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Legler Orthodontics

Outperforming Expectations with Targeted Strategies and Exceptional Outcomes

Meet Our Client

Legler Orthodontics is known for first-class service in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Their orthodontic care exceeds our patients’ expectations. And most importantly, they generously give back to their community. With a steadfast commitment to creating beautiful smiles, Legler Orthodontics has earned a reputation for its exceptional patient-centered approach that prioritizes both the physical and emotional well-being of all patients.

At Legler Orthodontics, the experience goes beyond just straightening teeth. Their team of highly skilled orthodontists and staff members is dedicated to fostering a warm and welcoming environment, ensuring that each patient feels comfortable and valued throughout their treatment journey. By blending the latest technological advancements with personalized care, Legler Orthodontics crafts treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of every individual, and they rock in so many ways – from community outreach to truly delivering when it comes to patient expectations. They not only put a smile on their patients’ faces, they make us smile, too!

The Marketing Challenge

Legler Orthodontics found themselves struggling with marketing support, so they sought out a partner in Beacon to provide reliable and trustworthy paid ad management. Transparent results were essential for them – understanding how their investments lead directly to conversions that bring an influx of new patients each month.

With a shared commitment to precision and accountability, Beacon became the linchpin in Legler Orthodontics’ marketing machinery. The need for transparent results resonated deeply, as we dissected the intricate web of data to uncover the direct correlation between investments made and the resulting influx of new patients each successive month. In our partnership, Legler Orthodontics found not only a solution to their marketing challenges but also a steadfast ally in propelling them toward sustained growth and enhanced visibility within the competitive landscape.

How We Got Results

Legler Orthodontics is in an intensely saturated and competitive market. The biggest challenge they faced was to use Google ads effectively so that they would show up at the top of the search to reach their ideal client. Beacon crafted an innovative marketing strategy designed specifically for them and their market. Focusing on market data and local targeting allowed Beacon to craft ideal messaging that aligned with the local demographic — providing a more genuine and engaging approach for their campaign.

Goal 1: Create a Campaign around Profitable Services

At Beacon, we understand the significance of deploying impactful keyword strategies to ensure the utmost effectiveness of SEO campaigns. For this reason, our team formulated a thorough plan based on industry best practices to cater to the needs of our valued clients.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

Legler Orthodontics provides a variety of specialized services. Our goal was to synchronize our selected keywords with this extensive range of services. Through the strategic creation of advertisements that established direct connections to important web pages, our campaign successfully bridged the gap between individuals interested in Invisalign treatment and other orthodontic solutions offered at Legler Orthodontics. These meticulously targeted ads were purposefully linked with the services pages on the website – ultimately optimizing the potential for transforming these interactions into new patient acquisitions.

Goal 2: A Strong Retargeting Campaign

Beacon understands the research process that potential clients go through before making a purchase and knows how to effectively reach out and engage with those who may have been initially unresponsive.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

Following a 30-day timeframe, the Beacon team developed a retargeting campaign that successfully engaged individuals who were either seeking information from Legler Orthodontics or had previously visited their website. By implementing a straightforward call-to-action funnel on the website, Beacon removed obstacles for potential clients – simplifying the process and enhancing the efficiency of appointment scheduling.

Goal 3: Overall Increased New Client Revenue

Legler Orthodontics wanted to grow its client base and take New Client Revenue to the next level.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

Utilizing impactful approaches in Google and Facebook advertising, streamlining processes, and establishing seamless call-to-action pathways, Beacon harnessed its marketing proficiency to transition numerous potential patients into confirmed new patients for Legler Orthodontics. This achievement led to an impressive increase of over 11% in revenue for the client in comparison to their marketing expenditure.

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“Legler Orthodontics came to us with two simple requests. They needed a trusted marketing partner who would month after month be dedicated to getting better and better results for them in their paid ads and conversions. They needed a partner that they could trust that would deliver what they said at a reasonable price and be transparent about the results.”

Jennifer Christensen, CMOBeacon Media + Marketing

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