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Alaska Dental Arts

Exceeding Expectations with Targeted Campaigns and Remarkable Results

Meet Our Client

Alaska Dental Arts is your premier Anchorage dentist. They are obsessed with helping their patients have a healthy smile they love! Step inside their office, and you’ll find unmatched amenities, along with an unmatched experience. “5-star service” isn’t just something they strive for, it’s their standard! When you’re at Alaska Dental Arts, you’re in a judgment-free zone, with a team whose mission is making you say “wow” every time you walk through our doors! A visit to your dentist shouldn’t be something you dread, and they’re proud of how they’ve reinvented the way so many people feel about their dental appointment. In short? They’ve worried about everything, so you don’t have to!

The Marketing Challenge

Alaska Dental Arts, a renowned dental practice operating in multiple locations, made a strategic decision in shifting market conditions, rising competition, and changes in ownership by embracing a vigorous and robust digital marketing strategy. The practice recognized the need to differentiate its practice in the competitive market with an engaging and valuable digital marketing campaign.

Before ramping up its marketing efforts and increasing ad spend, it first identified its target audience and skillfully tailored its campaign messaging to captivate and provide value to that group, setting the stage for a remarkable marketing transformation.

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How We Got Results

Beacon’s marketing campaign achieved outstanding success, far exceeding the targets set for the first 90 days. Beacon crafted a geo-targeted strategy for the East Anchorage office, which incorporated the area’s key values such as family, faith, sports, arts, and education. Focusing on these core values allowed Beacon to utilize images and messaging that aligned with the values in the community as well as Alaska Dental Arts themselves, providing a more captivating and authentic campaign.

Goal 1:To Optimize Keywords and use Targeted Messaging

Alaska Dental Arts recognized that it needed to optimize its messaging and keywords to direct more traffic to its website.

Leveraging Beacon’s proficiency, we employed a strategy for the optimization of keywords and targeted messaging on Google Ads, which increased the click-through rate to 116%. The outcome was a website traffic surge, more leads, and new patient requests.

Goal 2: To Create a Geo-Targeting Strategy

Alaska Dental Arts sought to resonate within the local community in which their office is located by embracing the community’s values that align with their values to create a genuine connection.

Beacon developed and created a specific, diverse, captivating geo-targeted imagery campaign with video ads. The results were astounding! Beacon increased the click-throughs on the targeted ads through Meta, Google Display, and YouTube by an amazing 495%. This produced an elevated lift over the overall brand name, increased traffic to the website, and new leads and patients.

Goal 3: Create Easy to use CTAs on the Website

Alaska Dental Arts desired to have a system that allowed the user to easily contact and schedule appointments with their clinic.

Beacon used the simple but powerful call to action elements on the ads and the website, integrated and aligned them with the refreshed brand awareness, campaign strategy which resulted in a remarkable 68% increase in conversions.


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“Working with Alaska Dental Arts has been and continues to be a pleasure because they provide an excellent service and allow us to use our expertise in brand development, campaign creative, and execution to increase their impact on the local community.”

Jennifer ChristensenJennifer Christensen, CMOBeacon Media + Marketing

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