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Bargas Wellness

Achieving a Strong Online Presence and Enhancing Brand Identity

Meet Our Client

Bargas Wellness believes that a healthy lifestyle and a strong heart are the foundation of wellness. Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition or want to take steps today to prevent chronic disease or heart issues down the road, they’re here to help you establish habits that will enable you to live a longer, more fulfilling life.

The Marketing Challenge

Embarking on its journey as a promising start-up, Bargas Wellness faced a multitude of challenges, particularly with its online presence. Hindered by technical SEO obstacles and content deficiencies on their website which amplified the problem, this fledgling business was lost in the enormity of the web environment, virtually invisible to potential clients in Google searches.

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How We Got Results

Beacon crafted a forward-thinking, innovative, strategic plan that employed key initiatives for Google My Business, brand development, an engaging website using UX/UI best practices, and added technical SEO and content keywords SEO to ensure a successful relaunch.

Goal 1: Recreate the Website for Functionality and SEO

To remain competitive, Bargas Wellness identified the need to address and resolve crucial backend web challenges to thrive in the ever-growing wellness industry.

Beacon took a proactive approach to improve UX and UI by incorporating industry-leading practices and addressing the necessary internal modifications to enhance their GMB profile to deliver better results.

Goal 2: Grow New Patient Numbers

Embarking on a journey to success, Bargas Wellness understands that connecting with new patients holds the key to unlocking their start-up’s potential.

Beacon revitalized its brand identity with cutting-edge UX/UI techniques, effectively boosting public awareness and positioning them as an enticing choice in the marketplace.

Goal 3: Optimize Technical SEO

Bargas Wellnes knew it needed to dominate and achieve top Google rankings by leveraging the power of Technical SEO combined with exceptional web hosting, ensuring its online presence ascended the digital ladder effortlessly.

Beacon masterfully harnessed its expertise in technical SEO to revitalize the website, catapulting it to the pinnacle of Google search rankings. This dramatic transformation captured the attention of countless potential patients and consistently welcomed a consistent influx of 120 new patients every month.


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“I’ve been working with Beacon’s marketing team for the past year, and I’ve seen firsthand how they’ve helped increase brand awareness for our business and position Dr. Royce Bargas as a thought leader in the industry. They’re creative, hardworking, and always go the extra mile to get results. We are very pleased with their service and would recommend Beacon to any business looking to improve their visibility.”

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