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How to Ramp Up Video Production at Your Orthodontics Practice

How to Ramp Up Video Production at Your Orthodontics Practice

Your friendly (or not so friendly) competing orthodontics practice recently launched a video commercial on social media and everybody’s talking about it.

You’ve been watching as, week after week, they share more video and get more likes, comments, reactions…and business.

You know that the use of video media is skyrocketing and marketers are recommending increased video production to keep up, but you don’t know how to make that happen.

Is this you?

If so, we’re glad you’re here, because this blog was written for you.

Our goal today is to give you some practical tips for ramping up video production at your orthodontics practice.

We’ll talk about a tool called content repurposing, how to make video a part of your practice culture, and we’ll even give you some video formats you can use right now!


1. Use Content Repurposing for Massive Video Production

Okay, so what is content repurposing and how will it help you ramp up video production at your orthodontics practice?

Content repurposing is a method of starting with one piece of video content and editing it to create many videos to use throughout your marketing.

Content repurposing is a method of starting with one piece of video content and editing it to create many videos to use throughout your marketing.

It is a very effective way to increase your video production without the added expense.

For example, say you filmed a commercial for your orthodontics practice.

Maybe your commercial focused on a couple of different aspects of your orthodontics practice, such as the advanced technology you use and your family-friendly atmosphere.

You can take the fundamental pieces of that video–the audio, A-roll (primary footage), and B-roll (secondary footage)–and take them apart to make several shorter videos with different focuses, for instance, one video each on technology and atmosphere.

Content repurposing makes your video production stretch as far as it can!

Learn From the Best at Video Production and Content Repurposing

Someone who excels at video production and content repurposing is Gary Vee.

If you’ve never heard of him before, he’s a famous entrepreneur and marketing professional who has practically built some of his businesses using content repurposing.

What Gary Vee does is he has his staff film him as often as they can and then he turns around and multiplies those videos by 10.

It’s called the “Gary Vee Content Model” and it takes one long video and repurposes it into 30 different content formats including videos, gifs, podcasts, blogs, social media posts, and more.

Take a look at his content model on SlideShare.

The example Gary Vee gives in his SlideShare is of a keynote he repurposed to generate over 35 million views.

For a video production that cost him very little (he was probably paid to speak), Gary Vee created thousands of dollars in marketing value through content repurposing.

Content Repurposing Saves Your Orthodontics Practice Money

By this point, you have probably picked up on a theme.

Ramping up video production at your orthodontics practice doesn’t have to be a costly ordeal.

Content repurposing is one of the scrappiest ways to produce lots of video and it is great for small orthodontics practices or for those who have small marketing budgets.

In fact, all the ideas we are sharing today carry this theme.

Let’s talk about other ways to increase your video production without spending a dime!

2. Make Video Production Part of Your Orthodontics Practice Culture

Have you ever considered the video talent you have working at your orthodontics practice?

Your staff could be the #1 source of video content for your marketing! Especially those who have customer service skills and experience.

And no, they don’t need fancy videography equipment to make it happen.

The iPhone is becoming more and more advanced. At this point, many photographers and videographers consider iPhone photos and videos passable for marketing material. In fact, iPhone video often comes across as more authentic because it is more casual.

Encourage your staff to start filming and see what happens.

Just Pick Up the Camera at Your Orthodontics Practice

Another example of someone who excels at video production is Allen Gannet.

Like Gary Vee, Allen is an entrepreneur and marketing professional, albeit not as famous. He is, however, a reasonably popular LinkedIn influencer, in part because of his skill with iPhone video.

Through a fun video series called #AllenAsks, Allen just picks up his iPhone video camera and asks famous business people questions that everybody would like to ask them.

It’s just about the easiest thing a person could do, but it’s wildly successful, and it’s something you could do at your orthodontics practice (although you should probably choose different people to interview).

Allen regularly gets thousands to tens of thousands of views on his videos. Imagine getting that much attention with a 30-second video recorded by one of your orthodontics staff on a Tuesday afternoon!

You may not get the level of viewership Allen receives right away, but he is an excellent example of what’s possible with iPhone video.

