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5 Eye-Catching Examples of Professional Mental Health Logos 

Originally published by Sabrina Martinez, Content Manager. Updated and revised by Jennifer Gracey, Web Content Strategist & Writer on 06/15/2023

Brainstorming ideas for your new mental health logo and on a quest for inspiration? Ideation is one of our favorite things here at Beacon and we’ve got you! Our top five eye-catching logo examples list includes some of our favorite logo projects. Not only that but, these particular logos are ones our Beacon team agrees fulfill some serious #LogoGoals criteria.

Whether you’re a new mental health business and creating a new brand or an established practice looking for a logo refresh, this list contains the kind of inspiration you need to help you create a clean, modern logo design for your clinic. 

From fresh, colorful logos that stand out from the crowd to more traditional, soothing mental health logos, there are so many different options to consider as you craft your brand. And if you like what you see and are ready to make your new logo come to life, our amazingly creative team at Beacon Media + Marketing is here to transform your concept into a truly recognizable brand. 

Is your logo lackluster or no longer capturing the essence of your brand? Schedule your free consultation and learn how we can give you the fresh, unique logo design that represents the heart of your mental health practice.

What Does a Good Mental Health Logo Look Like? 

5 Steps for Creating an Eye Catching Mental Health Logo infographic

It bears stating: a logo is the most identifiable representation of your business. Case in point, how else can customers recognize Nike apparel, an iPhone or Tesla? If it weren’t for the classic swoosh, the iconic apple or Elon’s ‘T’, they wouldn’t stand out as much as they currently do.

Closely tied to your mental health brand, your practice’s logo significantly impacts the impression people have when interacting with your business. Online and in the mental health arena — where the focus is on service offerings rather than products — it’s even more essential. People will differentiate your practice from others using your logo as a flagship identifier. In fact, your logo design can even tip the scale in your favor and help someone take that coveted next step by reaching out to contact you directly. That’s why it’s so important to not only have a logo, but to have a logo design that hits it out of the park.

As your creative juices get flowing and you brainstorm ideas for your new logo, we’re confident these best practices will help you get the most of your creative workshopping and ideation:

Design the logo your target audience will love.

One mistake healthcare providers make when designing a logo is creating what they think looks best. Creating a professional logo is a multi-dimensional process and requires more than putting together something that looks nice or using a budget, pre-designed template.

Consider the audience you’re appealing to. Let’s imagine you love elegant, cursive fonts and have a special affinity for sunflowers. You want these elements in your logo design. Let’s also imagine your target audience is 80% male. Given your primary clientele, this branding won’t resonate and will harm, rather than help your business. 

Make your logo versatile and create multiple versions.

Consider how you’ll use your logo. It will feature on your website, social media graphics, infographics, and other marketing pieces. Possibly a T-shirt, billboard, on your building signage or a business card. It may also appear atop white, black, colored, or patterned backgrounds. Create a logo easily compatible with multiple design applications. Many designers include in their logo packages simplified versions of an original logo. These are usually in black, white, or alternative brand colors.

Communicate the right message with a well matched font.

Many believe colors and symbols are the most critical logo design element. Truth be told, the type of font chosen can alter the message your branding sends. What may seem a minor typeface difference can transform a brand from positive and welcoming to cold, overly clinical and unapproachable. 

Simple and clean is always best.

A mental health logo containing too many elements is problematic. First off, it looks messy and unprofessional. Second, integrating it with your marketing or other use case scenarios is difficult. Third, they’re confusing. If your potential clients must spend time and mental energy interpreting your logo design, they’l struggle to connect and you’ll struggle communicating your brand story. 

Don’t be afraid to try something different.

According to some digital marketing experts, the average individual is exposed to thousands of ads daily. To differentiate your logo online, it must be unique. Have courage. Be creative. Come up with something different from the others in your industry. 

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Mental Health Logos That Will Awe and Inspire You 

A good mental health logo makes a good first impression! And capturing the interest of your target audience will entice them to learn more about your brand and services. Rather than talking about elements a logo should have, we’d rather show you. 

1. Holistic CFT

Holistic CFT Couple and Family Therapy logo

Holistic CFT captures the simplicity and aesthetic goodness of a typography-based logo. The color green and the mental health genre are close friends. Long utilized as a mental illness symbol, green is now used to spread mental health awareness in the shape of a green ribbon. The font and color used in our Holistic CFT logo also inspire images of nature — implying growth, new beginnings, and positive change. This logo is welcoming, encouraging and makes the target audience easy to identify by stating “couple and family therapy” on the second line.

2. Alli

Alli logo

Alli — an upcoming neuroscience-based platform — combines coaching, subscription membership, and intensive courses empowering people to make actionable changes in their lives. A unique service with a creative approach to helping people nationwide improve their mental health, Alli needed a fun, eye-catching logo to represent this. With bright peach and rounded letters, Alli’s logo appeals to a multiple age groups, including younger generations. The logo is simple, memorable and strays from usual colors, patterns, and fonts seen in mental health logos. The size and simplicity of Alli’s logo make it versatile — it looks great on a website and will easily fit on a T-shirt, an app, or a pen. 

3. NYC Therapeutic

NYC Therapeutic Wellness logo

NYC Therapeutic’s logo instantly calms the senses. With a tranquil sky blue and earthy tan, this logo beacons one into a peaceful wellness space and away from a chaotic, busy life. The logo’s floral element is simple, bringing a touch of elegance and beauty to the logo without making it too busy or prominent. The flower is also unique and memorable standing out from typical leaves or large rounded petals found in many mental health logos.  

4. Jill Gulotta Nutrition

Jill Gulotta Nutrition logo

The Jill Gulotta Nutrition logo is classy, professional, and appealing. It strays from colors like blue and green. It doesn’t include florals or feminine elements found in the other logos we’ve highlighted so far. Rather, it uses a smoky black and neutral beige, giving the brand credibility and a sophisticated air about it. The logo’s circle element is identifiable and unique and can easily stand alone when a smaller symbol is required. 

5. Ravel Mental Health

Ravel Mental Health logo

Like Alli, our Ravel Mental Health logo design is creative and fun. The blue, green, and yellow invoke thoughts of the beach — which is a credit to the company’s San Diego origins. The green swoop looping through the “l” at the end of the logo is a fun visual of the name “Ravel.” This curvy design and sun element make this logo pop. Designed to capture attention, it encourages people to want to click to learn more.

Choose Beacon Media + Marketing for Your Mental Health Logo Design 

At Beacon Media + Marketing, we don’t do cookie-cutter logos. With decades of design and digital marketing agency experience, we know that branding can make or break a company. If your logo and branding don’t appeal to potential clients, you’ll consistently struggle getting patients in the door or growing your service offerings. 

If you’re seeking a logo to differentiate you from competitors and capture the heart of what you do, we’re here to hear your story, ask some deep questions, and get to know your goals and identify design preferences. From there, we’ll craft a logo and branding package that resonates with your target audience, helps drive leads and gets you conversions. 

With a strong brand in place, you’ll have a good foundation to start seriously marketing your practice with us. From your mental health website to your social media and paid ads campaigns, your brand will shine through everything we do. 

A solid marketing plan starts with a great logo. Schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help you grow.

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