Pump up your SEO efforts in 2016

Pump Up Your SEO Efforts in 2016

Pump Up Your SEO Efforts in 2016

With the New Year upon us, there are many individuals that are gearing up to start the year off with a resolution of “going to the gym.” Unfortunately, for most of us, we come out of the gates like roaring lions, only to dwindle out like little lambs after a few months. Perhaps we didn’t see enough results after the first month, maybe lost interest or we just ran out of steam. I myself have been there, and done the exact same thing. It wasn’t until October of last year that I got serious and committed to being consistently dedicated in order to achieve powerful long term goals, not unsustainable short term results.

So what does this have to do with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) efforts? Success with SEO holds true to the same principle. It’s about being consistent with your plan and focusing on achieving long-term, sustainable online growth for your business, as well as being persistent by continuing to research, adapt and understand what your target market is searching for online.

When working to increase one’s organic rankings on search engines, most people will mention optimized title tags, unique content, backlinks, etc. While those are important factors, if they are your only focus, you will see minimal results that, in a very short time, begin to fade away. If you do not combine those efforts with consistency in posting and promoting, all the effort you put into generating them could be for nothing. You could launch a new website today with tons of  content and a lot of  backlinks, but without consistently updating new, relevant content, promoting and sharing your content and getting new links, your website’s organic rankings will fall over time and you will no longer show up on the highly coveted first page of Google.

Let’s paint a picture to better understand the point of consistent and persistent optimization. Google’s algorithm favors a consistent feeding of fresh content, links and interactions. Much like one who consistently goes to the gym 3 times per week, varying targeted exercises for 6 months they will see optimal physical growth and strength. However, a one time infusion of attention…perhaps as short term paid ad campaign, or burst of new content all at once cannot sustain itself and you will very quickly begin to fall in the rankings. Much like the individual that goes to the gym for 2 wks, hitting every piece of equipment then stops.

The fact is, the pace in which a website publishes new relevant content and gains new backlinks is rewarded within growth in rankings, just like any personal trainer would suggest to pace yourself and be more consistent to see tangible, physical results.

So as you plan your SEO campaign and your new fitness program for 2016, remember that consistency and persistency is the key to long-term success that will grant you and your business the rewards you deserve in the New Year.

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