Make Video Production As Easy As Possible for Your Staff

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “There’s no way I can get my orthodontics team to do this…”

It can be challenging to get buy-in from your staff, especially for something as talent-driven as video production.

One of the ways you can tackle this is by writing scripts for your team in advance and by providing them with everything they need for their first filming, including equipment and instructions.

This makes video production as easy as possible for them and empowers them to be the best they can be on the camera.

If they have a good experience the first time they try, chances are they’ll want to do it again!

Show Your Orthodontics Staff What You Want Them to Do

To make sure your orthodontics team is producing the style of video you’re looking for, you may want to set the tone by filming yourself first.

Showing is always more powerful than telling! Not only will this show your staff what you want, it will also show them that you are not afraid of video and they shouldn’t be either.

3. Try Some New Video Production Formats

Okay, we’ve talked about how content repurposing stretches your video content, we’ve shared just how easy video production can be with the advent of the iPhone, and we’ve discussed ways to make video part of your orthodontics practice culture.

One thing we haven’t covered yet is what kinds of videos you could actually be producing!

Take a look at some of these ideas and see what might click for you and your orthodontics team.

Try Every Video Production Format You Can Think Of

Something our team (Beacon!) has been doing is creating video for just about every kind of marketing we use.

That means video for our website, our blogs, our social media, and more. And we’ve been getting everyone on our staff involved!

Here’s an example of a recent video our Social Media Specialist Luke Pahlau filmed as an introduction for one of our social media blogs (on iPhone no less).

We encourage you to think broadly about how you could be using video at your orthodontics practice.

The blog we filmed this video for currently ranks #1 on Google for the search “social media for med spas” and it regularly brings us new web traffic and leads.

Video production works!

Pull Patients Aside at Your Orthodontics Practice and Film

Remember Allen Gannet from before?

He found great success by simply pulling people aside and asking them one question only.

You can imitate this video format at your orthodontics practice!

Instead of business professionals, plan to interview your orthodontics patients (with their permission of course), your vendors, your staff, people from non-profits you support in your local community, or simply everyday people from around town.

Come up with a relevant, open-ended question to ask them that you think other people would be interested in hearing the answer to, such as, “Why do you love living in our city?”

You have a great opportunity to position your orthodontics clinic as one that provides value to the people you serve beyond orthodontics!

In the case of your staff, you may ask an educational question about your services that you think people are asking, like, “What alternatives are there to traditional wire-and-bracket braces?”

Work with the Video Content You Already Have

After reading this headline, you might be thinking, “But I don’t have any video content. That’s why I’m reading this blog!”

You may have more to work with than you realize.

Whenever you instruct a patient on how to care for their orthodontic appliance, that’s something you could be filming for others to benefit from.

If your orthodontics practice participates in local, community events, turn the video camera on! This is something you could be filming too.

Finally, if you are already writing blogs for your patients, you could film your staff repeating the information shared in the blog.

Look for the value you are already providing to the people you serve and find ways to create video content from it.

That video content can then be broken down and repurposed!

At Beacon, we have lots of awesome conversations with our clients and other people in the local business and non-profit community.

We recently turned those conversations into a video series on YouTube called “LIVE Conversations.”

Besides being just fun these videos have seriously improved our YouTube presence!

Just Turn on the Video Camera

Ultimately, our best advice for increased video production is to just turn on the camera!

What the best video producers excel at is finding ordinary moments that other people could benefit from.

An easy start to a video like this is, “Hey guys, I was just talking with so-and-so and I feel like this is something you could benefit from too.”

Wouldn’t that hook you into listening, at least for the first couple seconds?

We hope this blog has helped you think broader about video production for your orthodontics practice.

We also hope it has inspired some “right now” practical ideas!

Video production does not have to be as big and scary as some marketers make it out to be.

You can ramp up video production at your orthodontics practice no matter your budget, skills, and technology.

If you are interested in working with a marketing agency to brainstorm some ideas and get you started with some high-quality video production, we would love to talk.

You can schedule a free consultation with us now based on your availability.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy filming!

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