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NorthxNorth Festival

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The Client’s Challenge:

NorthxNorth Festival hired us to do social media marketing for their event just two and a half months prior to the big day. The event offered a wide variety of food, music, film, and speaking activities all oriented around one central theme—the North. They invited local and international speakers from across the Arctic Community to speak on the challenges and opportunities they face in topics such as art, design, architecture, energy, sustainability, and health and wellness. Our challenge was to capture all of the diverse people who would be interested in such a broad range of events in a short amount of time while maintaining a consistent image across all advertising efforts. With the event only in its second year and seeking new attendees, we knew that we needed an attention-grabbing campaign.

A second goal was to educate potential attendees about NxN, because the perception was that it was only a food, music, and film festival. The client wanted us to attract attendees for the speaking events offered, especially considering they had significant figures from across the country participating.

Our Solution:

We went to work immediately, categorizing the activities offered into the primary/most important topics and events, creating an actionable editorial calendar with planned content for every week leading up to the festival. In order to change perceptions about NxN, we created multiple post series:

  • #TalkoftheNorth – Focusing on the subjects of the speaking events.
  • “North by North is…” – Defining what the event is about, that it’s more than a film festival.
  • #SpeakerHighlight – Putting a spotlight on some of the speakers involved.

On all posts, we included a call-to-action to register, explaining the somewhat complex registration options of individual event passes, day passes, and full passes. Every post carried the Arctic theme with strong, branded graphics and copy focused on the Northern perspective. We boosted the posts that performed the best.

We also created multiple short promo videos comprised of quick shots from activities offered at the NxN festival as well as breathtaking northern scenery, animals, and people. We used simple but powerful nouns and verbs in overlays to demonstrate what NxN is about and what emotional experience attendees will gain by coming. We chose uplifting music and set important images and words over key parts of the music to engage people with the story it tells. These were published and boosted at three intervals—as a teaser leading up to the campaign, in the middle, and as the festival got closer.

The Amazing Results:

NorthxNorth event planners adored our posts and videos. The campaign gained a lot of traction on social media in a short amount of time. Overall, we achieved 141,033 impressions, a reach of 41,839, and 5,710 clicks on a budget of $927.49. The average click-through-rate (CTR) was 1.72% and the cost-per-click (CPC) was $0.38, which is an impressive 77.9% less than the national average of $1.72. Our team was lauded by NorthxNorth for not only achieving 100% of their goal, but also for doubling their attendees from last year and bringing in a lot of new faces to the crowd, particularly at speaking events.

NorthxNorth Festival
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