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Should You Put Pricing on Your Website? Here’s What Marketing Experts Say

Are you afraid that putting pricing on your website could turn people away? Could having transparent pricing on your website hurt your business or decrease conversions? You may feel reserved about listing your prices and turning people away. Or you want to be upfront with them but aren’t sure how you should list your prices.

Luckily for you, Beacon Media + Marketing founders Adrienne Wilkerson and Jennifer Christensen have the answers. After decades of experience in the marketing industry, they have valuable insight to the best marketing practices that can convert clients.

So, should you put pricing on your website? Spoiler: yes, you should! Here’s a guide on if you should list your prices on your website and how you can do it.

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Why Should You List Your Prices?

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Yes, website pricing might turn some people away, but then the calls you do get are more likely to be your ideal client. And listing your prices or giving them a range can be extremely beneficial. You can’t overshare the information about your prices. It’s better to be transparent and honest with your customer base.

When looking for products and services online, many people are looking for the best deal that balances price and quality. People are looking for how much your products or services cost, and they don’t want to search or make a call to find that information.

Some main reasons to list your prices include:

  • Weeding out bad leads
  • Gaining customer trust from the start
  • Providing an answer on price for people already looking

When you list your prices, you’re breaking the barrier to entry by setting proper expectations for your clients. Giving them a price or range sets anticipation of getting your products or services. As long as you don’t lie about your website prices, you’re setting the right standards and gaining the client’s trust.

You may wonder if it’s a good idea to list your prices even if yours is above the average market value. Well, there are a few ways that you can list your prices to convey why your prices are higher and worth the investment, which we’ll get to later in this blog.

Listing your prices will turn away some potential customers. However, some people who expect lower prices may try to bargain with you or fight you on your prices. When you can set an expectation up front, it will mitigate the potential of a customer being upset with your pricing.

Similarly, when you can list your prices on your website, it avoids customers having to call and ask for prices. This can save your employees time, and you’ll get more qualified leads invested in your product or services even with the price expectation.

What Are the Benefits of Listing Your Prices on Your Website?

What Are the Benefits of Listing Your Prices on Your Website? Infographic

So, what are the benefits of listing your prices on your website? Before any business decision, you want to weigh the pros and cons to understand how this will impact your profitability. The following are some benefits of listing your prices online.

1. Build Trust

Being upfront with your customers can build trust with them. They’ll appreciate you being transparent and not wasting their time by making them talk to a sales rep only to find out the price is too high for them or too low, making them feel like the product or service is cheap.

2. Have Unaffordability Beliefs

Some people believe that the cost of your service is too high if the price is not listed. Customers could be turned away because they believe they may be unable to afford it. So, listing your prices can help convert clients.

3. Save Time

As stated previously, listing your prices online can save you time. Instead of having people call your office to ask about pricing, they’ll contact you about ordering your product or service. This allows more time to work on your business and spend less time with people who may not become customers. You may need to speak with them about your products or services if they have questions, but this can help get them more invested in making a purchase.

4. Set Your Branding

A great thing about listing your prices is that it helps distinguish your brand. Are you a low-cost leader, or do your customers pay more for your unique products and services? Whatever you are, you can list your prices and explain why it’s that way, which helps with your branding.

5. Create Incentive

If a customer wants your products or services but can’t afford you, they could be incentivized to budget their money so they can work with you. They will know exactly how much the product or service is so they can save and benefit from working with you.

6. Provide Information

Many people shop around to see the best price or value of the products and services they’re looking for. Providing your price information helps them understand where you fall within the price range they’ve seen and why you’re listing your pricing at a certain amount compared to your competitors. You can even try gathering information to understand the buyer decision process better and plan your prices and marketing appropriately.

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How to List Your Prices on Your Website Effectively

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So, how do you list your prices in a way that converts customers? Depending on your product or service, you’ll have to list them differently. Especially if your product is unique and you want to explain why your prices may be higher than the average market price.

Three ways to list your prices are through service pages, educational information, or why you’re unique. These three options can work individually or together to promote your products or services in the best way possible that will convert customers.

1. Service Pages

One of the best ways to help list and sell your products or services is to have a page on your website for the key things your business provides. A service page on your website that reflects your branding and gives in-depth information about that service or product is a great way to get people the information they’re looking for.

This is crucial for your paid advertising as the pages you link your advertising needs to be exactly what is listed on the ad. For example, if you are a med spa advertising forehead Botox, when people click on the ad, they should be taken to a service page that reflects that. If it doesn’t, then your ad can be flagged by Facebook or Google for being misleading and will change the effectiveness of the ad.

On your service page, you should provide the basic information that people would be looking for about your product or service. Then you can list your price with an explanation for why it’s priced a certain way. You can have a call-to-action (CTA) at the bottom, taking them to the page where they can access your products or services.

2. Educational Information

A great way to get people to buy your product or service is to educate them about it. If you have a niche service that people don’t typically know about, such as ozone therapy, you can explain what it is and why someone should have it.

A great way to do this is by utilizing a service page on your website or providing blogs that answer people’s questions about it. It’s helpful to give people the information they can trust and become invested in why this could be good for them.

If you use a service page, you can add links or buttons to your blogs that provide more information about products or services your customers would be interested in. Then after adding the educational information, you can give them a CTA button to contact you for purchasing.

3. Why You’re Different

Telling your customers why you’re different from your competitors is one of the most important things you could do for your business. This helps establish a unique brand that reflects a particular group of people that identify with your products and services.

In The Beacon Way podcast episode about listing your prices on your website, Adrienne Wilkerson details her buyer experience that got her invested in a unique product. She wanted to get dryer balls and was looking online for them and was going to buy the regular plastic ones until she came across wool ones. Upon further investigation, she discovered why this product was unique and how this identifies with her love for animals.

Telling your story about why your business is unique will help connect you to potential customers. You can explain what makes your business different, why you price your products or services a particular way, and how this can benefit your clients.

Being different from your competitors will help distinguish your brand and your pricing. When you’re upfront about your prices’ why, and how much they cost, your customers will be invested in your company. This will also help keep them as loyal customers.

How Can Beacon Media + Marketing Help You?

Beacon Media + Marketing is led by marketing experts that can take your business to the next level. If you’re still unsure if listing your prices is the right marketing move for your company or how to do it, we can help.

We offer many services, including website design and development, that can help bring your website to the next level. How your business is presented online is crucial for customer conversions. Our team knows how important this is, so we can work with you to make sure you’re making the best marketing decisions for your business to thrive.

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