Is Your Social Media Marketing Effective?

Is Your Social Media Marketing Effective in Anchorage?

Is Your Social Media Marketing Effective in Anchorage?

So you have decided this social media thingy isn’t going away, right? You decided to invest time and money in it as a marketing channel. My first thought is “Congrats!” you are among a growing group of progressing Anchorage business professionals. You’ve taken the plunge, but there is probably a question plaguing you: “How do I know if it is working?” That is a critical question to ask, and I’m glad you did. In this two blog series, we are going to address some key indicators to measure. So if you really want to see if your social media marketing is working, then you need to be monitoring it in these four main areas:

  • Are you engaging?
  • Do you have reach?
  • Are you generating leads?
  • Are your leaders converting to customers?

Is Your Business Engaging with Followers on Social Media?

No, I’m not necessarily asking if you are an engaging person. But I am asking if your social media marketing is engaging people online. This is foundational to an effective social media marketing campaign. You want to develop a strategy based on your target, your buyer persona, so you know who you are trying to engage. Then using your strategy, craft and post your material. Now this is where the rubber hits the road. It is time to see if you have identified your buyer persona correctly and if your post is on point enough to elicit a response. There are three main responses you will want to watch for and track:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments

Likes are important on a post because they show the algorithms of most platforms that this content is something people “like” and it warrants making it into more people’s feeds or a higher ranking in search results. Also, people tend to pay more attention to a post with more likes; it means to us that this post is “popular” and we should follow the crowd and like it too. Now understand that “likes” have lost a lot of their value in recent times since just clicking the like button has become a passive response. None the less, it does still have value.

Shares have a lot more value than likes do. Facebook, for instance, has publically stated that it ranks shares higher than likes now. They have made a big deal of putting the spotlight on “shareable” content. So pay attention to how many shares your posts receive, and the more, the better. When your material is being shared, that means you are hitting the mark and producing content your followers find interesting enough to share with their friends. Essentially, they are putting their name behind the material once they send it out to all of their friends, colleagues, family, etc.

Comments are a good indicator of engagement because they mean that your material is resonating with people and they want to take the time to leave a comment. Now not all of these comments are good, and some people still are of the opinion that even bad press is good press. So opening your page up to comments can be risky, but we always encourage our clients to do it for a couple of reasons. First, comments show that your material is hitting the mark with your target audience. It’s not boring! Congrats. Second, allowing comments is an excellent opportunity to have a conversation with the people who have chosen to view the content your company is putting out. Anytime you can have a conversation it is a great chance for you to engage and learn more about your customers and prospects. Even if some of that feedback is negative, you still have an incredible opportunity to convert a gainsayer into your biggest fan. Most of the time changing their opinion of your company or a situation is as simple as truly listening to their concerns and providing a positive solution. Sometimes that answer is just listening. Sometimes it is connecting them with the person who can solve their problem for them. Finally, at times is it offering them a refund or a coupon. But when people feel heard and understand that a business wants to help, it will make a huge difference in their outlook.


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