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Rebranded an Equipment Manufacturing Company

Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI)

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The Client’s Challenge:

Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI) is the biggest equipment manufacturer in Alaska, engineering much of the custom equipment used by the oil and gas industry on the North Slope in -40° weather. They also vend many other equipment brands, and they are the sole vendor of Kubota in Alaska.

Unfortunately, ESI was struggling with their corporate identity.

The ESI website focused so heavily on Kubota that many customers did not realize they offered other brands of equipment, let alone their own brand. In addition, their logo was outdated (think construction orange) and did nothing to visually communicate the broad range of equipment they offered.

They wanted an updated brand that served the following objectives:

  • Focusing on them as a distinct manufacturer
  • Highlighting their unique position in the Alaska market
  • Showing that they offer a variety of equipment

We set out to capture these concepts in one, clear rebranding package.

Our Solution:

We started with the logomark, a gear to represent ESI’s role as a manufacturer and not just a vendor. Their tagline, “Built Arctic Tough,” was put front-and-center alongside their name in the logotype to further emphasize their engineering services for Alaskan environments.

In addition to the logomark, we gave ESI five icons to represent the five categories of equipment they manufacture and vend, based on the concept of “the four elements”—heat, power, water, and earth. We included a fifth icon for “miscellaneous” equipment per their request. These icons were used together with the ESI logo to illustrate their wide portfolio of equipment offerings and separately whenever ESI needed to display separate categories of equipment, whether on the new website design, in advertising material, or on marketing collateral.

The colors and fonts we chose for the logo and icons brought new life to the ESI brand. We chose grey and blue for the logo to give a clean, engineered feel to the mark. In the icons, we incorporated warmer, earthy tones of green, yellow, and red to fit with the variety of outdoor environment in which ESI’s equipment is ultimately used. We chose fonts as bold as the people who work on the North Slope.

Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI)

The Amazing Results:

The ESI team was very pleased with our implementation of the objectives they put forward. We received extremely positive feedback and excitement throughout the entire rebranding process.

Versatility was an important factor in creating a functional brand for ESI. The logo, colors, fonts, and icons are all very easy to use in a wide variety of formats. The icons in particular became very useful in the website design process, denoting ESI’s categories of equipment as we streamlined the organization of the website. They are a quick and easy, visual way to identify everything that ESI does.

Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI)
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