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Anchor Lutheran School

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The Client’s Challenge:

Anchor Lutheran School wanted a short video to promote their school in time for their annual auction. They needed something that communicated who they are, what they do, and what their differentiators are in a compelling way. Anchor Lutheran is known among their families for a culture of kindness, creating well-rounded individuals through a robust curriculum and plentiful extra-curricular and sports activities, and investing in the involvement of families in their child’s education.

Our Solution:

We decided that the best way to capture everything that Anchor Lutheran is and does for their families was to create a video of short, quick shots capturing as much of the extra-curricular activities and interactions between students and teachers as possible. We used strong, emotional words over our broll to capture how Anchor Lutheran is where kids thrive. Our vision was to create a video of human flourishing, a popular format among big brands like Nike. The music we chose was light and energetic.

The Amazing Results:

The school, teachers, parents, and students absolutely loved the video. At the annual auction event, Anchor Lutheran played the video and received many positive comments from their attendees. We posted and boosted the video on social media. At a budget of $200, we achieved 20,930 impressions, a reach of 7,170, and 346 clicks. Our cost per click (CPC) was $0.58, 45.3% less than the national average for the education industry, which is $1.06. Our CTR was 1.65%, 226% higher than the national average for the education industry, which is 0.73%. Our video went above and beyond to meet the client’s goals, well exceeding their expectations.

Anchor Lutheran School
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