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Collective Care Counseling

Shifting Their Brand and Coming into Their Own

Meet Our Client

At Collective Care Counselling (CCC), we believe in the power of personal connection and understanding in helping individuals overcome challenges such as trauma, OCD, anxiety disorders, relationship distress, and gender-based violence. Nestled in Ontario, our centre is a beacon of warmth, where every client is seen, heard, and deeply valued – whether they meet with us in our inviting therapy clinic or connect with a compassionate therapist online.

It’s not just about therapy; it’s about partnering with compassionate experts who truly recognize your unique journey. Navigating the world of mental health can be daunting, but with our team by your side, you’ll find an accessible haven that acknowledges your story, prioritizes your well-being, and accepts you for who you are.

We blend evidence-based practices with genuine empathy, ensuring that every individual feels empowered and supported. Whether it’s your first step into therapy or a continuation of your journey, we’re here to celebrate and uplift you. With CCC, it’s all about connecting, healing, and thriving. Because you deserve nothing less.

The Marketing Challenge

Collective Care Counselling, situated in Canada, approached Beacon Media + Marketing with the critical task of executing a strategic business pivot. This entailed a rebranding initiative to transition from their established clinic identity. Engagement with Beacon leveraged their strategic expertise in guiding the renaming process, refining their logo for a refreshed brand presentation, and developing a robustly optimized website.

Prior to partnering with Beacon, Collective Care Counselling’s digital footprint was minimal, lacking an established website, and their brand identity was not distinctly defined. Recognizing the need for a more pronounced online presence, they aimed for a brand persona that embodied inclusivity and showcased diversity through its visual representations.

How We Got Results

Beacon Media + Marketing was delighted to engage with Collective Care Counselling, guiding the evolution of their brand from its budding idea to a vibrant reality. This partnership marked Beacon’s inaugural venture into the international market, confidently accepting the challenge. Our proficiency in web UX/UI design, branding, and SEO positioned us as the ideal partner to actualize the digital presence of Collective Care Counselling.

Goal 1 & 2: Forge a Digitally Optimized Brand Identity

Our web design and strategy specialists conducted an in-depth analysis to navigate the nuances of language and SEO for this Canadian enterprise. As the distinctions between Canadian and American English spellings presented a unique SEO challenge, Beacon formulated an SEO approach that deftly incorporated keyword variations, emphasizing Canadian English while also accommodating American English search terms.

Beacon is committed to the enduring performance of the websites we launch, utilizing strategic analytical tools to monitor user interaction and making continual refinements to optimize results. The launch of Collective Care’s website in November 2023 marked a notable ascent, with a 52% growth in organic search lead traffic with an incredible 240 leads in 60 days from the launch of the website and an impressive influx of 1.9K users within the first 90 days.

Goal 3: Implement a Nuanced Rebranding Strategy with Paid Advertising

Our approach to paid advertising involves crafting targeted advertisements that align with the newly refined brand image, capturing the attention of the desired clientele. Beacon’s team infused creativity and precision into ad designs, content, and copy, culminating in a remarkable 562% surge in organic social engagement — a testament to the campaign’s vitality and resonance.

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I love the website soooo much! Please make sure your team knows how incredible of a job they did! It’s wildly impressive and I’m thrilled that it’s for the CCC – ahhhh! Absolutely amazing! The design, the intuitiveness, the content, everything. I can tell how much work went into it and I couldn’t be happier!

Janelle Anderson, FounderCollective Care Counselling

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