The people you treat must build a solid foundation of trust with you to open up about their struggles. 

The marketing you invest in can build that relationship even before your sessions start. With effective marketing tools, you can show that you’re trustworthy and make it easy as possible for someone to take the next step and schedule an appointment. 

Beacon Media + Marketing has a podcast called The Beacon Way that discusses marketing tips for businesses. We talk about how important it is to build connections with your clients and how to do so in an accessible way. 

Here’s a brief guide sharing five concepts of removing barriers in your digital marketing and how to increase conversions for your behavioral health clinic. 

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 1. The Importance of a Niche

Screenshot of Jill Gulotta Nutrition website with nutrition counseling niche

Many businesses make the mistake of marketing themselves as a place that can fix every problem their client has. However, in reality, that’s an unlikely expectation. Even for behavioral health clinics, many clinicians aren’t certified and trained to deal with every behavioral health issue. 

Establishing your niche is an important healthy barrier to set with your potential clients. This means that you should be identifying the best clients for your services to allow you to provide the best quality care. Saying that you can work with any client– even ones that aren’t a great fit for your services– will likely lead to a poor outcome. 

Onboarding and offboarding clients can be timely and costly, so ensuring that you’re marketing your services to people who will benefit from your treatments is crucial. When you can be honest about how your services can or can’t help someone, it builds a deep level of trust that will entice them to seek your services. People can sense when you’re marketing in a way that is more about gaining as many clients as possible rather than providing a great service to those in need.

Some people seek specific services such as addiction recovery and will look for behavioral health clinics with that niche. So when you market your practice as an addiction center, people will think of you first for their needs. 

2. Not Using Unfamiliar Lingo

Screenshot of Ellie Mental Health website messaging

The words you use on your behavioral health website and for your marketing are crucial for building a relationship with your potential client. It would be best if you considered not using lingo that isn’t accessible to people unfamiliar with the behavioral health industry. 

Breaking down complex topics to make them accessible to people is crucial. Don’t assume they can comprehend topics on your level. Similar to your sessions, you should use relatable language that your clients can process. 

Paying attention to the language and thinking about things from the POV of your ideal client will help break down any barriers. If you have complex topics on your website pages, paid ads, or organic content, that can make potential clients feel intimidated and unwilling to learn more from you. 

The podcast explores the idea of letting the customer choose your services. Like your sessions, you want them to work through the problem themselves and then come to the answer. They won’t seek your services if you tell someone what they’re feeling and do not give them the freedom to see if that’s the truth. 

Your clients want to know that they’ve done the research and are comfortable making the right choice. Using words that make sense to them and letting them choose your services is the way to build a relationship with them and turn them into clients. 

3. The Payoff of Comprehensible Visuals

Dana Group Behavioral Health Comprehensive Visual Infographic

Using visuals that are easy to comprehend is a great way to connect with your clients. Using online tools such as videos, infographics, or social media graphics can be a great way to catch the attention of your clients and provide valuable information. 

People are drawn to visuals that are interesting and catch their attention. Many people will stay on a video for a few seconds to see if it’s something they’re interested in before scrolling past it or investing more time in it. 

Videos and graphics can be a great way to catch someone’s attention and provide them with the information they’re interested in. It can also help build trust with your potential clients. When they see statistics used in infographics backed by sources, it builds a level of trust. 

You can provide behavioral health education through these visuals that get people interested in the topic and possibly seeking services. However, you can also use it to be personable and show that you’re a person that can be trusted. They’ll learn more about you and feel more inclined to speak with you about their behavioral health struggles. 

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 4. Provide Your Contact Information

NYC Therapeutic Wellness website contact page screenshot

Many people may think that it’s obvious to provide a way of contacting your behavioral health clinic. However, some businesses overlook this small detail, which can be detrimental to your business. 

Providing all forms of contact on all platforms allows people to get in touch with you quickly. Your contact information should be easy to find with no complicated forms. You can provide your email, phone number, address, and website contact forms. They should be available to access on your social media, website, and Google My Business. 

A tool can also include a chatbot on your website to help direct people to book an appointment with you. You should also add plenty of website CTAs that entice someone to contact you. 

5. Transparency Is Key 

Screenshot of Ellie Mental Health's website showing transparent process

Being transparent is one of the most important factors for breaking through the digital barrier and connecting with your clients. Make your process and services clear from the get-go. 

Be transparent about whatever services you offer, who are your providers, what modalities you provide, if you take insurance, etc. These are important questions that your clients will be asking, so if you can honestly answer them, you’ll begin to build a great relationship with them. 

Don’t make clients have to dig deep into research or a call to find the answers. Having the information upfront and easy to find allows clients to make a decision more quickly and confidently. 

Part of your behavioral health clinic is ensuring that people are comfortable enough to open up to you. Being transparent from the start will avoid any confusion in the long run and ensure that your clients don’t get upset for lying to them. 

How Can Beacon Media + Marketing Help Your Behavioral Health Clinic?

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