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What Practice Owners Should Know About Marketing for Women’s Health

Women’s health is a particular niche of healthcare that needs special marketing strategies. Females are often the primary decision makers in their families when it comes to mental health, and women often do their due diligence in researching the best providers and treatments available for their healthcare needs. 

What Practice Owners Should Know About Marketing for Womens Health Infographic

Having a marketing campaign that really identifies with women – including their pain points, passions, and scheduling needs – can make a big impact. And being creative in your marketing for women’s health can be the main factor that sets you apart. Relying on stereotypes or overly feminine branding can hurt your marketing success in the long run – so you need a strategy that thinks outside the box and meets women where they are.   

Women’s health marketing intersects with a wide variety of healthcare services, including gynecology, prenatal and postnatal care, women’s mental health, autoimmune care, breast or ovarian cancer treatment, hormone therapy, and more. 

This guide will go over what practice owners should know about marketing for women’s health and how these tools will convert clients. 

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1. Consider Your Target Audience 

Before getting into the nitty gritty of your marketing plan, you need to really know who your target audience is. Knowing this will help you curate your content to their likes and needs. It helps convert the clients that you’re trying to get. 

Although you know that women are your general target audience, you need to consider more details about their life and why they would seek your treatments. When coming up with ideas about your target audience, you should consider the difficulties their experiencing, the way they might perceive their situation, the solutions they’ve sought in the past, and their healthcare goals. Doing this helps you better target the people you’d like to become your clients and create content that speaks to the persona you assemble. 

Some people think that staying broad in their marketing will attract more people. However, when you become more specific about the people you’d like as clients and integrate that into your content, it will actually convert more clients. People can feel better connected if something is tailored specifically to them, so create multiple personas that encapsulate your target audience.

Understanding the different personas of women you’d like to treat will create inclusive marketing that doesn’t stereotype or make women feel left out. For example, women seeking prenatal care can have many different journeys. Your content should be considerate of unplanned pregnancies, same-sex couples, older women getting pregnant, or single parent pregnancies. When you consider the different possibilities, it allows them to be included in the typical marketing towards married, younger moms with a planned pregnancy. 

When you know whom you’d like to treat, creating content that reflects that becomes easier. It will help you convert those clients when you do ads or organic content for that specific audience. 

Screenshot of a Facebook Ad created for Brooklyn Birthing Center - a womens health clinic

Our client Brooklyn Birthing Center experienced a 94% increase in conversions with a targeted marketing plan. Read the full case study here. 

2. Don’t Limit Your Creativity

When creating your brand, logo, or content, don’t be afraid to be creative. Your healthcare brand should be unique to you and your practice. The brand should reflect what your practice does and its values. 

The branding and logo are essential for attracting the right audience. If you’re targeting women, you could consider colors that reflect a safe feeling – if that’s the feeling you’re trying to capture. Or you could go with something more bold and daring. Don’t feel like you have to stick with traditionally feminine design elements just because your main audience is women – some research shows a majority of women appreciate more gender-neutral marketing. 

A great example of a creative women health marketing campaign is the Any Mountain Project. Beacon Media + Marketing worked with Any Mountain to help raise awareness and earn donations toward ovarian cancer treatment. Any Mountain brought together hip hop, dance, and a team of gynecologic oncology leaders to reach women in a unique way.

Screenshot of Any Mountain's website - a womens health ovarian cancer research group

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3. Educate Through Content

One of the most important things that will help revolutionize the women’s health industry is providing valuable education. It’s important to learn about our bodies, and practices that provide blogs will help those in need. 

Many women will do their research online to find solutions that will benefit their health and their families. Creating blogs that answer SEO keyword questions will ensure that it provides valuable information and brings you brand awareness. 

Utilizing social media platforms also gives you another outlet for providing information. You can create videos that answer common questions regarding women’s health or go into specific details that bring awareness to unique health tips. The videos posted on social media platforms have a large reach and will gain the trust of clients when you should you’re educated in women’s health. 

Providing education is an excellent tool for practice owners looking to reach a target audience and provide the much-needed information. 

4. Highlight Your Services

A great idea to keep in mind is that you should highlight your services and clinic information. When creating posts, ads, or blogging content, you should highlight your services. Since women’s health is a broad spectrum of healthcare, telling people what you can help them with is crucial for gaining clients. 

You can do specialized organic posts that highlight particular services that you provide or answer questions in blogs regarding specific women’s health topics. 

It’s also helpful to provide and highlight your office information, including your hours, address, and contact information. It’s important to give people as many opportunities to schedule an appointment with you. 

Consider if your target audience is women who have children that may be concerned about the time involved with getting care. If there are flexible care options, you should highlight them, so you’re more appealing to people in unique situations. 

When offering unique, convenient services, you should highlight that since it will help you stand apart from your competitors. This can include specific treatments or even offering telemedicine.

Screenshot of Facebook Ad for Alaska Women's Health clinic

How Can Beacon Media + Marketing Help Your Women’s Health Practice?

Digital Marketing is a huge landscape that can be hard to do all by yourself. You may not know where to start or how to do marketing effectively. 

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