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PRESS RELEASE: Beacon Media and Marketing Promotes Jessica Muller to VP of Production

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – June 1, 2018 – PRLog — Award-winning inbound marketing agency Beacon Media and Marketing announces the promotion of Jessica Muller, former Account Manager, to VP of Production. Her new role will focus on improving efficiencies in the production of creative work at the company. Muller is promoted just months after she was made Partner and Owner with the company in January of this year.

Two summers ago, Muller came to Beacon with a proposal. “Give me a year, and I will centralize your accounting system,” she said. Muller was connected with Beacon through her husband Rob, a current employee. She was also connected through the Alaska Inbound Marketing Summit (also known as AIMS), a Beacon event that Muller contributed to as Event Coordinator that year. The AIMS event took off, and Beacon knew that Muller had talent. The Beacon team accepted Muller’s proposal–She was brought on to spearhead the accounting department immediately.

After hiring Muller, it was quickly discovered that she had other talents. Not only was she highly skilled in accounting, but she had a knack for marketing and work in other areas as well. She developed a flair for the creative side of Beacon’s work, and started to take on increasing responsibility in campaign management. Jennifer Christensen, the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at the company, noticed Muller’s abilities. Christensen took Muller on as a right-hand assistant in her work managing client accounts.

By the summer of 2017, Muller was attending exclusive meetings with the executive team in order to get the information she needed to centralize the company’s accounting department. Once the accounting department was in a good place, Muller had more time to pursue her talents in other areas. She started looking at the systems and processes of Beacon and making them increasingly efficient. Her labors paid off when in the fall of 2017, she accepted the Small Business Development Award from the Alaska Chapter of the American Marketing Association on behalf of the Beacon team. The award was the true turning point for Muller’s career.

The executive team credited Muller with the work that earned the AMA award and unanimously voted Muller on as a Partner with Beacon. Christensen went above and beyond and gifted Muller with part of her ownership in the company as well. Effective January 1, 2018, Muller became a fellow Partner and part-owner on the executive team. Just months later, she was made Vice President of Production for her ability to streamline the systems and processes of the company.

“When I came to work at Beacon, I always felt like it was more than ‘just a job,'” Muller says, “I was investing and building something. It was really special to me that they (the executive team) felt that way too–That we are a team, and that what we accomplish is valuable and makes a difference every day. It was particularly special to me that as a group they trusted me to have a voice in leadership, and that as a person Jenn and I had such a great relationship.”

Christensen comments on what motivated her to gift Muller part-ownership in the company, “Long before Jess was given ownership, she had the dedication and character of an owner,” Christensen says, “From day one she cared and gave everything she had for Beacon to thrive, not just survive. She felt like the missing piece–Once we had her on the team, everything started to fall into place. Everyone on the team agreed that it was the right thing to do.”

Adrienne Wilkerson, Co-Founder and President of Beacon echoes Christensen’s statement on Muller’s initiative, “I’m so thankful to have Jess’s considerable talent and insight here at Beacon. Her ability to instinctively anticipate jogs and turns is amazing. She is a joy to work with!”

This June, Muller celebrates her two year work anniversary with the company. Commenting on her vision for the VP of Production position, she says, “I want to make what we do as efficient as possible so we can do it for the most people. I have seen the result of our work have a serious impact on our community. My role will increase our capacity to do that even more.”

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