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Recruitment in Mental Health: How to Highlight Your Amazing Work Culture

Do the words fun, positivity, camaraderie, and inclusiveness speak to your company’s work culture? And do you just love showing up to work and seeing all of your employees full of energy and in great spirits? If this is the case, your amazing work culture can also be a powerful tool that you can leverage for attracting more customers and prospective job candidates.

The fact is, having a strong and beneficial work culture doesn’t just benefit you and your current employees. When shared with the world, your work culture can become an impactful message that attracts people to your mental health practice and bolsters your mental health marketing strategy. This is exactly the type of reputation-building message you should highlight. And according to Beacon Media + Marketing CMO Jennifer Christensen, “the same message you’re putting out there to attract more clients is the same message that you should be using for recruiting.”

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Starting From Within

What are you doing in your company for fun? While the answer to this question might not seem to be effective when attempting to attract clients, believe it or not, highlighting every aspect of positivity can attract both clients and job seekers for your mental health practice.

“Using tools like Instagram to highlight your staff, staff achievements, and the things you’re doing in your company just for fun, this becomes a message not just about them, but about your company as a whole,” Christensen explains.

Taking another example, Ellie Mental Health showcases its staff members as part of each page thus making the team represent Ellie as a company – and offering full transparency. And according to Jennifer, “Actions speak louder than words, so showcasing your team becomes a pretty big deal and a major asset to attracting both clients and job seekers,” she says.

Ellie Mental Health Website Homepage

By nurturing your company culture from within and highlighting your culture within your marketing strategy, you can improve both morale and employee retention, and send a positive message to the world for all to hear.

How To Make the Message Count

How To Make the Message Count Infographic

When it comes to marketing your company culture, there are several methods that can be leveraged. But the key throughout needs to be the expression of authenticity as it exists within your company.

A few methods you can utilize to express the truth behind your company culture can include:

  • Video testimonials – from C-level staff as well as from all team members
  • Glassdoor and Google reviews – responding positively to all reviews and telling your story in an authentic way
  • Website messaging – highlighting positive aspects of the company
  • Social messaging – keeping the conversation centered on your employees and their achievements where appropriate

Keeping active and engaging with everyone who becomes part of the conversation about your company is critical to highlighting company culture in a genuine way. And according to Jennifer Christensen, “You’re never going to get absolutely perfect reviews, but it’s by making sure that you’re staying active and responding to those reviews, making sure that you’re addressing concerns and telling your story in a genuine way that makes the biggest difference,” she explains.

What Makes a Work Culture Amazing?

How do we define “amazing?” According to Christensen, “It’s different for every company. And that’s the main part of it because there’s no exact formula. We know that people care about flexibility a lot, as it’s become a cornerstone of a quality company culture. But at the end of the day, it’s all about being true to your values and true to who you are as a company.”

When looking at what makes a company an “amazing” place to work, there are entirely too many internal dynamics at play that make a company what it is. For example, while some companies are very deadline-oriented or sales-focused, this might be off-putting to many prospective job candidates. But this might also be the perfect fit for job candidates who thrive in these conditions, so knowing your company and your ideal candidate profile becomes critical for authentic messaging to be effective.

“The first thing about creating a fantastic company culture is brutally honest self-awareness. Asking yourself, who are you really? What are you trying to accomplish, and what are other people going to be a part of? The second part is the authentic human element. Showing empathy and extending this out to your entire team,” Jennifer explains.

Creating an amazing company culture also requires a mission-vision, offering prospective employees a glimpse at where they’re actually headed. And this allows them to decide if they want to be a part of your journey within the mental health space, or not.

Utilizing Positive Recruitment Methods

Believe it or not, personalizing the people behind your company in place of personalizing your brand name can go a long way toward authentic personal branding. And depending on your company culture, you can utilize several channels for this high level of personal branding.

A few channels to consider are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Tik Tok
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

For example, while one business may be able to leverage Tik Tok for gaining exposure with younger job applicants, depending on your company culture, utilizing LinkedIn can be a great place to highlight your employees’ or entire team’s achievements and company goals. And this can also spearhead your recruitment efforts.

Additionally, a marketing company can help direct recruitment efforts and actually help you to build a more positive and inclusive company culture in the process. “Statistically, the more that you actually put your culture online and share it, the more it can positively increase your internal culture. So, there’s a symbiotic relationship that manifests as a result of expressing and embodying authenticity. And as employees pick up on this, it enhances overall company culture,” Christensen offers.

Expansion and Investing in Recruitment

If you’re running a smaller mental health practice or operating with only one or a few therapists, deciding how and where you should spend your money if you’re wanting to grow your business can be a difficult decision. But if you want to grow, you simply have to budget for both client acquisition and recruitment efforts – because both are equally important, especially today.

“Right now, we know we’re in a market where there are more jobs than qualified people in the mental health space. And if you want to grow at all, recruitment has to be a part of your marketing strategy,” Christensen says.

At the end of the day, marketing is already going to be an effort that you’ll be spending money on. And with all of the tools available, for any growth to occur, directing marketing efforts toward enhancing company culture will likely bring in both clients and job applicants.

Grow Your Mental Health Practice with Beacon Media + Marketing

We cannot stress the importance of highlighting your company culture to grow your practice enough. After all, job seekers want to know who you are and why they should work for you. And here at Beacon Media + Marketing, we understand the nuances behind company culture messaging.

From monthly blog posts, social media marketing, and developing a full marketing strategy that includes web design, growing your therapy practice can be made possible. Just give us the reigns and allow our team of creatives to do what they do best – to help you reach your recruitment goals and grow your business. We can’t wait to see your therapy practice grow and thrive!

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