Is Google+ Still Releveant?

Is Google+ Still Relevant?

Is Google+ Still Relevant?

Since its creation, Google+ has had difficulty really catching on. Because of this, Google has been focusing on listening to user feedback. You may have noticed recently that Google+ has changed a few things by detaching it from other services it had been connected to previously.

The focus is shifting to Collections and Communities, allowing users to join together based on similar interests and likes, making it much more simple and more mobile friendly.

This change is good for business marketing, as it will be very simple and even encouraged to reach out to others with the same or similar passions as your business!

These changes may worry some users who have gotten attached to certain features from the Classic Google+. Missing from the new Google+ dashboard are Events, Hangouts, Photos and Google My Business. Unfortunately, if you wish to use these features, you will have to use the Classic Google+ or locate the feature through its own subdomain.

But this redesign has been made by listening to user feedback and sometimes change can be good, as predicted in this case, so let’s focus on the positive!

Just like Classic Google+, you can view the stream of news feed of people, pages, communities and collections that you follow. You may customize the way you view your feed by choosing to view more or less from specific People, Pages, Communities and Collections that you follow. When posting updates to Google+, you may choose who to share it with, making it visible to select, people or groups.

Now on to the big changes.


By selecting the Collections button on the left sidebar, you will be able to search for specific Collections based on your/your company’s interests. Here you may chose to follow any Collection you like. You can even make/edit your own Collection.


As before, by selecting the Communities button on the left sidebar, you may search for specific Communities to join. Again, you can even own your own Community as well.

As for other changes, there are minor tweaks with editing your profile/page, changing your settings, and organizing your circles, but these changes were made to make it easier on the user. Again, Google is very adamant about listening to user feedback. So feel free to contact them to share your opinion on these new changes.

It is being said that this major shift in focus will be beneficial for the survival of Google+, but only time will tell. In the meantime, go ahead and play around with the new design! There are wonderful opportunities to connect with the new Google+.

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