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Speak Your Way to Clients: Mental Health Marketing Using Podcasts (Plus 5 Examples)

Wait! Stop writing that next blog post (or at least take a long, thoughtful pause). Although mental health blogging can be a great way to boost your SEO rankings and reach people online, every skilled marketer will tell you that the key to successfully growing your business and making in impact is having a wide range of effective tools in your toolbox. And today we want to talk to you about how you can leverage your voice to provide valuable mental health education and insight and grow your practice with podcasting.

5 Podcast Examples of Stellar Mental Health Marketing Infographic

Creating a mental health podcast as a part of your overall mental health marketing plan is the perfect, casual way to reach new audiences. The team at Podcast Hosting found there are more than 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes as of October 2022.

Moreover, nearly a quarter of Americans listen to a podcast weekly! What would engagement like that do to boost your content marketing strategy? Well, if you can read this, speak, and have a halfway decent microphone – there’s nothing stopping you from finding out.

We’ve compiled five mental health podcasts we think you can draw inspiration from. Grab a pen and paper and be sure to take notes!

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1) The Mental Health and Wealth Show – Melanie Lockhart

Lesson: Take a fresh approach to mental health topics

If you’re in the mental health space long enough, you start to hear the same recycled topics – cognitive behavioral therapy, intrusive thoughts, breathing exercises, mindfulness, journaling…

So, why not stand out by integrating mental health content with an everyday, down-to-earth issue?

Why we like it: The Mental Health and Wealth Show takes a practical approach to an adjacent topic that influences mental health – finance. How can you calm your anxiety about future finance goals? How can you stop feelings of overwhelm and burnout from debt or a low-paying job? How do you slow emotion-fueled impulse purchases or heal financial trauma?

Melanie interviews various guests to dig deeper into these topics – encouraging discussion, but with the obvious disclaimer: the content is not to be taken as mental health or financial advice!

Takeaway: This podcast uses a unique intersection between two topics to create engaging, helpful mental health content.

Episodes We Recommend:

2) Mental Illness Happy Hour – Paul Gilmartin

Lesson: Start a conversation, and just… listen.

Ever feel like the expert advice content you turn to can quickly become…preachy? Well, the mental health space is no different. Sometimes your audience won’t want another lecture or “pro tip.” Mental Illness Happy Hour has a surprisingly unique angle compared to other mental health podcasts: empathy.

Why we like it: This podcast isn’t here to explain mental health or provide directly educational content. Instead, each guest is someone sharing their personal story with mental illness – in a raw, honest, and therefore, more mature content form. The lessons are left up to the listener to decide for themselves. We especially like this podcast because it feels less like a discussion and more like chatting with a good friend about their struggles and recovery.

Takeaway: Not all content needs to be informative. What kind of conversation can you start by just talking?

Episodes We Recommend:

3) Millennial Mental Health Channel – Justin & Eddie

Lesson: Find your people and connect with them.

Let’s face it – the way you think about mental health is going to be completely different from your parents’ or even your kids’ perspectives.

And that’s okay. It’s just a reminder to tailor your podcast content to your target audience.

Why we like it: While Millennial Mental Health Channel is for everyone, it will inherently attract a specific age range. This podcast is hosted by a psychiatrist and therapist duo, allowing for two different yet essential perspectives on mental health. And because Justin & Eddie are millennials themselves, it makes for relatable, authentic content.

Take some time to figure out who you best connect with. Don’t aim for an audience you won’t be able to tune into (see what we did there?)! Of course, your niche doesn’t have to be generational. Maybe you can create the greatest impact discussing mental health regarding veterans and PTSD or for high performers who struggle with burnout, stress, and anxiety.

Takeaway: Considering how large the audience on the internet is, general mental health tips won’t get very far with engagement. What’s your specific expertise? Home in on that to reach people in your space.

Recommended Episodes:

4) HealthyGamerGG – Dr. Alok Kanojia

Lesson: No time? Maximize what’s working.

Sometimes the best mental health marketing strategies can still feel like another chore on a to-do list. Do you really have the time to start an entire podcast – no matter how effective it is? Cue the HealthyGamerGG “podcast.” Dr. Alok Kanojia is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist that has become especially popular for mental health content in the gaming community.

Why we like it: This podcast proves you don’t have to create a dedicated, traditional podcast to capitalize on the marketing potential it brings. The HealthyGamerGG community originates on the streaming platform Twitch and has over 1M subscribers on Youtube – encompassing lectures, chatting streams, interviews, and viewer call-ins.

However, that doesn’t stop them from repurposing the content audio in a “podcast” version with a 5-star rating on Spotify.

Takeaway: You don’t have to go all-in right away. If you have a current content marketing strategy that works, maximize it in a podcast. The best part is, if you want to create a traditional podcast later on, everything is set up — and you may have already grown a sizable audience of listeners!

Episodes We Recommend:

5) Last Session of the Day with The Psych Guys – Dr. Lukin, PhD and Timothy Meyer, LCSW

Lesson: Never start from scratch. Take notes, then make it your own.

Finally, we wanted to recommend a baseline podcast you can model after! This mental health podcast is led by mental health experts that are witty, relatable, and informative. If you want to get to know your target audience in a genuine, conversational way, the Last Session of the Day is the podcast to check out.

Why we like it: This classic style captures the base of a quality mental health podcast. It features two therapists who chat through current mental health topics and issues while offering their expert perspective. Last Session of The Day follows our go-to keys for content marketing: it’s personable, valuable, and informative without selling. The shorter-length episodes also show you can make bite-sized content that is still effective!

Takeaway: If you want to get a good idea of a foundation for starting your own podcast, Last Session of The Day is a great framework.

Episodes We Recommend:

Final Thoughts

In 2018, Entrepreneur said podcasting was “the next marketing frontier.” We have to agree with a slight twist in 2022: podcasts are the next mental health marketing frontier.

Each of our recommendations prove it with their own unique approach, and we hope you will, too! From the medium’s ability to connect with your audience deeply, as well as how easy the barrier to entry is – here’s the next content marketing strategy on your to-do list: Start a podcast!

If you’re ready to get your expertise out there and grow your practice through valuable, engaging content (whether that be a podcast, blog, social media content, email campaign, or video), Beacon Media + Marketing is your go-to digital marketing agency for mental health. We keep on top of the latest trends in mental health marketing and can’t wait to help you grow your presence and make an impact in the communities you serve.

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