Is Your Website Making You Money?

Is Your Website Making You Money?

Is Your Website Making You Money?

There are two different types of websites today. There is the online “brochure” and there is the lead generating website. Obviously, every business wants a website that is actively bringing them quality leads. The days of the static online brochure are over, but how do you make sure your website is making you money? Here are a few tips.

  1. Avoid Bounce Rates! If your home page is too crowded, outdated, or poorly organized, people will not stick around to explore. Your home page needs to provide visitors with a great user experience and an easy way to find what they are looking for. In fact, the whole website needs to be very user-friendly. A big buzz phrase these days is the user experience. Visitors want a website that keeps them hungry for more.
  2. Quality Content. Content is still king, and the right kind of content marketing is huge for your website if you want it to generate leads for you. You have to make sure that the content (the words, videos, photos, etc.) on your site is targeting the customers you want. If the tone of the content does not resonate with the people you want to reach, it is more likely they are not going to stick around long enough to become customers. Again the user experience comes up here; you want to engage and delight your target audience. You must entice them to stick around. One of the best ways of doing that is with quality content.
  3. Blog and blog A LOT! Customers are online looking for content that is relevant to them and their experience. By far and away the best way to deliver consistent and fresh content is to blog and blog often. Blogs are one of the best tools to attract and drive traffic to your site. Blogs establish you and your company as experts in the field and improve credibility. Prospects are more likely to choose to become customers if your blogs have helped them solve a problem or addressed a pain point they may have. An ideal place to pull content ideas for your blogging is the questions that your sales staff often get asked.
  4. Use Landing Pages. Landing pages are a web page that is usually outside the normal navigation in your website. Instead, it focuses on answering a specific question or extends an offer or coupon that would be valuable to your target audience. The easier you make it for people to respond, the more likely you are to get them to engage. For more specific tips on landing pages, see our blog The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing PageLanding pages convert!
  5. Effective CTA (Calls-to-Action). There is a wide variety of CTAs and I’m sure you’ve seen just about everyone. CTA’s are critical to your positive lead generation, without them, people will have a hard time converting to your landing page or submitting information. There are several places where CTAs are effective, and it depends at least in part on using the right ones in the right places. For instance, here is a great one from Mayflower moving. It’s right on their home page and is very clear on what information the user needs to provide and what they are going to get when they provide the information. People are more likely to click on the CTA if the information you are asking for is not too personal. clickable calls-to-action
  6. Phone Numbers. Never forget to have your phone number very clearly displayed on every page of your website (the only exception to this is your landing pages). A phone number gives prospects a feeling of trust worthiness and stability. So even if you would prefer they contact you via email at least make a phone number available “as a backup.”

If You Build it They Will Come

While it would be nice if it was as easy as just building dynamic, high converting website. But the other piece of the puzzle is getting traffic to come to your site so they can convert. I could write a small novel about the various ways to direct people to your site, but I’ll just hit four main ones here.

  1. Social Media is a power tool to drive traffic to your website. When it’s done correctly the people that come to your site are quality leads because they followed links, ads, offers, etc that they are interested in. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more all work together to attract and engage users. Social media can move them through the buy’s journey so they are closer to being willing to make a buying decision by the time they make it to the website, thus increasing the converting capacity of your website. Make good use of offers and ads that direct to landing pages and you will really be ahead of the game. For more information on social media marketing, check out our blog “10 Tips for Optimizing your Social Presence”
  2. Blogs we mentioned before, but they are worth bringing up again. For all of the reasons listed above, blogging is vital to driving potential and existing customers to your website. Blogs also serve an important role in the ever-changing game of search engine rankings. Often times your blogs will rank higher than your home page.
  3. Digital ads including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google ads as well as Google Adwords all have the capacity to pinpoint very specific demographics. Most of the time the purpose of these ads and Adwords is to drive traffic to your website and/or to specific landing pages.
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to higher search engine rankings, which leads to more traffic to your site and more opportunities for people to convert happy customers. There are a variety of aspects to SEO, from the words found in the content on your site to the way other websites might link to yours. Check out this blog “Organic SEO: The New Face of Change” for additional details.

My challenge is to take a look at your website. How do you feel it is performing for you? Is it just hanging out online, just being a brochure? Or is your website actually working hard for you bringing in leads and converting them to customers. If your answer is that your website is being lazy and just hanging out, then let’s chat! I would love the chance to show you how BEACON can get your site working double time and being a major producer for your business. Give me a call at 907-563-6008 or email me at [email protected]

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