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6 Powerful ways to use Linkedin to Market Your Insurance Company

LinkedIn has become one of the most widely used Social Media platforms for many professionals. Unfortunately, we still notice that people, especially in the insurance fields, aren’t fully utilizing the tools that LinkedIn provides to make their profiles really stand out.

Some numbers for you to consider:

60,000 – Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

300% – The increase of links that posts get when they contain videos instead of just plain text.

67% – The percentage of consumers that believe that an image speaks more powerfully than product image or customer ratings.

40% – The percentage of people that will respond faster and more positively to visual information.

The numbers are pretty clear. Visual content is really, really powerful.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are widely acknowledged as visual social media platforms. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking of their LinkedIn profile as a text focused platform and ignore its visual potential. The fact that LinkedIn purchased SlideShare- a visual content creator- in 2012 should tell you how much they value visual content. Their commitment to the “Don’t just say. Display it.” concept is solid.  Thanks to the introduction of Professional Portfolio on LinkedIn, you now have a wide variety of ways that you can add visual content to your profile.

No two professionals are alike and your profile should set you apart. Here are a few of the ways that you should be using visual content in your LinkedIn profile.

  • Your Profile Photo.

This one seems obvious, after all, it’s one of the first things they ask you to add when you sign up. But many people skip it with the intention of coming back to it later. Your profile picture is your online first impression though so don’t skip it! Make sure to choose a photo that shows you clearly and in a way that is consistent with the professional image you want to convey.

  • The Background Image

The background image that you choose creates an overall visual impression for profile visitors. This is a great way to make a statement about what you love or are passionate about. From your city’s skyline to your company’s brand, your options are limitless.

  • Publisher Articles

Articles are a lot like blogs. They’re a fantastic way to showcase your knowledge and expertise. But, without a strong image, your article is likely to be passed over. The last three articles that you publish will be highlighted on your profile. Make sure to choose header images for them that clearly reflect the topic of your article and stay true to your brand.

  • Summary

This is where you can highlight your experience and interests. You can easily add videos, photos, and slideshows in a way that will quickly become an online portfolio that anyone can see. This is a fantastic way to showcase your talents and accomplishment in an eye-catching and effective way. You can say you’re great at something as loudly as you want, but seeing is believing for many people and this is a great place to show them what you can do.
Another great way to use this section is to provide social proof of your skills. Screenshots of tweets referencing you or your company, awards, speaking engagements, online reviews….the sky’s the limit here.

  • Experience

This is very similar to the Summary section and works in the same way. But this is where you can show your journey and progress while highlighting what you’ve accomplished at each step of your journey. Sometimes the companies that you’ve worked for and learned from can be very powerful. Many company logos are instantly recognizable so be sure to use them.

  • Skills and Endorsements

Don’t just skim over this section. The first ten skills you list are shown with a small thumbnail of the first twelve people that endorse you. That means you can potentially have 120 images of smiling people saying that you’re good at what you do. Now that’s some indisputable social proof!

  • Recent Activity

When you upload a photo to LinkedIn, it’s added to your Recent Activity section. The more visual content you have in this area, the more powerful your profile becomes. This is the ideal area for you to show the world what you and your company are all about and let them get to know you. Photos taken at events, examples of what you or your co-workers are creating, staff highlights, or favorite clients are all great ideas. These images will make a strong impact on your brand identity so make sure to choose pictures and videos that highlight you in a professional way.

To begin sharing your professional achievements and increasing your LinkedIn presence, just select “edit” on your profile and then follow the prompts that are given in each section. LinkedIn is a powerful way to market yourself and therefore your insurance company.

If you want to learn more about using social media platforms to increase your insurance business and boost your marketing reach, keep an eye out for our classes or give us a call at 907-563-6008.


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