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How Social Media Reputation Management Can Improve Your Online Brand

We all live in an interconnected age where a large number of consumers depend heavily on social platforms in order to discover businesses and products. And many of these consumers base their purchasing decisions on a company’s online reputation as well as how engaging and intriguing its dialogue and advertising are.

In fact, the hard data suggests that nearly 80 percent of consumers claim that a business’s social media content directly affects a purchase. And with nearly 80 percent of Americans using at least one social platform, many of these users are relying on social media for product information.

If you’re looking to ramp up your social media efforts for your business, social media reputation management provided by a competent and reputable marketing agency can provide you with the leverage you need. And here, we’ll explore why reputation management is so important to success.

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What Exactly is Social Media Reputation Management?

The heart of social media reputation management rests with creating a more engaging and responsive presence on a social platform. And the term itself also regards the tactics that marketing professionals use to enhance brand awareness and improve your business’s reputation on social media.

Social media reputation management also entails many other factors that help to keep prospective consumers engaged and aware of your brand’s presence such as:

  • Responding to reviews
  • Liking and commenting on posts
  • Keeping profiles updated
  • Following potential consumers
  • Keeping a platform’s aesthetic fresh
  • Utilizing story highlights
  • Pinning posts
  • Posting regularly

With so much digital ground to cover in today’s maze of social media platforms, brands are also needing to keep up with other digital spaces to manage their reputation such as on review sites, local listing sites, business discovery apps, and many others. And it’s the task of a social media marketing team to keep up with all of this to better deliver your brand’s message to the consumer.

What Exactly is Social Media Reputation Management? Infographic

Why Is Social Media Reputation Management Valuable for Your Business?

When you outsource your social media efforts to a marketing agency, you’ll be partnering with professionals who know the social media space intimately. Social media marketing specialists understand the dynamics of each platform, what works and what doesn’t, and where you need to spend more effort to make an impact.

Social media reputation management enhances your presence and gives you the authority you need to stay afloat in a sea of digital information. In addition, social media reputation management increases your engagement with potential clients and customers thus maximizing your growth and exposure to target demographics.

Navigate Social Platforms With Authority

It’s easy to get lost in the void of social media. After all, you’re not the only one with a website or social profile trying to make an impact or drive brand awareness. And this means that you have to have a distinct and authoritative voice to attract and engage consumers.

When you partner with a reputable marketing company, you’ll have the power to engage with authority. And an expert social media strategist will ensure that you sound like the foremost expert in your field that you are.

For example, tracking social media conversations can be difficult and confusing as these dynamics shift abruptly. But using social listening tools can help a brand anticipate consumer trends and act on them before the competition slides in and steals away your potential consumers.

Social media reputation managers also use a variety of tools to assist you in your social strategy, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform. Tools such as Brandwatch, Talkwalker, and Hootsuite enable your brand to keep its finger on the pulse of trends and act on them before it’s too late.

Take Your Time Back

Ready to start focusing on doing the work and planning the future of your company? With social media reputation management, you won’t have to spend hours liking posts or responding to messages. And this is a ton of work that can easily be placed in the competent hands of a marketing company, freeing up your time to concentrate on what matters to your brand.

Consider the following tasks that social media reputation management will handle for you:

  • Adding profile stories
  • Responding to DMs
  • Responding to comments
  • Responding to reviews
  • Pinning posts
  • Keeping images fresh and relevant
  • Engaging with consumers in a newsfeed
  • Liking pages or posts
  • Ensuring page data is up to date
  • Creating highlights
  • Following potential clients or consumers
  • Interacting with clients and consumers

Perhaps spending eight hours a day on social media is right up your alley. But as a business owner, you probably don’t have the time to dedicate to this. And this is why social media reputation management can be the best strategy to handle all of your social media needs because these professionals do spend eight hours (often more) per day analyzing and interacting with social profiles.

Don’t Let Social Media Sabotage Your Reputation

Let’s face it – not every comment on social media is going to be positive. And anyone with a social profile knows that social media platforms are quite unfiltered when it comes to comments and dialogue. This is why it’s best to have a plan in place when a dissatisfied customer begins waging a complaint on your social profile.

Social media reputation management allows you to quickly resolve issues in real-time, as they arise. And this can be of great benefit. For example, if you’ve ever looked up brand reviews, you may have noticed that many of these brands don’t respond. And when the reviews are negative, other consumers take notice.

With social media reputation management, you’ll be able to improve audience engagement and inspire consumer trust. A consumer will see that you’re taking the time to resolve issues and engage with other consumers – and this goes a long way in establishing a dutiful reputation in the business world.

Share the Best of Your Brand

Any social media user spends a large amount of time figuring out how to portray themselves in the best light. And many brands are frankly unsure what to post, where to post, or how frequently.

Social media marketing professionals take the guesswork out of this equation. And because of their developed skills, they can intuitively present the best side of your brand for all potential consumers or clients to see. And with social media reputation management, you’ll be able to share your bet data, your best reviews, and your most engaging posts without wondering how it will affect your brand.

How Can Beacon Media + Marketing Help?

Here at Beacon Media + Marketing, we have a dedicated team on staff that will keep your social presence healthy, and ensure that your reputation stays clean, attractive, and authoritative. We have the skills to take your business to the next level and keep you up to date with consumer trends as they arise on social networks.

Though we offer many services, how your business is presented online is a crucial element that you have to get right. Otherwise, you could be drowned out by the noise of other brands with better social reputations. And this is why we have a dedicated social media marketing team to assist you in meeting your goals.

Our team knows how important your online reputation is. And we’ll strive to work for you to get you the results you want and deserve.

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