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Tides Mental Health

Establishing a Safe Harbor for Mental Health in the Heart of Chicago

Meet Our Client

At Tides Mental Health, we envision a world where mental health is prioritized, destigmatized, and accessible to all. Steered by our values of compassion, professionalism, collaboration, empowerment, and accessibility, we provide personalized mental health services for individuals from all walks of life.

Client-therapist relationships are at the heart of our approach. Our personable and licensed therapists are dedicated to building genuine connections with each individual. Through evidence-based practices, we create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

The Marketing Challenge

Entering the competitive mental health care sector in urban Chicago, Tides Mental Health, a burgeoning startup practice, faced several significant challenges. These included establishing authority on a new domain, introducing their brand, and gaining recognition in a crowded market.

In Chicago, IL, three primary barriers hinder access to mental health treatment and therapy: the stigma surrounding mental health care and trust in providers, issues with accessibility such as cost, availability, and scheduling appointments, and a general lack of mental health education and awareness. To overcome these obstacles, Beacon Media + Marketing crafted a customized marketing strategy for Tides Mental Health. This strategy was informed by a thorough analysis of demographic data and the creation of detailed client personas, designed to specifically address these identified barriers.

Tides Mental Health presented Beacon with the challenge of developing a robust brand presence. This goal extended to the creation of a beautifully branded website that not only communicates the value of trustworthiness inherent in Tides’ services, but also ensures easy navigation for their target audience. A key feature of this website was the integration of a prominent call-to-action (CTA) for their booking portal, ensuring seamless patient engagement and access to services.

How We Got Results

Tides Mental Health is pioneered by tech savvy group of visionaries who sought to establish a forward thinking, modern, clean brand that appealed to today’s Chicagoan. Tides engaged Beacon as a trusted partner in their start up efforts in order to create an introduction to the city of Chicago and establish themselves as leaders in their field; as a familiar old friend but with an original twist.

Goal 1: Establish a modern and timeless brand

Tides Mental Health wanted to introduce themselves in the greater Chicago area with a strong brand presence and from Beacon’s well researched Marketing Strategy, chose a recognizable and relatable color scheme that came from the landscape of Chicago itself — reminiscent of the serenity and beauty of the Chicago river combined with the cold concrete jungle. Establishing the professional personality of the clinic was top-priority for our Beacon team.

Goal 2: Build a beautiful and accessible website

Our Content department dove into the challenge head on by ensuring SEO best practices were followed and are extremely proud and pleased with the results in our partnership with Tides Mental Health. We employed extraordinary measures by establishing web analyzation tools (MouseFlow), early on to manage user experience and navigation on the fledgling website, all while working with the client to refine the overall look and feel.

UX accessibility is always a priority, our UX designer is an expert in her field when it comes to ensuring that contrast best practices are employed in all of her designs, while not losing sight of the beauty and simplicity of the design personality of the clinic.

Goal 3: Strong paid ad strategy based on market research

Beacon’s strategy team extensively researches markets, demographics, and personas helping to narrow down our client’s ideal target market — and we focus on keyword targeting to ensure we were meeting that market where they are at. The result of the initial 90 day campaign was a staggering 11,895 impressions from top performing ads, 79% decrease in CPL combined with 13.4% increase in conversions by 90 days, an impressive 10% jump over the previous period.

Knowing the who, what, and where is essential to capturing the essence and attention of potential clients in markets that can be saturated with the competition. Our Paid Ads strategy department intentionally designed each visual and the ad copy tailored to the client and then tests the ads they’ve chosen, continuously making adjustments within the campaign to ensure the best result for the market.

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Witnessing Tides’ brand flourish and their ability to reach a wider audience through our combined efforts has been incredibly rewarding.

Lynne Harkin, Beacon Account ManagerBeacon Media + Marketing

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