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Sorenson Orthodontics

Taking Excellence Beyond the Quiet Corners of Seattle

Meet Our Client

In essence, Sorenson Orthodontics is more than an orthodontic practice; it’s a haven of excellence, empathy, innovation, collaboration, community engagement, and unwavering integrity. Their mission and core values shape the way they approach every patient and every treatment – reflecting their unwavering commitment to not only transforming smiles but also enriching lives.

Their state-of-the-art facility is staffed by a team of compassionate and exceptional individuals, and it is within this environment that their mission comes to fruition. Here, patients receive not only a corrected bite and enhanced self-esteem but also a lasting, radiant smile that will grace their lives for years to come!

The Marketing Challenge

Sorenson Orthodontics, situated as a premier high-end establishment in an area of Seattle devoid of bustling foot traffic, finds itself uniquely positioned to harness the power of digital marketing to fuel its lead-generation efforts.

The absence of traditional local or walk-in clientele means that leveraging strategic digital campaigns would be a huge asset – allowing Sorenson to extend its reach far beyond its local constraints. With the aid of a robust digital marketing strategy, Beacon saw the potential for Sorenson Orthodontics to tap into the vast online landscape to engage with potential patients through targeted advertisements, social media campaigns, and a captivating online presence.

This approach not only compensates for the lack of physical foot traffic but also enables the practice to showcase its exclusivity and expertise – reaching a wider audience actively seeking premium orthodontic solutions throughout the greater Seattle area.

How We Got Results

Beacon developed a video series campaign centered on their commitment to excellence, exclusivity, and proficiency in addressing intricate cases. Leveraging Dr. Sorenson’s distinguished reputation within the orthodontic field, we successfully extended his recognition from professional circles to the local community.

Through the creation of impactful and genuine paid advertisements, we were able to generate tangible outcomes – effectively raising awareness for this client’s unique attributes and expertise.

Goal 1: To Rank in all the Main Google Searches

In a market flooded with numerous outlying orthodontic practices all vying for attention, Sorenson Orthodontics faced the problem of distinguishing its practice within a fiercely competitive and specialized landscape.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

Utilizing strategic techniques on Google and Facebook platforms, Beacon ensured precise targeting of Sorenson’s intended audience, thereby assisting the client in establishing a noteworthy online presence that culminated in tangible success.

By harnessing the power of these methods, organizations can significantly amplify their visibility, solidify their reputation within their respective industry – and effectively engage with a more receptive and relevant audience.

Goal 2: Highlight the Specialist Strengths of the Client

While prioritizing the realm of highly specialized and exclusive orthodontics, Sorenson Orthodontics has been delivering exceptional care; however, the practice had yet to fully engage its potential audience.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

By implementing a comprehensive video series campaign, our emphasis centered on showcasing the client’s exclusivity and exceptional capabilities. We highlighted their proficiency in managing intricate cases with their unparalleled expertise – effectively demonstrating why Sorenson stands among the top-tier choices in the field.

Through captivating visuals and informative narratives, we also delved into the nuances of how Sorenson Orthodontics surpasses the competition – establishing our client as a trusted practice for those seeking specialized and superior orthodontic solutions.

Goal 3: Build a Recognized Brand for Dr. Sorenson

Even though Dr. Sorenson was well-known within his professional circles, he faced challenges in attracting the specific clientele he aimed to serve.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

In order to extend Dr. Sorenson’s expertise to the community, we developed a compelling video series aimed at not only educating but also captivating potential clients who were previously unfamiliar with his remarkable work.

Through insightful narratives and visual storytelling, we effectively bridged the gap between Dr. Sorenson’s established reputation within professional circles and the wider public – solidifying his position as a go-to authority in specialized orthodontics. This initiative not only shared his wealth of knowledge but also positioned him as a trusted resource for those seeking top-notch orthodontic care.

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“Sorensen presented a challenge, especially during the pandemic that had Beacon pulling out our best potential strategy. Ultimately, we leaned into what made Sorenson unique and focused on the right target market that we felt would achieve the best conversions for them and build their brand based on their level of excellence and exclusivity. Our goal was to create a compelling message through video and ads that would prompt patients with unique or complex cases to seek them out for help.”

Jennifer Christensen, CMOBeacon Media + Marketing

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