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3 Examples of Mental Health Website Designs That Convert

Your website is like a digital storefront for your mental health practice. While you may have mental health directories with your name and information listed, your mental health website is how you show clients the heart of what you do. And a strong mental health website design creates brand awareness, displays your services, and encourages website visitors to take the next step and connect with you. 

As a mental health provider, you know what you do is important. And you know that there are people out there who need your services. However, taking the first step toward getting help is really hard. Nearly 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 6 children have a mental illness, but approximately 50% of people don’t receive treatment.

So how do you build a website that breaks down barriers and builds trust with potential clients online? At Beacon Media + Marketing, making beautiful, UX-friendly mental health websites is a passion of ours, and we’ve discovered that there are a few key elements every therapist website design needs to convert a website visitor into a potential client.

mental health website design checklist infographic

Want to see some beautiful examples of professional mental health websites? Here are three of our favorite web designs that not only look attractive but have produced real results for our clients.

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1. Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy

Center for Grief and Trauma Website Preview

Website Design Highlights:

  • Strong call-to-actions on every page
  • Clear steps for getting started
  • Compassionate, compelling language
  • Strong brand and calming imagery
  • Detailed therapist bios and video

The Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy is a private practice out of Delaware that specializes in treating people who are healing from grief and trauma. Our client had a vision for a WordPress website that was easy to navigate and wouldn’t overwhelm people. We accomplished this by having call-to-actions on every page of the site and making the “contact” button bright and easy to see in the header. We laid out the patient process in “four simple steps,” which are neatly laid out on both the home page and services page.

A mental health website requires clear messaging that speaks to what website visitors are feeling at that moment. Seeking help takes bravery, and capturing the right tone and voice can help encourage someone to take the next step and reach out. For the Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy, we knew we needed a relatable and compassionate website that someone could visit and say, “that’s my loss.”

Experiencing loss or living through a traumatic event can be difficult to talk about, and many people struggle to put in words just how intrusive and profound their grief and trauma are. We aimed to make website visitors feel seen and known, establishing that this practice is a judgment-free zone, with phrases like:

  • “I feel like I’m grieving wrong”
  • “I don’t know where to start”
  • “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this”
  • “I’m not sure I need therapy”
  • “I feel like I’m totally stuck”

We also established that the therapists at the Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy are experts in their unique field. With a specific niche in the mental health field, we were able to establish a very strong brand with this website. The mental health website design used the client’s original logo colors, which are a vibrant red and a warm gold. We also incorporated a deep, earthy green to add a calming element to the color scheme. Images of nature were used throughout, with an emphasis on pictures showing growth.

We know that building trust is a must in the mental health field, so we wanted to give website visitors a chance to get to know the therapists they would be working with. The home page features a friendly video of Christina Zampitella, the owner of Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy, and we created in-depth bios that included each therapist’s story, a personal quote, specialties, and other credentials. 

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2. NYC Therapeutic and Wellness

NYC Therapeutic Wellness Website Preview

Website design highlights:

  • Eye-catching header image
  • Calming shades of blue
  • Conversational, relatable messaging
  • Strong, frequent call-to-actions
  • Easy-to-find information
  • User-friendly contact form

The first web design element you might notice when opening the NYC Therapeutic Wellness website is the calming shade of blue used throughout — a great choice for a mental health practice that specializes in treating anxiety. The header image ties perfectly into the logo and brand colors for this client, displaying a wide, open blue sky and a happy couple in neutral colors by the ocean.

At the top of the home page is a strong promise: “We’re here to help you identify and break down the barriers that are holding you back.” This website was designed with this idea in mind and removes any barriers to access.

We knew that our target audience for this site is likely someone who is going through a tough patch and needs help. But like we mentioned earlier, taking that first step is hard. If finding information or scheduling a first appointment is difficult, it’s easy for frustration, anxiety, and doubt to creep in and cause a potential client to leave your site without ever reaching out. 

That’s why we made it as easy as possible for someone visiting the NYC Therapeutic Wellness website to find what they’re looking for. There are multiple call-to-actions on every page of the website guiding people to “schedule an appointment” or to “take the first step.” Near the top of the page is a grid listing the practice’s counseling specialties.

Additionally, the contact button is always at the top of the header, so it’s easy to click to the contact page and send an appointment request at any time. And the contact page itself makes the process of booking an appointment simple with options to select a counselor, an appointment day and time, and leave a short message.

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3. Holistic CFT

Holistic CFT Website Preview

Website design highlights:

  • Inclusive imagery and messaging
  • Easy-to-find services
  • Multiple call-to-actions
  • Calming color palette
  • Insurance tab in the main-nav

Based out of Chicago, Holistic Couples and Family Therapy is private therapy practice that specializes in relationship counseling for people of all backgrounds. We captured the inclusiveness of Holistic CFT on their website by using diverse images, including images of LGBTQIA+ couples and families. We also chose images that show couples in every age range and that represent many ethnicities (including bi-racial couples).

Our goal was for couples and families from every background, including “non-traditional” couples, to see images on the website that represent their uniqueness and know that Holistic CFT is a safe, judgment-free place. We understand that feeling different and unwelcome can be a major barrier for people seeking mental health services, so we made it clear that everyone is accepted. And in case there was still any doubt, the home page plainly states, “We are proud to be LGBTQIA+ allies.”   

We also know that insurance coverage can be a deciding factor for patients when choosing a mental health provider. Holistic CFT includes accepts most major insurance plans, so we made this information easy to find by including an “Insurance” option in the main navigation of the site. The insurance page clearly lays out which insurance pans Holistic CFT accepts and includes simple instructions and links to each provider’s page so people can quickly check if they’re covered.

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