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Is Snapchat Good for Marketing my Small Business?

This app is gaining popularity daily and has an incredible subscribing rate for users. Welcome to Snapchat. Maybe you’ve heard of the simple picture sending messaging app and its main audience of mainly millennials? Whether you’ve discovered this selfie centered app, or seem stuck using just one social media platform; you’ll soon see this app isn’t going away anytime soon. With over three hundred million users this app has quite the potential to help some businesses grow! However, before we get ahead of ourselves, how does Snapchat work?

There are two basic parts to the app interface. First is the friends list. best_friends_new-591789648This tab categorizes your followers into a simple list so that you can keep in organized contact with them. Second is the Snapchat story.

The Snapchat story tab is the unique feature that your business will focus on. Here you can post pictures or snaps to your story, which is a picture img_3675-6for all of your followers to view. However, this post only lasts for 24 hours; so constant maintenance of your business’ story is recommended. The story allows you to advertise a product to your customers. Here’s an example: If a café owner is running a business, they might take a picture of their latte of the day to draw in customers. Depending on the amount of followers your business has, you gain more views for the snap of your latte, which promotes your business.

To recap, Snapchat is new, fast moving social media channel targeting the millennial generation. Its ability for easy responding and free advertising options make it a very usable and powerful marketing tool. The downside is that it will take a significant time commitment to learn and leverage the tool and while it is growing rapidly, it is still has limited audience reach in terms of age demogaphics. However, with very few businesses taking advantage of the technology, it is a chance to be a marketing leader and try it out? If you are interested in talking about if Snapchat is right for your business, give us a call or drop us an email. We would love to sit down and chat with you.


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