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Alaska Women’s Health

Advancing Inclusive Care and Outperforming Industry Standards

Meet Our Client

For over three decades, Alaska Women’s Health has stood as a pillar of unwavering support, extending compassionate and inclusive care to the women of Alaska. Since its inception in 1985, the practice has been a steadfast companion during the most crucial moments in women’s lives.

Their team’s commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in obstetrics and gynecology showcases their dedication to providing cutting-edge care. With a presence that spans Anchorage and reaches into rural corners of Alaska, they have consistently offered trusted healthcare, ensuring that no matter where women reside, they have access to the highest quality of medical attention and guidance.

The Marketing Challenge

Alaska Women’s Health approached Beacon with a distinct challenge that demanded a fresh and inventive approach to set them apart within their industry. The task was to conceive and cultivate a distinctive brand identity that authentically captured the core of their clinic’s essence – while also cultivating an inviting atmosphere and eliminating obstacles to effectively reach their intended audience.

At Beacon, we realized this endeavor required a delicate balance of highlighting their decades-long legacy of compassionate care while embracing modern practices in obstetrics and gynecology. Through a meticulous blend of strategic branding, empathetic messaging, and strategic digital outreach, we also realized that we could not only help Alaska Women’s Health stand out – but also enable them to resonate deeply with women across diverse backgrounds and locations. By forging a connection between their rich history and their commitment to cutting-edge healthcare, the reimagined brand identity would serve as a beacon of trust, ensuring that every woman in Alaska felt understood, valued, and cared for along their healthcare journey.

How We Got Results

Beacon swiftly initiated the process, skillfully developing a brand that resonated with approachability, warmth, and inclusivity – creating an environment that was profoundly inviting. By closely examining the color palette and design elements employed on the website and within the office space, Beacon seamlessly integrated these facets to establish a cohesive brand identity.

This transformation aligns with Beacon’s belief that the visual depiction now resonates with our client’s essence as healthcare providers, reflecting their true nature.

Goal 1: To bring Visual Harmony into the Brand

The task at hand involved revamping the brand to encompass qualities of approachability and inclusivity, a crucial step in effectively connecting with their desired audience. This entailed a complete overhaul to ensure that every visual and communicative aspect resonated with their potential client’s sensibilities.

By infusing these elements into the brand, Alaska Women’s Health is now aiming to break down barriers and create a relatable presence that engages the diverse women they serve – fostering a sense of belonging and trust.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

Beacon took the brand to new heights by strategically adjusting the color palette utilized both in the physical office spaces and on the website.

This shift was designed to resonate more broadly with women, evoking a feeling of tranquility and confidence in their relationship with the healthcare providers. Essentially, the visual transformation was a key factor in fostering an environment where women feel at ease and can place their trust in the care they receive.

Goal 2: Develop an ADA Accessible Website

Alaska Women’s Health deeply upholds the principle of inclusivity as a cornerstone of its practice, aligning with the ethical standards upheld by the American Dental Association. They recognize that fostering an environment of inclusivity not only reflects their commitment to providing comprehensive care but also adheres to the fundamental principle of treating all patients with dignity, respect, and fairness.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

Beacon skillfully employed UX and UI best practices to create a website that adheres to ADA guidelines, guaranteeing both inclusivity and effortless navigation for every visitor. By meticulously integrating accessible design elements, intuitive layouts, and user-friendly features, the website not only caters to a diverse range of users – but also ensures that individuals with varying abilities can seamlessly access information and engage with the content.

This commitment to an inclusive online experience reflects Alaska Women’s Health’s dedication to upholding ethical standards and providing a welcoming virtual space where all visitors can find the information and support they need.

Goal 3: Create a Thoughtful Strategy for Brand Awareness

Recognizing the significance of establishing Alaska Women’s Health as an industry thought leader, the goal was not only to showcase their medical expertise but also to underscore their commitment to advancing healthcare practices. This strategic effort aimed to not just highlight their clinic’s values, but to demonstrate how these values are actively integrated into their approach, setting them apart as a reliable source of innovative care and comprehensive support for women’s health.

How Beacon Helped Us Reach This Goal

Following the revitalization of the brand, Beacon devised a comprehensive marketing and messaging strategy that authentically captured the brand’s inclusivity.

This strategy was seamlessly extended across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Google Display, and YouTube. Furthermore, Beacon also executed an initiative to position Alaska Women’s Health as an authoritative thought leader in the field by introducing an informative podcast. The outcomes have been remarkable – evidenced by a significant surge in brand recognition and elevated engagement metrics including clicks and conversions that have surpassed industry standards.

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“Beacon totally gets who we are and was able to represent that beyond our expectations online. We’re very happy with the successful partnership.”

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