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Want More Leads? Get a Lead Generation Strategy

It’s an age-old dilemma: You want to generate more leads for your company, but you simply don’t have the time to walk every new sales opportunity to the end of the sale funnel. And let’s face it, no one enjoys being on either side of a cold call. With an intuitive automated sales process in place, you can literally nurture leads in your sleep. Best of all, you can guide customers to a purchase in a way that is organic, engaging, and effective.

When it comes to developing a lead generation strategy, it’s essential that every step of the process works together. This cohesive plan should start by attracting someone new to your business and end with converting them into a lead.

At Beacon Media + Marketing, we’ve dived headfirst into the world of digital lead generation and have partnered with SharpSpring to give our clients all the benefits of an automated sales process and CRM. From setting up your lead generation ecosystem to creating engaging email blasts that are tailored to each individual, we take care of all the details.

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What Are the Benefits of a Lead Generation Strategy?

Automation has completely changed the game when it comes to generating leads. With so many things pulling at you at once, you can use whatever it takes to save you precious time, which equates to more money made down the road. Not to mention, sales automation platforms have the ability to make customized decisions based on people’s interactions with your content and track data in real time, which you can use to analyze and optimize your lead generation efforts.

Tailored Email Marketing

While it might seem like a digital lead generation strategy takes away the personalized touch from the sales process, it can do just the opposite. When first interacting with a potential lead, you have little to no information on them. Rather than heading straight for the sale, a lead generation strategy takes email marketing to the next level.

One of the worst mistakes you can make when creating an email marketing plan to generate leads is assuming every person who visits your website is exactly the same. By creating segments, you can target your messaging based on buyer persona and deliver emails based on activity. A smart email marketing campaign understands the importance of quality over quantity, and it knows to back off when a potential lead is not interested in the content sent out.

Efficient Communication

With an integrative lead generation ecosystem, you can easily organize all your leads and communicate with them all from one place. By automating the process, you remove the chance for human error. Never again will you miss a lead because a website visitor is unaccounted for, it’s after business hours, or someone on your team walks away from their computer.

You’ll also have more capacity to build relationships and nurture leads that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. By taking care of the initial contact for you, your automated sales platform can weed out unqualified leads from your list. This allows you to invest more time in website visitors who are already interacting with your content. These are the same individuals who are more likely to purchase something from your company down the road, making your processes more efficient and increasing your ROI.  

Comprehensive Analytics

An effective lead generation strategy is dynamic and adaptable. By gathering detailed data on every person in your contact list, you can adjust and refine your strategy as you see what works — and what doesn’t. This allows you to react quickly if your email messaging is stale, your call-to-actions aren’t spurring enough, or you’re looking for your target audience in the wrong places. 

With attribution data, you can track which channels are generating the most leads and identify where to spend your budget based on performance. You can also look at the entire lead generation journey to see not only which channels are bringing the largest number of leads but also the best quality.

You can analyze each landing page in your lead generation campaign to see which are converting the best. With A/B testing, you can optimize each page to see which call-to-actions perform the best and find ways to better user experience and drive them to act.

Cohesive Marketing Strategy

Lead generation is not meant to be a standalone service. Rather it works together with your other marketing efforts to smoothly take potential customers through the entire sales funnel in a unified, practical manner. With an automated sales process, you can ensure sales and marketing are on the same page with identical goals in mind.

Tools that capture attention, like blog posts and social media campaigns, work together with automation and email marketing to convert a visitor into a lead. A consistent design across all channels reinforces your brand, building authority, credibility, and recognition.

Once a lead is generated, your automated sales platform continues to work with your social media, blogs, videography, and other marketing pieces to convert them into a paying customer. Retargeting campaigns work to pull leads back into the sales process after their interest fades or they haven’t made a purchase yet.

This is just the beginning of the journey. All your marketing efforts should continue to engage current customers. Your CRM collaborates with other aspects of your content and advertising strategy to increase brand loyalty and promote subsequent sales, pulling from the data and information you’ve already gathered from the lead generation stage.

Adding on Lead Generation: Your One-Time Vs. Ongoing Investment

With our new ecosystem management and lead generation package, you can take a step back from handling every step of the sales process yourself and enjoy all the benefits we’ve discussed in this blog. If you’re interested in how an automated sales process and state-of-the-art CRM can help generate leads, boost sales, and build brand loyalty with existing customers, we’d love to show you how we could help.

Our package is two-fold, including both a one-time investment for ecosystem setup and an ongoing monthly plan.

The initial setup phase includes several steps to build your new CRM and prepare for future lead generation and automated sales efforts:

  • Migrating previous customer data to new CRM
  • Developing an as-is and to-be business process design
  • Setting up your reporting and analytics dashboard
  • Strategizing your campaign, including a smart-email and sales pipeline
  • Customizing content to match your company’s branding and messaging
  • Implementing security settings and assigning roles accordingly

Once we’ve finished setting up your ecosystem, we will continue managing and creating content to effectively generate leads and guide them toward a sale. Through extensive data analysis and internal strategy, we’ll continue to optimize and build campaigns around performance and your company’s revolving goals. We’ll create new automations on a monthly basis, which is essential for allowing us to build relationships with your customer base.

You’re not alone if your business has been struggling with drawing in new leads or finding the time to nurture leads once they show interest in what you have to offer. Your time and resources are limited, and lead generation can consume all the capacity you have.

If you’re ready to add ecosystem management to your marketing services, our team at Beacon Media + Marketing is standing ready to help your business reach your heights. 

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