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How to Scale a Multi-Location Healthcare Clinic

If you’ve been operating a successful healthcare clinic for any extended period of time, chances are you’ve had your share of successes and failures.

Perhaps it took several years to get your clinic noticed. Maybe it took years for your clinic to show up in local search engine results. Or maybe you struggled to find the right colleagues to bring you closer to opening multiple locations while providing the best care possible. No matter what your challenges were, as a healthcare provider, the fact that you have a multi-location healthcare clinic is success, and it speaks volumes about your commitment to the community and to providing care.

So, how do you scale your multi-location clinic? What tools do you need to succeed without expending or locating additional resources? The answers are actually quite simple. And in this short guide, you’ll find many tools that you can leverage to scale your clinic and bring your healthcare services to more of those in need.

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Should You Scale Your Multi-Location Healthcare Clinic, or Grow It?

It’s the obvious question that so many business leaders ask and get asked – what’s the difference? The answer is typically subjective depending on whom you talk to. However, scaling a business is all about the long game – setting the stage to support growth.

In the world of healthcare marketing, when you grow your clinic, you’re likely focused on new patient acquisition and revenue. And this is because your intention in a growth model is to grow one location and increase or at least improve the result of gaining more patients and revenue quickly. But this also causes you to spend more time, energy, and resources to do so. In a growth model, your goals and resources are intimately tied together.

When you scale your clinic, you’re ultimately looking to increase your results – gaining more patients and revenue, and practitioners – without expending additional resources or the process itself being hindered. The idea here is to remove the limitations you face when growing your practice, and instead, strategically plan and implement the right processes and technology that can facilitate growth.

What Tools Do You Need to Scale Your Multi-Location Clinic?

The good news is that you likely have the primary tools in place to scale your clinic. But you may be lacking the manpower to increase both the number of prospective patients you’ll be able to treat and the space for treating them.

In a healthcare setting, having the right amount of personnel for multiple locations, the right amount of space, and the tech to expand is going to be the key to scaling your practice. And this comes in the form of adding additional personnel and space – or entering into a partnership. Once this is acquired, it becomes a game of strategy.

But what about tools?

As a multi-location clinic, you already have a workforce. But in order to scale your clinic you have to put the right pieces in place to facilitate new growth. This is where strategic planning and digital marketing tools can bring you the greatest benefits while expending the least amount of time, energy, money, and additional resources.

Scaling Your Healthcare Clinic With SWOT Analysis

As mentioned, scaling requires strategy. Understanding your market is a large part of this strategy along with bringing in new patients and understanding where exactly you stand in relation to your competitors.

One way you can understand your own company more is by undergoing a process known as SWOT analysis – a study that an organization will complete to identify its internal Strengths and Weaknesses along with its external Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).

At the end of the day, SWOT analysis can lead you to a greater depth of understanding, self-awareness, and honesty that allows you to make calculated decisions for the good of your entire company. And it’s at this level of truth that you can make the deepest impact when you begin scaling your clinic.

Elements of SWOT Analysis

For multi-location practices, SWOT analysis can be utilized to identify niche areas where you have the most competitive advantage. In addition, it can also be used to plot a path toward scaling and growth that optimizes your strengths as a clinic and can alert you to threats near your locations.

The process itself requires collaboration within your team regarding how to best utilize experiential data. This often includes revenue and profitability projections. However, as the name suggests, SWOT analysis closely examines the following four areas of business:

  • Your internal strengths – services you offer, reviews and testimonials, patient loyalty, and customer relationship management
  • Your internal weaknesses – weak marketing practices, failing PR campaigns, excessive debt, inadequate staffing, and lack of facilities or technology
  • Your external opportunities – available technology, tax incentives, new market projections on ad spend, new facilities at a cheaper rate, or better locations for your clinic
  • Your external threats – nearby competition, lack of demand, lack of patients, lack of modern facilities or technology

Once you’ve determined your specific strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats, you can come up with prioritized objectives and solutions to position your clinic in a much better place to scale and grow effectively.

Improving Search Results With Digital Marketing

It should go without saying that any business with a website, no matter the industry, is looking to rank as highly as possible on a search engine results page. And with the number of online searches being performed each day, your chances of showing up at the top of search results are slim – especially with competition.

While many companies buy into link-building companies in hopes of gaining high-quality links, the fact is that there are numerous moving parts when it comes to being ranked highly by search engines like Google. And there are many companies out there that charge thousands of dollars for link building with no promise of return.

By partnering with a digital marketing company, you’ll be able to have an entire team analyze search data, improve your website SEO, and enhance your web content so that Google is able to find you. And this in itself will help to put your clinic in a much better position when you’re looking to scale.

Scale Your Clinic With Digital Marketing

7 Advantages of Utilizing Digital Marketing Infographic

The power of digital marketing in today’s healthcare space cannot be overstated. Today, it’s as simple as this – either you’re utilizing tools with the greatest ROI, or you’re not. And digital marketing offers the best tools at the lowest cost.

From marketing consultants who provide a complete marketing strategy to utilizing tools such as CRM software, WordPress, and social media management, digital marketing covers all of the bases. This is how partnering with a digital marketing agency for your clinic can make a significant impact on your ability to scale.

For example, perhaps you’re looking to open two more clinics by the end of the year, or you’re looking to improve your social media strategy and really home in on your target audience. A digital marketing company can analyze your local markets, provide guidance with SWOT analysis, enhance your brand strategy, and improve your chances of scaling by developing brand awareness and visibility in your target areas.

A few advantages of utilizing digital marketing include:

Traditional marketing is limited. But with a digital marketing company by your side, creating a national or even an international marketing campaign can be an attainable goal. And if you’re looking to scale for growth, or just to leverage your clinic at the local level, having all the right tools in place is going to make all the difference in the world.

Scale Your Multi-Location Healthcare Clinic With Beacon Media + Marketing

At Beacon Media + Marketing, we understand the business of healthcare. And we know that scaling your clinic is part of the long game. This is why we bring all of the tools and expertise to the table to give you an edge over your competitors.

From creative copywriting over multiple streams of content, content strategy, blogging, social media marketing, Google ads, and website design to brand reputation management and market analysis, we know how to set you up for success and allow you to scale, attract new clients, and thrive.

With Beacon Media + Marketing, our goal is to allow you more time and freedom to do the work that you’re passionate about – helping those in need in a multi-location setting – while our dedicated team of creatives handles all of your marketing needs.

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